Saturday, April 25, 2015

Ever Get The Feeling You're Being Watched?

I was working at my desk and glanced to my left and
this is what I saw!  Ha!  Oh, these cats of mine are
a constant entertainment.  And when I laugh, they
look at me like I'm crazy!   This is another one of those
poses that makes them look like a Weeble.
I thought they especially looked like stand-up photos
mounted on cardboard....little cat busts.
They also look like they're saying, "When's dinner?"

My Violet Patch

Their sweet blooms can make even this
winter-loving girl appreciate spring!
Now if it would just get warm enough to
open up the windows! 


Friday, April 24, 2015

Vintage Wash Day

I got the old wood clothes pins at the auction yesterday.
The basket I've had in my collection for years.
They just seemed to go together!
Charming, aren't they?

Thursday, April 23, 2015

Crescent Moon

The moon above my home sweet home last night!
All those winds blew the clouds away and the stars were twinkling!

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

A Blustery Day

 The setting sun this evening, glowing in the pink crab apple tree
while Mr. House Finch takes a ride on the wind-blown feeder.


We have been under a wind advisory all day!  
But I didn't need to see the forecast to know it
was windy!  Here's a few ways I knew...

  1. I didn't walk into the grocery today, I just jumped high enough to get my feet off the ground and let the wind carry me across the parking lot! (really!!)
  2. I didn't have to spend an hour on my hair to get that natural wind-blown look.  I just stepped out on the back porch for a few seconds!
  3. When I stopped to put gas in the Jeep, I opened my door a couple of inches and it blew open so hard I thought it would break off at the hinges!
  4. We have that creepy/scary moaning and howling sound moving over the house.
  5. The neighbor's stick pile that we have been bemoaning all fall and winter (we can see if from our kitchen window) is now scattered all over their yard.  (lol)
  6. I had packages on the front porch waiting for the mail man to pick up.  When I got home, they were gone, but I'm not so sure they didn't just blow away! ha.
  7. The clouds are racing through the sky so quickly that the cute cloud animals I see morph into something else when I blink.
  8. The daffodils are bowing down to the ground!
  9. The sparrows in the feeder look like they are on an amusement park ride! haha.

Gopher:  If I was you, I'd think about skedaddlin' out of here!

Winnie the Pooh:  Why?

Gopher:  'Cause it's "Winds-day."

From Winnie the Pooh and the Blustery Day, 1968