Sunday, August 12, 2018

Mr and Mrs Kravitz

Abner and Gladys Kravitz
from Bewitched.

The Mister and I are guilty of looking out our windows
and snooping at the neighbors.  Yes, we would admit it!
And if we catch each other looking, we will call each other
a 'Kravitz'. haha.  But in our defense, a few of our neighbors
are just too darn entertaining not to take notice!
I thought you'd get a laugh out of a conversation we had 
this weekend....

  • The Mister ~ Come here and look at the outside lights the new neighbors are putting up.
  • Me ~ Oh my.  I don't like those.  They are way too small for the house!  Is that the wife?
  • The Mister ~ Yes.  The kids were out earlier.
  • Me ~ Is she pregnant?
  • The Mister ~ hmmm...certainly looks that way.  But their kids are middle school age.
  • Me ~ Could have been a surprise!
  • The Mister ~ I don't know.  Maybe she just has a big gut.
  • Me ~ Wait til she turns around.  Oh, I think she's pregnant!
  • The Mister ~ We need to go over and introduce ourselves soon.
  • Me ~ Yes.  I'll bake something to take over.
  • The Mister ~ Sounds good.
  • Me ~ Whatever you do, don't ask when she's due.  Because it will be really awkward forever and ever if she says she's not pregnant! 

Thursday, August 9, 2018

Succulent Blooms

"Just living is not enough....
one must have sunshine, freedom,
and a little flower!"

Hans Christian Anderson

Monday, August 6, 2018

Around Here, Lately

I painted a growth chart to put in the antique booth.
If I had grand kids, I'd keep it, especially when it matches
my living room so well!

My blackberry bush was the inspiration.

You know how much I love clouds!  And I've
named this summer the summer of the clouds because
they have been spectacular here in Ohio!  

This is how I begin each day...coffee in bed with
a furry friend.

It's been so hot lately, the last cup of coffee for the day
usually turns into a chilled variety!

We had another picnic at Buck Creek State Park.
The seagulls are everywhere!

We recently got an electric smoker.  Our first attempt
was a brisket.  These sandwiches were to die for!
Yum, yum!

Looking back where I've been.

Sunday, July 29, 2018

Family Picnic

This past Friday we went to Buck Creek State Park
in Springfield for a picnic dinner.
It was a beautiful evening with nice temps
and low humidity.  And the beach was practically 
empty so we had lots of space to ourselves!

Not exactly the ocean, but not bad for Ohio!

Goose prints!


All the guys!

Me trying to get Spencer to take a picture with me.
He would step away just as I would click the shutter.  haha.

The seagulls are very friendly, and expect you to
share your food.  

The Mister and Alex.

A few boats passed by.

The only shells I could find up on the shore.
Guess I needed to get in the water but it was a little chilly!

Up the hill to the parking area!

Saturday, July 28, 2018

Blood Moon

It wasn't blood red here in Ohio,
but it was big and bright!