Saturday, May 14, 2011

Postcard Swap #3 Pat Hatt

I've swapped postcards with my good friend, Pat in Nova Scotia!
Here's the one I received from him this week.
You can click to enlarge, or I've typed his message below...

I thought you might enjoy this sight that is rarely seen From my home at bush number three, which is ever so green. As many different birds fly over my way Some, such as the one in the Porta Pottie, even stay. He has so many feathers in his behind That brown stuff on the seat you might find. So practice your hovering just in case you ever have to go near my place. Daily races between #24 and a train continually take place across my plain. As I know you and the triplets will enjoy that but they are scary to the cat. On this day you can also see Cassie was hunting something yum. It was funny watching her shake her bum. Now that I've answered the postcard call, have a nice spring, summer and fall!

Pat and the cat.
P.S. Yes, my bush has a crack and that's a Let's Face It Fact!

Well, Pat is a clever guy and even though I'm old enough to be his mother (shhh!) We get along just fine. He came to my blog a few months ago rhyming up a storm and with some kind of magnet strength, he pulled me right into that rhyming addiction! One thing we have in common is the uncanny way we remember little tid bits of information about people...their favorite color or food, little details that they share in passing. And wow, Pat's really good at it! The first time he came to my blog as 'rhymetime24' I thought he was a Jeff Gordon fan. lol. Turns out, he just meant he rhymes 24 hours a day. haha. But he remembered that and added the 24 car to the postcard. Along with that, he remembered my boys love trains, that I love birds; and that I hate portajohns and refuse to sit in public restrooms, doing a silly hovering act instead. I like cat's too, and one of his felines, Cassie, is featured there ready to pounce on something.

When Pat first knew that there was a postcard swap going on, he said we were crazy as we really didn't know who the other person was and that they could be a virus-laden spammer or axe murderer. And when I teasingly asked for his address, he replied that it was Bush #3 in Nova Scotia. haha. Well, look how far he's come! I guess he finally decided that I really am just a sweet midwestern mom and not into identity theft or anything! :) The joke about Bush #3 stuck and in "Pat fashion", he's included quite the interesting topiary there in the center. Gee, Pat, can't you put a pair of boxers on that thing? lol...

Pat has posted my card to him, so go check out the sketch I did for him HERE.
And while you're there, click on his Face It Facts and get your blog or business advertised. He gets over a million hits to that website per month! It's only a one time $10 cost and your add is there forever. He gives you lots of face time, too, on Twitter, etc. So it's a great deal. Not to mention the chance to win $100,000. So make sure you check that out!

Thanks, Pat~ this postcard swap was lots of fun!

And thanks to Alan for starting us all on the great Twitter for Gentlefolk. :)


  1. Wow, he really did show a ton of stuff related to you on that card!

  2. Yes I remember quite a bit
    Enough to make some have a fit
    But I used it all to my advantage here
    When I gave the axe murderer, whoops ummm midwestern mom a cheer
    Glad you could read my scribble too
    As it is just bad to view
    The plug was also a nice addition
    As was your Factinary admission
    And as you can see the birds were all over my coup
    I guess they wanted to be in on the bush number 3 scoop
    A fun trade it was
    Thanks to Alan and his postcard buzz

  3. bush #3....interesting...haha. have you received one from lynchburg yet? and he mentions crack...pat, pat, pat...

  4. Thanks, Pat, a ton!
    This was fun!
    My rhyming has improved since meeting you
    I do it now when I'm talking, too.
    And get strange looks from others who
    Wonder what is wrong with me
    Talking in rhyme while shooting the breeze.

  5. That Pat...wow, one cool cat!

    And you, Bets, well...I think you are ALL THAT (and more)!

    (((Big TX Hugs)))...damn, no great rhymes this time.

  6. Yes rhyming in daily converssation does get weird looks
    I could write books
    On all the ones I have got
    As I sound like a nut
    Oh yeah and just noticed postcard number 3
    Was from bush number 3..haha
    Sorry Brian had to use crack
    As it just made for a good finishing act

  7. It's so nice the friendships that form across the miles. All my blogging friends are always so attentive and kind. They make my face smile all the time.

  8. What a fun thing you have going on. Loved your sketch on Pat's blog...just darling. Maybe if Mr. Toast uses "chips" as a theme, you've got your picture.

    Very fun read!!!

  9. Hi! Betsy and Pat Hatt...
    (Silent Laughter!!!!)
    DeeDee :-D

  10. Hi! Betsy...
    I really like Pat Hatt's postcard to you...What a wonder memory...What a wonderful person too!
    His message to you was too...funny! and your response is funny and sweet too!

    By the way, I will check-out Pat Hatt's "Face It Facts" too...Because this is your second-time mentioning "Face It Facts."
    However, my silent laughter was directed at some Of Pat's comments in his postcard to you...Sorry, Pat for laughing...silently.]

    DeeDee ;-D

  11. Loving the postcard! He covered everything!! Ha!

  12. How nice of you to share this fun card. Congrats on making 'Top 3" at Sweet as Sugar Cookies! I felt so proud when I saw it posted...=) Enjoy a wonderful weekend, you clever rhyming gal.

  13. BetterBaker ~ thank you, dear! Lisa emailed me last night and said that my lemon bars were going to be featured. How fun! I always enjoy her blog on Saturdays! And that's how we met, right? :)

  14. Very creative postcard! The postcard swap sounds like fun : )

  15. Cat ~ let's swap some! Do you want to?

  16. This was GREAT and I'm so happy to meet Pat Hatt. I love his rhyming comments. I'm checking out his site asap. I'm hoping to join postcard swap one day.

  17. Bush #3!!!?? I had no idea you were THAT close! lol


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