Wednesday, May 25, 2016


Mr. Neighbor Man was working in his back yard today.
Cocoa got close...but not too close....to keep an eye on things!

Robin's Nest

The Mister was working in the yard over the weekend and
left a little surprise for me on my gardening table.
It's too early for empty nests this spring, so it must
have been left over from last year and fallen from the
pine trees in our back yard.  I used to collect nests
but got rid of them during a purging cycle.  I did keep
a tiny one with eggs in it and it's under a glass dome.
 The garden table seems like the perfect spot for this sweet one.

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

A Little Auction Surprise

Last week I went to an auction that had a yard full
of box lots.  In case you aren't familiar, boxes are full
of miscellaneous items and auctioned as a single sale.
You get everything in the box.  It's wise to look through
the boxes before the bidding starts in case you see
something you're interested in!  Many times I don't dig
down to the very bottom and when I get home, there
could be an unexpected surprise down in the box!
Sometimes it's good...sometimes it's not. haha.

There was a little dish in the bottom of one of my boxes.
It was wrapped in this little tea towel.  The dish wasn't anything
special, but the towel was adorable!  Such a fun little surprise!

The best buy I had at this particular auction was a grouping of two
boxes full of Cuisinart cookware and a Sharp cordless vacuum.
Total cost $2.50.  Amazing!

Do you go to auctions?
I highly recommend it!  So fun!