Friday, February 27, 2015

Random Acts Of Kindness Adventure 2015 Week 3

Well, here we are at week three already!
I sure have enjoyed reading what the other participants
have done for their RAKs and I know I've been inspired
by what has been shared!  If sharing brings some ideas
to the forefront of our minds and we can recall them
and even put them into practice in the days ahead,
 then I think this adventure has been a success! 

This week I took a meal to a friend who had surgery.
I just texted her the night before and told her dinner was 
coming the next day so she would be prepared.
I hope her family enjoyed my chicken pot pie!
I've been a recipient of a meal before, especially when
the triplets were born, so I know just how nice it is
to be on the receiving end of this act of kindness! 

I just made double what we were having for dinner,
so it was no extra work at all!
Everything went in disposable containers, so there was no
worry about getting dishes back.
Since it's so cold outside, I left it unbaked and ready to go in the
oven and delivered it early enough that they could bake it
in time for dinner.  And I didn't have to try to keep it hot
during the trip to their home.  Very easy!
I hope they felt loved and appreciated!

If you did an RAK this week, please post about it on your own blog.
Then link up here so we can all share and inspire each other.
Thanks so much for participating and don't forget to 
visit the others!

The link will be open until Saturday evening, 6:00PM EST.

Thursday, February 26, 2015

Good Girl

Today started out a little crazy!
The Mister left way before I had to get up, and I overslept.
I didn't even hear the coffee pot right by my head brew or
beep loudly 5 times when it was done!
I had 20 minutes to get the boys ready for the bus
without coffee...not even my half decaf cup!
In that time I also had to stop a nose bleed and unclog a toilet.
 But we made it with 3 minutes to spare to watch out the window!
After the boys had gone, I found Alex's one important prescription
pill on the floor.  He had dropped it while taking his pills!
 I said a quick prayer that he would have a good day 
and no anger issues without it.

So I spent the morning baking cookies!
Cookies always make everything better, especially
homemade ones with real butter, vanilla bean paste
and Ghirardelli chocolate chips.

Everything felt better after a cookie (or three) and more coffee.
 I was pleasantly surprised to discover that my cookies had 
less calories than I was expecting!  And since I called
 them 'lunch' my Fitbit says I was still a good girl today! ha.

Recipe here.


I'd love for you to join in my Random Act of Kindness Adventure!
Do a kind act this week, post it on your blog this Friday
and link up here on that day!

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Count Draculice

So, we have these huge fangs hanging outside the front door.


Are you thinking of an RAK to do this week?
I'd love for you to join me!
I've got a plan...will put it into action tomorrow. :)

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Random Thoughts

  1. My little miniature rose bush is hanging on, even though it's winter and it has to live inside in the dry air.  It even gave me a tiny, sweet bloom today.  The dust mites are trying to kill it, but so far I've been able to drown them in a kitchen sink shower each week.
  2. I'm the only one in this house that can take their socks off, keeping them right side out.  I thought maybe you had to fold laundry to teach yourself the importance of this proactive ritual, but when the mister folded laundry for me when I was at the hospital with Spencer, he folded socks and left them wrong side out. ha.  He also put my socks in the boys closet and my jammies in their dresser! :)
  3. Anybody have a Fitbit?  I've had mine 4 days now and love it.
  4. I've had 6 couple cardinals at the feeder today!  I guess Mr. and Mrs. Cardinal were having a dinner party!
  5. The boys actually went to their day program today.  They only went one day last week due to the negative wind chills.  We haven't had a full week of 'school' since before Christmas break!  The Farmer's Almanac predicted an extremely cold winter and I think we would have to admit that they were right!  Now some are predicting a baby boom this October. ha.

Thanks to all who participated in my RAK adventure the last two 
weeks!  Only two more weeks to go!
Spread some kindness this week and be prepared to
share and inspire the rest of us here on Friday!

Monday, February 23, 2015


The best part of the day was that the NASCAR season has started!
Second best was the couch company while I watched!