Tuesday, July 29, 2014

For Lynne

Lynne is one of my readers and Slate's biggest fan.
She'd love to have a kitty but can't any longer so she lives
vicariously through me.  As soon as I took this picture, I knew
I had to show Lynne!  What a poser!  Isn't he gorgeous?
Tiger brought Slate home with him back in February when the
temps were way below freezing.  The two of them were curled
up on a patio chair on the back porch, Tiger keeping Slate warm.
Yeah, Tiger is sweet like that.  Remember how rough Slate looked?
See here.  He's happy and healthy now. He's the best cat, too. 

So there, you go, Lynne!  I hope this warmed your heart and
took your mind off your pains and troubles today.
Sending love from Slate to you!

Monday, July 28, 2014


We sure had fun at the NASCAR race yesterday!
Mainly because our guy, Jeff Gordon, won the race!
There was a threat of thunderstorms that totally 
missed us, so we had nice weather, a great time
and came home with suntans, freckles, and smiles.
We even had a huge, magnificent rainbow
take us home.

The only downer was that I charged my camera
battery the night before and forgot to put it
back in my camera before we left. 
So, I was forced to use my phone camera, which I'd
 never used before!  Not only is the quality much less, but
my finger was over the lens on most of my shots!  Geesh!
 So, you get to see the rainbow, since this shot came out best.

We had so much fun, we're doing it again in August...
travelling up to Michigan.  Can't wait!  

Did you have a nice weekend?
We're back to the polar vortex with cool temps and
a breeze today!  Feels like fall!  Lovely!

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Gone to the Race!

Taylor and I have been NASCAR fans ever since he was about 2 years old.
Someone gave him a model race car when his brothers were born
and we started watching the races on Sunday afternoons so he
could find that car going around the track.

Twenty one years later, we've not missed watching a race
and now that he doesn't live with me, we text each other
while we watch.  We've been to a few races, too, which is 
always fun!  Today will be extra fun because I'm going with
Lauren and Taylor.  So, there will be girl talk, too! 
That's like the cherry on top! ha.

Saturday, July 26, 2014

My Little Red Crush

Don't tell The Mister! ha.

I'm linking up with Anni and I'd Rather B Birdin'.
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