Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Sunday, May 21, 2017

Friday, May 19, 2017

Random Thoughts

Sitting beside me on the couch as I type.

  1. We had a great thunderstorm this morning.  Dark as evening, lightning and thunder, pouring rain.  Then the winds blew it all away and the sun came out.  Loved it.
  2. I'm dabbing into spring cleaning a bit each week instead of blocking off a solid few months. haha.  This week I wiped down all the doors inside the house.  All 25!  Why do we have a crazy amount of doors?  Good grief!  Each closet has 2 bi-fold doors.  A few have 4 doors!  I'm happy to say that they are done and all those six panels dust catchers are fresh and clean.  Tomorrow I'm planning on making all the light fixtures clean and sparkly.  I should be completely done with spring cleaning by Christmas! ha.
  3. If you love vintage linens, I'm slowly putting some in my etsy shop. I don't know how many people use dresser scarves or table runners these days but some of these would be very sweet repurposed into throw pillow covers or tea towels.
  4. We're packing up the Jeep over the Memorial Day weekend and heading to Pennsylvania to visit Taylor and Lauren!  It will be our first trip to their new home and we are so excited!  Well, not so excited to ride 6 hours with the guys, but we'll see how it goes. haha.  I'm especially excited to be the company instead of the hostess, which seldom happens!
  5. When we get home, I'm looking forward to planting my little veggie garden!  The Mister tilled my little planting beds last weekend so everything is ready to go.  Maybe if I get myself ahead of schedule, I can get it planted next week, but I will be surprised if that happens.  Meanwhile, my blackberries have blossoms! 
  6. The boys have a three day weekend starting tomorrow!  I'm looking forward to not having to pack lunches tonight and sleeping in a little in the morning.  Maybe that's the reason for the glass of wine tonight....it's the weekend here already! :)