Monday, March 7, 2011

Boys' Bedroom Reveal

For the past several years the unused side of the boys' bedroom
has become a catch-all for unused items. They have a large
bedroom...it was originally a two car garage...so there was
plenty of unused space! Up until now they have shared
a computer but at seventeen years of age it was becoming
very impractical. So I started saving up my money from
my gift basket business and my auction clerking to
give them a room upgrade and some new laptops!
Here's the unused side of the room before...
First came a quick coat of paint on the bottom part of the walls. The tan paint and the border were still in great shape. We just had a similar shade put over the green to freshen up the walls and remove the years of fingerprints and marks. I ordered desk units and chairs from IKEA. I got out my girlie tools and spent a day doing the assembly. Everything was great quality and the assembly was easy! Then came the great reveal....
Three desks, chairs, laptops and a printer....
I got an extra desk unit just so Spencer would have room to
print and stack his pages of trains he prints from the Internet.
He already ran the print cartridge out of ink...even set
on grayscale and economy modes! lol. I told him he'd
have to wait a week or two before I let him have a new one.
Some of you may remember the sepia toned picture of
Spencer standing in between two train cars at Altoona,
Pennsylvania on a family vacation. I had the print
enlarged at Sam's Club and hung it above his area.
Everyone got their own bulletin board/white board. I'm not
really sure they care so much about them, but I had fun
putting some train memorabilia on them and I think
they help define each boy's space.
Lots of room to spread out! It's nice to share, but sometimes
it's just nice to have your own space, too!
On the opposite side of the room is their bed, their collection
of metal railroad signs and the closets. One nice thing
about converting a big garage is that you can take
advantage and build really big closets!
I added some much needed new pillows and bedding.
They get lots of light through the front window.
I'm sure the neighbors wish they would leave the blinds
closed after it gets dark, but they love to look out!
The headboard is actually two twin boards set together.
They were originally belonged to my sister and me when we
were kids! I laminated some copies of vintage luggage tags
and travel advertisements to add to the railroad theme.
The old trunk got some vintage travel labels, too!
It looks perfect and clean, doesn't it? ha ha
Well, I have pictures after the boys put their own
touches to the area. I'll post those soon. And that is
fine...it IS their own space. I just come in and clean it
up a few times a week. :) Besides, the most fun is
seeing the stuff being put to good use! And the most
satisfying part was that I paid for it all myself!
I've linked up with Susan and her Metamorphosis Monday!
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  1. This looks like such a great space for them to enjoy. And, such a grown up area for them now. Kudos to you for working to pay for the redo.

  2. What a great room! I bet they will really enjoy it - especially their own laptops!

  3. You are a fantastic make-over artist Betsy! I'm impressed with your skills and your ingenuity. I bet the boys are too.

  4. What a nice large space....I bet the laptops were a huge hit! I love Ikea...those tables worked out perfectly.

  5. very nice Betsy! I knew you would use trains.

  6. Great job!
    Clean,fresh,laptops and you did it!
    Do tell, how did they take the new room?
    I really admire you and your ablility to come through, all on your own. Your love for your boys shows.

  7. betsy,
    I love the redo! I bet the boys love it as well. It

  8. Christine ~ they are really happy with it! Of course when the changes were being made through out the week, Alex especially was anxious about it.

    Spencer still tries to control all three computers. haha. Some things will never change! :)

  9. What a great room for them! And what a great mom they have!

  10. Betsy, it looks GREAT. I've been looking forward to your big reveal -- you did not disappoint. Very nicely done. I especially love the desk/work spaces that you gave each boy.

    Oh, and l love your new header, too.

  11. What an awesome job you have done, you always come up with something to make everyone feel better about themselves. A true mom.
    I bet the boys were grinning from ear to ear.
    Job well done !

  12. betsy you did a great job with this...knwo the boys loved it...all the train memorabilia is great...lots of work space too...

  13. Thanks, Jo...that is the best part about being a mom, isn't it? :)

  14. What a great redo! I'm sure the boys will really enjoy their new room.

    We don't have an IKEA here, but I wish we did, since everyone raves about it.

  15. Kathy G ~ we have an IKEA an hour away, but I ordered online. :)

  16. This is just a wonderful space! Your hard earned money will be so enjoyed by your guys...well done!

  17. It is all so marvelous. The guys will have more to grow as they continue to mature. It looks like such a nice, welcoming place to be.

  18. Betsy, this is amazing! It looks so professional...the whole layout! Wow...you put this all together? Very impressive! Your boys must have had a fit when they entered the room and saw this! I love trains...always roll down the windows to listen to them roar by when I get "stuck" at one of the crossings, which I secretly love. :) What a wonderful room for your boys!

  19. Thanks, Susan! I always enjoy your MM's..so much fun! Thanks for hosting! And your office is looking fab! :)

  20. amazing space....your boys are blessed to have such a wonderful ma!

    ikea!!! do you have one near you, if so i'm as green as kermie!!

  21. What an impressive job! I knew it'd be worth the wait.

    Gee, my apartment is begging for that kind of remodeling. Let's see... I'd need a place to showcase my books ("real" books, and comics & magazines, naturally) and that would include some of my 1800s magazines and newspapers... videotapes and DVDs... my LPs, CDs, and 45s... my whaling books and other memorabilia... a place for all my Kentucky Fried Chicken memorabilia... my 1960s toys... my old medicine bottles and other specialized containers... and I know there's more I haven't thought of yet!

    If you ever find the time and inclination for that big a project, let me know. Haha!

  22. fantastic changes Betsy, it looks so grown up now!

  23. I especially love the old label repros on the headboards and trunk, btw!

  24. What a great space ! I love how it's a shared, yet individualized place for your guys.

    My twins are 20 and STILL share a room - by choice !

    thanks for sharing,

  25. How lucky are your boys to have a great Mom like you!! They will enjoy their new "space" so much--lovely job. Mickie

  26. What a great space they've got now! Great job, Betsy!

  27. Woo hoo Betsy, what a fabulous make-over! Everything works a treat here, & that desk was the perfect choice. IKEA should put this image in their next catalogue (for a small fee of course!. 10/10girl.
    Millie x

  28. It looks great, what a transition.;) I too love things from Ikea.;)
    I bet the boys are very happy.;)

  29. Love the desk area and so impressed that you put it together!

  30. This was incredible! Love the sacrifice for them, I am amazed and inspired! Well done.

  31. ( channeling my best Ah-nold voice )...You haf die "girlie tools" ja? Ach du lieber! Iss sehr groß zimmer!

    Ignore Ah-nold, Betsy ;)

    How many square feet is this room? I could live here!

  32. Fabulous job Betsy. When Spring eventually comes I am determined to go and visit the Keighley and Worth Valley Railway (remember the film of The Railway Children) and get some photographs so I can send them to Spencer.

  33. Wow, what a beautiful metamorphosis! I need you in my office, Betsy! LOL! Great job!

  34. You did a fantastic job, Betsy!! It looks terrific and you can give yourself a pat on the back for the funding and assembling of it all. I know the boys must love it!


  35. Looks like a wonderful place to be and THREE new lap tops! What a wonderful gift for the sons!

  36. Alan ~ Spencer would love that!

  37. Very nice! I am so impressed with all you abilities. :-)

  38. What a great space! I'm sure the boys will love it and make good use of it.

  39. Betsy! I tell ya, I think you are one of the most talented people I know. You did a great job decorating...and yeah for you paying for it all by yourself. I know that has be bring you a sense of pride! The room looks great!!!!

  40. Subby ~ we have joked that we could attach a bathroom to it, and the room would be plenty big for a little apartment. :)

    Lori ~ thanks, dear. It was a lot of fun to put together!

  41. Their room is just perfect! You did such a wonderful job! I know you are so proud of the result. They must love it so much!

    I have never been to Ikea!!! I want to while in Dallas, but here it can be a full day store....sounds good to me!

  42. I love it!! So perfect for your boys!! I can't wait to see their added touches to the room;-)

  43. Betsy Betsy Betsy! You are an amazing mom & woman! I'm sooo impressed with all you did to set this room up so beautifully for your boys. It had to take lots of work, but such a grand feeling of accomplishment too. I'm so glad to know you via cyberspace. You are a true inspiration!

  44. This is fantastic. You are absolutely amazing.

  45. LOVE all that workspace! great job, betsy. I bet the boys just love it there! so nice

  46. Incredible! What a great job and labour of love there too. You think of everything for your boys. It all looks so clean too. that table alone would have taken me weeks to assemble. lol. Now, let's just hope they never get tired of trains. Love the old luggage case too.

    "but sometimes it's just nice to have your own space, too! "
    --too true for you too. now you get your kitchen space back, right? I bet you don;t miss the bdays of endless sheets of train papers taped up all over your counters, judging from that old photo of Spencer.

  47. Mmm ~ exactly....Alex doesn't sit at my desk or try to share my computer! I've been a couple of weeks now without his fingerprints and crumbs all over my stuff! LOL!

    And yes...Spencer's papers are out of the kitchen! He tried taping some up on the island again and I had to show him that he could do that on his new table back in his room! SO nice. :)

  48. It is WONDERFUL Betsy! JUST wonderful! I will be peaking in the window later today!


  49. Subby ~ not IN their room, no! lol. Poor things have to go down the hall!

  50. Oh bother! But you've done a great job here :)

  51. Wow that looks way way better, aren't you just the go getter.
    A job very well done, now I'm sure they use it and have lots of fun.
    I'm a bit far down on this comment, so a rhyming whirl might not get sent.
    Unless I come back for more, but then you might show me the door.
    Oh and the 24 I used for the tv show, Jack Bauer isn't very slow.
    But off I go, hope I don't stub my toe.

  52. It looks gorgeous! Lots of space! That is what I like the most. You are very creative person.

  53. The bedroom is great! I love all the train elements and I bet the boys are in heaven!

  54. Awesome space you have created
    Your five men must appreciate it!
    Yes I am here, sent by the cat
    The rhyming one with striped hat! lol
    Great to have found your space, and really do love the reveal :)

  55. Natasha ~ hi and welcome! Oh, that cat! :) Glad you stopped by!

  56. How lovely that looks - and great that it's all through your own work and effort. I bet the boys will love being in there now.

  57. Amazing - impressive and very well done!!
    Magazine quality for sure. Inspiring!!

  58. You did a fabulous job with this redo. Would that we all had that much space to work in. Have a great evening. Blessings...Mary

  59. I love the Hugh room! & I love IKEA!! I went to my first store last summer in Chicago when I visited my middle son there. He had posted 'I love Ikea.' on his facebook page, so I had to check it out! lol

    You did a Great job on the boys room and decorating!! They are lucky boys! :-) Thanks for sharing your awesome ideas with us!!

  60. Great room re-do, Momma! Boys' rooms are my favorite anyway...they always have special little fun things..so fun to pick up and clean I think.
    I'd been waiting for the reveal and it made my day!

  61. You are a marvel, Betsy and that's a great-looking job.

  62. Damn it first Brian goes and starts to rhyme, now Natasha stalks me isn't that a crime?...lol
    Just came back to say, I added an about on my blog today.
    Just for you, as you asked in rhyme like I do.
    So now you owe me a cheer, make sure it isn't to loud we wouldn't want Brian to hear.
    He might get jealous and start to pout, oh how I would then gloat.
    Ok off I go once more, don't worry I always remember to close the door.

  63. OOOOkaaaay . . now post a picture after they've lived in it for three days. Looks fabulous, really. I wish my kids had such big bedrooms when they needed them.

  64. It looks fab and bet the boys are really pleased with it all but not showing it - they are male after all!!

  65. ha. Baino's comment is funny.

    So, did Spencer get it about keeping his print outs on that spare table? I certainly hope so!

  66. Mmm ~ He did! He's doing great with using his new space. And I can't believe how much cleaner the kitchen and my desk are staying. :)

  67. a real labor of love betsy .. just so nice

  68. Your made a beautiful room for your sons, Betsy! I love that desk from IKEA ..I'd LOVE to have something like that for myself!

  69. AWESOME room! I found your blog at Between Naps on the Front Porch. You have such great ideas and I'm your newest follower! I'd love it if you'd follow me back: http://stillwaterstory.blogspot.com/
    Again, you did a fantastic job with this!! :-)

  70. Absolutely perfect for your 3 boys!!! Everything is tailored just for their needs and I lurve the laptops for each of them. Your extra pin money is getting put to great use!! Great job Momma!

  71. Wow, it looks so great! You did such a great job and you really thought about their happiness. They are so lucky to have a mom like you. YOu are such an inspiration. Parker would die for a room like that!


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