Monday, January 23, 2017

What's For Dinner?

  1. Grilled salmon and Waldorf slaw.
  2. Chicken Minestrone.
  3. Spinach salad topped with shaved Parm, a tarragon chicken breast and warm bacon dressing.
  4. Air-fried chicken.
  5. Ham bone bean soup and skillet cornbread.
  6. Chicken and mushrooms in a garlicky mascapone sauce on rice.
  7. Bananas Foster French Toast.  I just kind of made this up, sauteing bananas in butter, brown sugar and a splash of rum. 
What's been on your dinner plate lately?

Also, thanks for all your get well wishes for Tiger.
He's shown some positive signs, like drinking on his own
from his water bowl, purring and looking a little more alert.
And most of all, scolding me when I force feed him broth or
cat milk with a syringe. haha.  But he still won't eat anything
on his own.  I'm not sure what his fate will be at this point.
I'm just going to try to give it my best shot and see where
we stand in a couple of days.  I'll admit to feeling this
overwhelming rise of anxiety in what might lie ahead for
the whole clan here.  But I need to put my energies 
toward this one for the next day or so before dealing
with all of that.  

Sunday, January 22, 2017

Under Cover

My favorite little coffee-loving phone cover had seen better days.
It was scratched, worn, chipped on one corner
and basically loved to death. haha.
I was actually sorry to see it go!  Lots of memories.
But we have a new one with a new theme.
  Fresh, clean and shiny.

Friday, January 20, 2017


Well, today was kind of a roller coaster with Tiger.
He hadn't been well for several days and I thought something
was wrong in his mouth since he had trouble eating
and then gave up entirely.  I thought I saw something under
his tongue and after reading a lot of doom and gloom online,
I feared oral cancer and even had resigned myself overnight
to saying goodbye to him today.

Well, the vet took a look and his mouth was fine except for
a bad tooth way in the back.  He missed it the first two
looks but finally found it.  What a relief.  A tooth is an easy fix!
I left him there with plans to pick him up a few hours later.

However, they called with some bad news with his blood work.
Feline leukemia. That was a shock!  The cats had their
vaccines back when they were spayed and neutered
at a different place where I was told that FL was practically
nonexistent now and rarely seen and that it wasn't
among the necessary vaccinations.  Obviously they were
wrong.  The vet said that they could have contracted it
 very early in their lives.  I remember 30 years ago with
 my first cat hearing how fatal FL was, and how contagious!
So I was particularly concerned with the contagious part!

But after talking through some things on the phone, it was 
suggested that letting him come home wasn't introducing a 
new virus.  After all, these cats have lived together for almost
six years.  And I was told that it isn't necessarily the death
 sentence it once was.  Tiger is young and otherwise healthy
and would probably do very well with a daily immune booster.
 So we are going to have the other cats tested, vaccinate
the ones that don't have it, and go from there.

He's not out of the woods, yet.  How he recovers
this next week will tell a lot.  But for now, he's going to
sleep off his anesthesia here on my lap.
Thanks for thinking of us today.  I'll keep you posted.