Tuesday, June 30, 2015

This And That

  1. Yep, still raining!  But there are up sides to this.  We haven't had to water some new grass with the sprinkler too many times, I haven't had to weed the gardens, and when you want to sleep late on Saturday, mid morning still feels dark as night! ha.
  2. Can't get enough raspberries lately.  I bought two pints last week and didn't share with any of the men!
  3. Making deviled eggs.  Yum.
  4. Changing of the guards at dusk?  Or were we under some kind of threat that required two night time guards on surveillance duty? ha.
  5. Samantha enjoying a rare dry afternoon and soaking up the warmth on the stone patio.
  6. Blueberry smoothies.
  7. If the sky isn't blue, at least the lobelia are!
  8. This little girl was around every corner today!  She's been extra chatty, too.  Four weeks here already!  Still improving every day. She's been slipping into our bed at night and nuzzling into my hair.
  9. Brown sugar cookies.  Recipe here.  Yum.

Monday, June 29, 2015

In The Autism World Lately

Alex just doesn't like these ketchup bottles!
 He doesn't care if the label is upside down, just
don't have the thing standing on it's cap!
He's been known to peak inside the refrigerator
just to make sure it's standing the 'right' way. ha.

Sunday, June 28, 2015

Vintage-Look Bakery Sign

I felt like doing something on the creative side today,
so I thought I'd try my hand at making a vintage looking
painted bakery sign.

I started off with a wood sign from the auction trash.  I chose this 
one because I liked the beveled edge, it was the right size
and already had a wire hanger attached to the back.

I painted the edge black and the front white, leaving raw spots to help
 create a weathered look.  Then I sketched on the lettering in pencil.

After filling in the lettering with paint, I added a little brown for
dirt, spotted it with some white with my nearly dry paint brush,
and wiped the whole thing to smear the paint a little so 
it wasn't so bold and fresh looking.

I drew some lines horizontally to mimic wood grain
and softened them with a damp rag. 

Not too bad for free, ya think?
I like it hanging above the kitchen pantry.

Saturday, June 27, 2015

Summer Foyer Table

My chalk board still said "Welcome Spring!", so
I thought I'd better get into the summer spirit since 
 we're already five days into the new season!
 A patriotic theme just seemed to fit, with
 Independence Day and Labor Day practically
 being the end caps of the season!
And if you like the enamelware plate, it's
for sale in the shop!

Friday, June 26, 2015

Around Here, Lately

  1. Captain Socks.
  2. My new friend, Mr. Toad.  Marmalade was posing with him outside on the back porch and I thought it was a huge, dead mouse.  But it was this large toad, totally unharmed!  I moved him to the window well on the other side of the house where toads have lived for 27 years.  I checked on him the next day and he was still there!
  3. Star and I watched a marathon of one of my favorite shows, Fixer Upper.
  4. To celebrate summer...glittery polish and I spent a little creative time in the studio and made an anklet...blue polished stones and a sterling silver clasp.
  5. A vintage piggy cutting board I brought home from the auction today.  Nobody wanted him, so I bid $1.  I'm going to sand him down and rub him with oil.  A greased pig...haha....
  6. I purged my cookbooks down to the bare minimum but had to keep the set A Country Garden Cookbook....mainly for the awesome photography.  They are pretty enough to display.  I think I have 12 volumes of it.  This one makes me want to bake a lemon meringue pie!
  7. Harry and the other guys have been enjoying quite a few Scooby Doo DVD's....still.  Nothing like waking up to villains like The Snow Ghost wailing down the hallway. ha. I think they have a crush on Daphne. 
  8. A peak at the new front walk.  The sealant was applied yesterday!