Saturday, September 20, 2014

The Blue Hour

The Blue Hour is the period of light, about 40 minutes, when the
 sun has just set and the sky and remaining light take on a predominately blue hue.  
A navy blue sky.  Beautiful! I always love that hour when
 the sky is one of my favorite colors.  
This particular night, the navy blue was accented with two pink stripes.

I'm linking up with Sky Watch Friday!
Click HERE for more lovely skies from all over the world.

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Vintage Shoo-Fly Screen, Kind Of

I've always loved the look of vintage shoo-fly screens
but have never owned one!

I found this new, gaudy one at Big Lots on the clearance
shelf and thought I could give it a makeover!

I clipped off all the trimmings and this is what was underneath...

I made a new hook by layering two vintage buttons, a single
 sterling silver earring and a little sterling jewelry jump ring.
I used a bit of hot glue and grey thread to hold it all together.

The screen had a green glow to it, so I put painter's blue tape
over the metal trim and put a very light coat of white paint on
the screen.  It didn't really make it white, but took
away the green glow.

I think it turned out pretty great
and only cost me $2.00.

Saving Santa

Yep, I got to give Santa a bath today! 
Don't tell Mrs. Claus. ha.
I pulled him from the auction trash last week.
He was dirty and dusty but I just thought he was cute.
I loved his old vintage style.
Turns out he is a "Kay Finch California" ceramic
wall pocket from the 1940's. 
He's large, about 12" tall.

I think he's wonderful!
I did tell him it's still summer, though, so he can take a
nap and make an official grand entrance in December.

Tuesday, September 16, 2014


Well, we are officially into the last week of summer now!
Things are seeming rather fallish here in Ohio.
There are a few colorful leaves among the green, and soon those
crab apples will be brilliant yellow and the branches full of
bright orange leaves.  It was cool and grey today and for the first
time since May, the boys wore long pants and hoodies.
It was 45F degrees this morning!

I stayed home today, feeling quiet and contemplative,
just like the weather.  So, I puttered and did fallish things...

  1. I dug in the closet until I found my robe this morning.  Too chilly inside with just a nightie on!
  2. I pulled out some apple and pumpkin recipes to try soon.
  3. I changed my purse from woven sea grass to tan suede.
  4. I drank hot tea in place of my afternoon grapefruit infused water.
  5. And I added potted mums to my shopping list.
Have you done anything fallish yet?

Monday, September 15, 2014

This And That

  1. Pretty cups.
  2. Chocolate chips.
  3. Birdie tweets.
  4. Kitty sleeps.
  5. Red tomato showing.
  6. Coming and going.
  7. Crisp for two, me and you!