Friday, April 29, 2016

Mama Squirrel

This little cutie isn't our usual big squirrel with the enormous
bushy tail that we call Cyril.  She's small and dainty...and always 
ravenous.  Well, today I figured out why.  She was hanging upside
down so I could see her belly and she's obvious nursing a
bunch of babies.  Yep, that makes you skinny and hungry,
all right!  I love her paw in the second photo....looks so much
like a human hand, doesn't it?

Thursday, April 28, 2016

For Rent

Single family home.
One story.
One room.
Charming log cabin style.
Lovely surroundings.
Freshly landscaped.
Wonderful neighborhood restaurant.
Great location for paparazzi and international exposure.
Ready for immediate occupancy.
Turn key.

Wednesday, April 27, 2016


Our April showers started off with hail this afternoon!
Lots of thunder and rumbling and that unmistakable sound
of ice hitting the metal patio furniture!
So glad we don't have a metal roof! haha.
One nice thing....this winter girl got to feel ice on her toes
just one more time before the heat of the season kicks in!
It cooled the temperature down quite a bit, knocked
a lot of blooms from the trees and made cats gallop in from 
all their sleepy hiding spots around the yard.
I don't see any damage....last time we had hail, we got
a new roof and gutters out of it!  And now the rains are here...
looks like a couple of days worth, too!  The only 
irritating thing about the hard rain is that the satellite
doesn't work. haha. The good thing is that it's 
wonderful to fall asleep listening to it!