Friday, October 21, 2016

Guest Room Reveal

 I finally have the guest room finished!
Nothing like the big kids coming home for a
weekend visit to get me to tie up the loose ends!
Until earlier this summer I had been using this room
as you would an attic....for storage of extra furniture,
items waiting to be sold in my shop, auction finds
and unfinished projects.

Since this room might get torn up and partially used
to enlarge a bathroom next summer, I didn't want to put
a lot of expense into it.  I just refreshed the paint that
was already on the walls, used Taylor's old bed and
used quite a lot of things around the house to finish it.

I made the chair cushion and headboard fabric from
an old comforter.  I made the peg board from an old piece of
wood and glass insulators.  I painted the guest house
sign on an old piece of wood.  The little white lamps
were from my bedroom when I was growing up.
The big metal basket is to hold the extra bed
pillows when the bed is unmade.
All of the artwork I already had.

The metal cart in the closet holds extra blankets and
some little extras like bottled water, tissues, etc.
I found the little luggage rack in the auction trash and
changed out the straps to match the decor. The bedding,
end tables, mattress, throw, fan, decorative pillows
 and dresser I got online.  (overstock, etsy, ebay and amazon).

It's a soft, relaxed feel that doesn't look too new, which
was what I was going for.  
The big kids are on their way...getting here late tonight!
I'm going to take a little blog break while they are here!
Hope you all have a good weekend!