Sunday, May 15, 2011

Crime Scene Investigation

I've always wanted to be a CSI. But not this way!
I went to fill the window box that doubles as the winter
bird feeder. Uh oh! Lots of grey feathers in it!
And even more on the ground! Blood drops going across the back porch! And dragging smears down the step! Looks like a Mourning Dove! And sure enough, Mr and Mrs Mourning Dove is not a couple anymore, but just one is sitting on the gutter of the roof and looking in the window at me! Mommy Cat! She is a hunter. And she does need to eat to have milk for those babies. It's nature's way. I did buy her some cat food but she sniffed it and turned away. Not that I blame her. lol.... The Mister asked me if Mr. Dove looked to be in 'mourning'. Cute, real cute. Get it? The good news is that the kitties are growing. Took these shots while sitting at my desk and watching them in the neighbors yard last night. Marmalade and No 'Stash were having great fun. Mom was with them but I didn't see Tiger or Milk Mustache anywhere this time.


  1. Ahhh. too bad but that is nature. The babies are darling though. My 2 cats bring 3 mice everyday and leave them for me at my back door...hum, what does that mean? ;D

  2. Julie ~ that means they love you! lol...my cats used to do the same thing and lay there beside them looking SO proud. haha.

    We'll just hope Mr. Dove finds a new lady friend. :)

  3. The circle of life can be cruel, can't it?

  4. Oh dear....I am a bit sad for Mr. Dove... but BOY are those kittens cute! The girls are hoping to have a glimpse of them tomorrow.

  5. Just like everyone I feel sad for the birds but that is nature and they take care of themselves. Gosh I hate to see one of the birds go. The kittens are so cute, for sure.

  6. on no...i have a neighborhood cat..a HUGE orange guy who i named cheddar cheese sause...he is big and white and it looks like somebody dumped cheddar cheese over the top of him...and he is a hunter...i feed my doves too...and came home to a pile of feathers the other day...arg...

    the kittens are adorable

    sending love,
    kary and teddy

  7. A few years ago I was sitting here at my desk and watched as a hawk swooped down and grabbed a Mourning Dove! Actually got photos, too. Whoa. I think I read somewhere that the doves aren't as smart or as quick as some of the others.

  8. kary ~ cheddar cheese sauce...haha...that is SUCH a funny name! :)

  9. Nature's way....but a little sad. And YOU are one good looking CSI agent. I didn't see any yellow tape...

    Those kittens are getting so big...and so cute.

  10. Wanda! Ack! I forgot the tape! lol!!! You are so funny! :)

  11. i actually took crime scene through the FBI years ago...but dont think it takes much to figure this one out...yikes...

  12. The poor dove is toast
    Became a kitty roast
    The other better scram
    Or the kitty may turn him/her to yam
    Think they really do mourn at all
    Or just go do another mating call
    The kitties also look like they are having a ball
    Wouldn't you just like one or two running down your hall..lol

  13. Pat ~

    I don't know if they really are sad.
    I'll let you know if another girl he eventually has.
    Oh, sure I'd like to keep that tiger one
    but don't even know if they want to be owned
    Can't seem to get close enough to be friendly
    I thought the kitten chow would be handy
    but a raccoon is the only one eating it like candy
    while the cat prefers fresh meat evidently!

  14. happygirl ~ I'll swap with you if you want to!

  15. Oh, it is very sad to see a bird lost and alone after losing it's mate.

    I wonder if Tiger and Milk Mustache have found a home?

  16. Ouch. That is sad. Sure, it's nature and all that, but still...

    They call doves the birds of peace. Maybe they need to learn self-defense, at least!

    I love it when you do these CSI posts, btw.

  17. That's what cats do, don't they. My dog brought me ducks from the pond, 'till they were all gone. I had to hide them in the woods. If the neighbors found out, they would picket my house.

    I'd love to play. Please let me know how.

  18. happygirl ~ oh no, not the ducks on the pond! lol. Oh dear. :)

    just send me your mailing address by email and I'll send you mine. Fun!

  19. Those kittens are precious!! The momma is just doing what she needs to do...

  20. Tanna ~ yes, she is...and she's quite good at it, too!

  21. Such cute little kitties!

    Sorry to hear about the dove though. It's the circle of life but it's still sad.

  22. Our two cats have caught a bird or three over the years. And oodles and oodles of mice, that they so lovingly bring to us. ACK

  23. That is so sad about the "mourning dove". There are plenty of mice...!!!! Leave the birds alone!
    Cute kittens

  24. It is an old story. Cats kill millions of song birds in the US every year. To be some help to the birds –– putting the feeders up where the cats can't get to them and out in the open where the birds feeding there cannot be ambushed by nearby birds. I shoot at cats that come into my backyard with a BB gun and fully intend to hit them on their flanks. One or two shots at them is enough to convince them to stay out and they do. As far as I know, I have never actually hit one but yes, I shoot at them intending to hit them.

    You said your age is the same as our Becky. She just had a kidney operation so is home though we did get her and bring her here for several hours yesterday until her partner picked her up in the evening. She is a great help to us now as she is retired after 30 years in the teaching profession, not as a teacher but working as an assistant treasurer.

  25. Oh, sad, even if it is the way of nature. I don't mind dead mice but I wish they'd leave the pretty birds alone.

  26. Abe ~ well, I see your point but this particular stray has her litter of kitties in our yard and I've taken a liking to her.

  27. Cats are like that, but poor Mr. Dove.....

  28. Nature...the good, the bad, the ugly. The year I head a cowbird baby in the bluebird box was a dilemma for me, the baby was twice as big as the bluebird babies and taking all the food the parents brought in. I was told to get rid of it, but I just couldn't. One day I saw it at the opening to the box. It took one step and flew/fell into the grass. Then Buster ate it. I stood there shocked. Now I remove the cowbird eggs. Seems only slghtly less cruel. Yep, the good the bad the ugly. (-:

  29. I guess this is nature in a nutshell.;)
    Hope you had a good weekend dear Betsy,

  30. That is so sad... Poor doves... Hopefully my recent experience with doves worked out better for them

  31. Anita ~ oh, yes! Those cowbirds are something else! And so nice of Buster to take care of the dirty work for you! haha. Oh dear. Kinda funny.

  32. It is the whole circle of life thing, but can be sad. Now I'm kinda glad my dog just digs holes. :)

  33. Right, Magpie...he could be after the ducks like happygirl's dog! lol.

  34. Poor birdy. The kittens are so cute! I love all of your pictures on here.

    My daughter called today and her cat is a bird hunter too. She woke to a bunch of racket, and looked outside to see him with a bird in his mouth and a LOT of other birds dive bombing him in protest!

    Have a great day,

    Kathy M.

  35. Oh poor dove!
    I came to visit cause you had mentioned Nugget and I have a Nugget - golden retriever.His is old and can barely use his hind legs but he doesn't want to die so now I am thinking, what about using wheels? Would it work?
    I am sorry to hear about your triplets. I have three men of my own and they are all a handful. I totally understand why men need women. Someone has to say NO! lol
    Have a happy day.:)

  36. lady's life ~ hey, thanks for visiting! Our Nugget is that black rabbit on my sidebar! I've seen dogs on wheels like that! All the best to your golden nugget! :)

  37. Oh Betsy! Know that feeling too well. We have lots of doves here & my dogs got a couple one year during an ice storm. The birds were going under the deck as it was the only dry place around. It didn't take the dogs long to figure that one out! Love the pics of the babies & that you're enjoying them :)

  38. It's my day for a blog hop, I'd love it if you came over and shared one of your great recipes at savory sunday!! Have a great day :)

  39. got two kitties of my own, and even if i still consider myself a dog person, i'm glad to have these in my life.

    as for the circle of life, your perspective changes depending where you stand on the food chain. sadly, the dove didn't stand a chance... but i'm sure the cat is not that worried about it.

    nice post girl!!

  40. Hi! Betsy...
    I too am so very sorry, to read about the Mourning Dove...I hope that Mr. Mourning Dove find another mate.
    However, the Cats (Kittens) are very pretty!
    Thanks, for sharing!

    [Postscript: Great Detective work (Placing all the clue together and following the trail to the culprit(s)...Elementary, my dear Betsy!]

  41. UGH! I've had to clean up a lot of remains like this. Some a bit messier tho'...

  42. Crime Scene Investigation is old story. CSI is series an American crime drama television series.



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