Monday, July 24, 2017

Day of Rest

my morning coffee

I took the whole idea of Sunday being a day of rest to
a whole new level today.  I slept late, sat in bed with my
coffee, iPad, cell (and 3 cats) until around 10:00.
Got dressed and moved myself to the couch where I've
been all day long with the exception of making lunch.
And yes, it's been nice!  Kind of a weird, crazy week last week
 with this week promising to be kicked up a notch.  I'm taking
all the boys to the doctor tomorrow for their annual check
ups.  I'm guessing there will be blood work involved. :(
Friday I'm taking them all to the dentist .... so I think I better
give them all haircuts tonight or the doctor won't be 
able to find their eyes or ears tomorrow. haha.....(she says
 as she straightens her Wonder Woman crown).  haha.

Saturday, July 22, 2017

Random Thoughts

  1. The best part about a Magnolia tree is that they bloom twice. We had our spring bloom and now the summer blooms are beginning to open!
  2. If you water your vegetable garden, it will start raining before you get the hose wound back up on its holder.  I know because it happened to me twice this week. :)
  3. Alex stayed home with me the entire week!  Nasty cold with a gross nose and a cough.  He's much better today so I think we're finally seeing the light at the end of the tunnel.  Lucky boy did get two trips to McDonald's for french fries, though.  Today he was actually singing as he ate them...a sure sign he's feeling better. haha.
  4. I gave myself a pedicure today.  Green seems to be the color choice for the summer. :)  I think last summer it was all about blue.
  5. Do you have plans for the weekend?  We have none...but that's the way we like it.  Quiet and relaxing. :)

Thursday, July 20, 2017

Sleeping Under The Stars

This chocolate colored cat prefers to live outside.
He comes in to eat and get a drink and back out he goes!
Even during the cold winter, he's curled up in a chair on the
back porch.  Summer nights I find him sleeping out in the
grass, like he is in this photo I took one morning this week.  

Tuesday, July 18, 2017


Like my hat?
The big kids gave it to me as part of my 
Mother's Day gift this year.
Two of the guys woke up with a fever this morning
so we cancelled the day program and had a day off.
I still had to go pick up the groceries (so thankful for Kroger
ClickList) so we all piled in the Jeep after lunch and made the
trip, stopping at the thrift store to drop off a few boxes beforehand. 

After Kroger we drove through McDonald's for
fries for the guys and a coke for me.
While we were waiting in the drive-thru I got rear-ended!
That white car behind me ran right into us.
I got out and she got out.  The nose of her car was
jammed under the back on my Jeep.
She was upset, said her son was screaming for a
hamburger and she wasn't paying attention.
I asked her to back up a little so we could see exactly
what the damage was and when she did it didn't show
much.  I had a little scratch on my bumper and she
had a little worse scrape on hers.  We agreed it wasn't enough
to make a fuss over and I assured her it was fine.

She looked relieved and as I got back in the Jeep I
thought how she looked like she was having a terrible
day.  I thought I'd do a nice thing for her and pay for
the Happy Meal for her son when I paid for our stuff.
But before we could even get much further in the line
(it was very long and slow moving) she cut out of line
and left.  I guess the stress of waiting was more than
that family could bear.   I remember days like that.

So we got fries and a coke and were on our way.
Fevers are better tonight and we're going to take another
vacation day tomorrow just to make sure everyone
feels better.  I mean, fries cure everything, right?

Monday, July 17, 2017

Random Thoughts

  1. Patience is paying off and finally the blackberries are beginning to ripen!  Not enough for a pie but maybe some muffins!
  2. You know that Angie's List commercial with the dog that shreds the feather pillow all over the living room?  I had a similar experience one evening this week.  I walked into the boys' room to find it plastered with shreds of batting!  The Spencer was flopped on their bed watching a DVD acting like everything was totally normal with tufts of batting in his hair.... One young man calmly laying in a room of chaos.  I asked what happened but of course he didn't answer.  He had a spare comforter spread out on the bed and I found their usual one turned completely inside out on the floor...minus the batting! Then Spencer started giggling.  I said, "Did you do this?  Yuck!" and he answered, "Yuck!" and laughed and laughed.  I guess he found a little rip in it and started pulling the batting out little by little and eventually got the whole thing turned inside out. It must have taken hours! It was hilarious! I wish I'd taken a picture.
  3. Remember Pepper, my latest little rescue cat?  He's still doing great!  His eye infection is completely gone and although he definitely has some sight issues, he isn't bumping into things any longer.  He trots along beside me when I walk around the house, sleeps on the couch and runs to the kitchen if he hears the refrigerator open.  I still haven't taken him to the vet yet but he's coming along just fine.  He's put on some weight, too.  He's a sweetheart and all the other cats have accepted him just fine with affectionate head bumps and friendly sniffs.  
  4. The lady that knocked on our door 2 years ago asking if I might be interested in taking in a sick cat came back this week to see Star. It was a sweet reunion for both of them, I think.  Star just purred up a storm as she was held and the lady almost cried for joy at seeing how healthy she is now.  It really seemed like Star remembered her and why wouldn't she....she saved her life, literally.  So fun to show her how Star is thriving now.  She really was at death's door when she came here.
  5. We just got our first grill.  Yep, that's right...we have never had an outdoor grill!  For 25 years we had a JennAir stove/oven that had 2 burners and a grill side that vented out under the house.  It was just like a grill but in the kitchen.  When we had to get a new oven last year we discovered that those were no longer made and had to sadly get a conventional oven.  I thought I could made do with a grill pan but it just wasn't the same.  The good thing about the outdoor grill is that The Mister feels like he should be the king of it so we've made the adjustment of teaching him how to cook.  His prior resume is sticking a frozen pizza in the oven and even that isn't done right 75% of the time. haha.  He's still overcooking or undercooking things but they are tasting better with each try.
So what's been happening with you?
I have been terrible about visiting and posting,
haven't I?  I have a few things happily taking
up my time lately.  Hope your summer is going well!

Friday, July 14, 2017

Little Nature Library

I picked up these sweet old books at an auction
a few weeks ago.  The pretty covers caught my attention
and of course, the subject matter. 
They just look like something I would like, don't they?

It seems that 16 year old Frances Jones owned these
almost 100 years ago and pressed her leaf collection
in them.  I just love that.