Sunday, March 6, 2011

Waking Gently

My regular readers know that I use my programmable coffee
pot as an alarm clock...sitting right on my bedside table.
Seems Ms. Gold here agrees with me!
"Throw out an alarming alarm clock.
If the ring is loud and strident,
you're waking up to instant stress.
You shouldn't be bullied out of bed,
just reminded that it's time to start your day!"
Susan Gold
What wakes you up?
Clock radio?
Dog needing to go outside?
Baby needing to be fed?


  1. You shouldn't be bullied out of bed--NEVER TRUER WORDS SAID!!!!!

    I am awakened by hubbie's DROID making a VERY strange sound each morning!! VERY strange and alien-like! I immediately head for the coffee! I have to walk about 25 feet though. Do you feel sorry for me???

  2. 25 feet...um, yes I do! haha. Once you sit up and drink it without getting out of bed, you can never go back! lol.

    droid? I guess that's not as bad as an alarm clock bell! haha

    It used to be our cats that got us up...prompt as a clock, too!

  3. Betsy I'm such a light sleeper that the bird's usually do the trick. I rarely sleep much past first light. I am new to your blog and have spent some time browsing through your earlier entries. I'm so glad I did. I really enjoyed getting to know you. You've created a lovely spot for your readers to visit. I'll definitely be back. I hope you have a great weekend. Blessings...Mary

  4. I have an alarm clock and always set it but I usually just wake up on my own, about 430. Yep, I am a silly morning person married to a nightowl.

  5. Oh I love the picture of you sitting up in bed sipping you coffee..

    When I worked fulltime, I got up for years at 6 AM my mental clock would wake me at a few minutes before the alarm would go off.

    Now, in retirement..... I wake up, when I wake up, and say "Roll out, or roll over...Working for so many years....I love this option. I make my coffee the night before and my dearest turns it on for me.

  6. Rhonda dear ~ 4:30??? That's not morning...that's the middle of the night! lol. :)

    I bet it's really dark and quiet then..but I'm not speaking from experience! haha.

  7. Mary ~ thanks so much for stopping by! :)

  8. Hubby very gently wakes me up and tells me the coffee is ready. The smell does the trick and I am out of bed in a flash!


  9. I'm surprised you ever get out of bed, with the coffee right there for you.

    As for what gets me up in the morning... Well, that varies.

  10. For some reason, my internal clock knows when it is time to get up. Seriously, it goes off on time on the week days and lets me sleep in on the week end.

  11. Mamahasspoken ~ The Mister is like that...never sets an alarm and wakes up early every morning. I can sleep until 10am on Saturdays if nobody wakes me! ha. I think he's jealous. ;)

  12. You're right - we do have the same quilt! My body clock just tells me to wake up about 2 minutes before my alarm goes off (set for 7am during the week). My alarm is not set on weekends, but I still wake about 6:58... but then I just roll over and go back to sleep... mostly. :)

  13. My dogs wake at first light and will stand at the side of my bed and whine until taken out...their such bullies. I think I need a coffee maker next to my bed...great idea!

  14. This cat doesn`t get up, especially for no pup.
    But when the Savannah Cat starts clawing my feet, it`s time to get up or be beat.
    Yes he`ll scratch me all over, he`s worse than old rover.
    Dog slobber I can do, but a cat that makes more noises than a cows moo.
    That will get you up alright, except if it`s the middle of the night.
    Then I ignore and hope he goes away, until I am greet by the sun bringing in the day.

  15. Pat ~ haha...that was excellent! It really is the pets that get us up! I used to have two cats...believe me, I know!

  16. that pat is a rhyming cat better watch out he'll send you into a rhyming bout...

    waking to coffee...ahhhh...i usually am already waking naturally when the alarm goes off...but savor every second until it does...

  17. Uh Oh...I feel a poet throw down happening here! haha.

  18. I'm usually ahead of the clock waiting for it to go off. And although I like the idea of a no stress alarm clock, I have to admit that I set it loud because I'm afraid of oversleeping and being late for work. I have it set to a local news station.

  19. You really "feel" a coming "poet throw down?"

    A little Comments Section kinda showdown?

    "Come one, come all, to Betsy's rhyming hoedown?"


    Ahhh, I got nothin'.

    I have other stuff I should be writing anyway, right, Betsy?

  20. Silver ~ "Come one, come all, to Betsy's rhyming hoedown?" LOL?!


    Yes, a poet rhyming throw down!

    The winner will get a crown!

    And you can sport it all over town!

    lol. :)

  21. I assume you'd serve refreshments? Coffee, of course. And lemonade, surely. Artificially sweetened for me, of course. And a big glass of lemon juice to anyone who doesn't appreciate the "lemonade-from-lemons" approach to life!

  22. LOL!

    Yes, enough coffee to make you drown

    only the best at my poet rhyming throwdown.

    Lemonade will be served, too...
    only the best for my readers will do.

    And we only serve in glasses half full

    no half empty glasses..that would be too dull

    LOL. I'm cracking myself up!

  23. That is a very nice picture waking up and not getting up to get a drink. I am a morning person and normally up about 4:30-4:45 and I head for a glass of ice tea. I can usually wake before the alarm too.

  24. Agreed times a million! I got a gradual alarm - one of the ones that start softly and only build in intensity after giving you enough time to roll over, untangle from the sheets, carefully reach around a comfortable cat, and turn it off. Even that, though, I trained myself to wake up before hearing. If nothing else I can hear the tiny *click* just before it rings, which is good, because it broke and that's all that's left - the *click*. But y'know what? It's what I'm listening for, so on the rare occasion I haven't already woken up two minutes before hand it works just fine, so as far as I'm concerned I have the best alarm clock in the world.

  25. My old phone.;) But mostly these days I wake up before its alarm does ring.;))
    Have a great Sunday with a great cup of coffee - I am enjoying mine as i write this,

  26. The need for the bathroom wakes me up!! Ha!! No alarm and no coffee pot...just an urgency that everyone understands!! It's universal!? Yes??

  27. You shouldn't be bullied out of bed ... oh I love that, although as my daughter was growing up we would draw straws as to who would DARE to wake her! let's just say she's not a morning person, as for, it's a silly internal clock set for 6am every day! :o)

  28. Coffee is the best way to start a day. We do have an alarm set... but, invariably we are awake before it goes off.

  29. I use my cell phone alarm and like to hit the snooze. The only problem is my new cell phone will just shut off the alarm if you hit it to many times leaving me late and in a total panic. I wonder if who ever desinged this phone is one of those people who wake before the alarm goes off and wants to teatch us snooze hitters a leason.

  30. Alarm clock.
    I work midnights, if not for the alarm I would never be to work on time.

    Besides I usually wake up 5 minutes before it goes off, so it's not so bad.

  31. I have never used an alarm clock in my life. I have an internal alarm setting. If I need to get up at 5 a.m. somehow my body knows it and I have never overslept. Guess that wouldn't work for everyone, but it works for me! :-)

  32. Unfortunately... I have an internal alarm clock that pretty much wakes me up every morning at 6:00!

  33. My mom raised us this way! She would wake us up most gently, sometimes too gently :) Lovely blog. Thanks for stopping by Eatomaniac :)

  34. My phone buzzes me out of bed and I promptly seek a cup of hot tea.

  35. That cup of coffee or whatever looks so "good morning" to me. I guess that is one reason why I love it so much.

  36. Abe ~ I couldn't agree more!

  37. I have to use the "beep, beep" of the alarm clock or I wouldn't get out of bed.

  38. I think Brian is following me, as he seems to be all I see.
    Where does he find the time to responds to so many, I don't know but it must cost a pretty penny.
    So I came to look at what I started, for a moment I thought you meant I farted.
    Yes when pets want you to wake, they won't leave you alone for frig sake.
    The Silver Fox got nothing at all, you should kick him off your wall.
    But that would be mean you see, oh well go ahead and blame me.
    While I just made a big old response here, quite the read I fear.
    The Silver Fox might get bored and Brian might keep it stored.
    So he'll be able to rhyme like me, all across the great big sea.
    But now I must go because the cat wants food and I might start getting rude.
    But I'll take the crown and send it to Brian to match his white gown.

  39. Rhymetime24 ~ hmmm....there is something very familiar about you. So, what does the 24 stand for? Do you watch nascar? I like 24! :)

  40. I love your pic here, Betsy. Cozy. Ahh...the smell and the sound of coffee brewing is a great way to wake up I think.

    Umm, do you really want to know what wakes me up? Well, OK, you asked for it.... needing to go pee!! Yes, really. About three times in the night anddn once in the morning. Works without fail. LOL.

  41. Thus I have not used an alarm for yonks.

  42. Mmm ~ haha.. you and slommler here! :)

  43. Wonderful news about Harry, btw.

    Love your Audrey Hepburn quote--does that work for guys too, except maybe handsome instead of pretty of course. LOL.


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