Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Auction Day

Well, today I worked at the auctions.
Not really very exciting pictures to show you since very early on our
day turned crazy with our computers not working, 
which sent us scurrying to clerk the old fashioned way with pen and paper. 
 Doesn't make for a pleasant day. lol.

But that's not all! 
Remember a couple of weeks ago I talked about the drama at the auction about the George Washington
 signed letter than was pulled at the last minute?  Well, today we had drama of a different kind!
A woman wouldn't pay her bill and changed her story several times from saying she already paid
 to various other excuses.  When that didn't work, she disputed one item on her invoice
 saying it didn't belong to her and refused to pay for the entire bill of $300.

After about 30 minutes of trying to work it out
with her, she became very belligerent, cussed us out and threw a royal
tantrum.  She said she had "rights" and dared us to call the police as
she stomped out, got in her truck full of her items and drove away.
Of course we took her up on her dare, called the police, and spent an
extra hour there tonight filling out police reports.
Oh my.  I've had enough drama for one day.

Kinda reminded me of the old car repo days! lol!

What did you do today? 
Unlike my day, I hope it was serene and calm.  haha.


  1. dang...who knew how wild an auction could get...haha...almost like working repo...smiles...what is that statue of?

    1. almost! lol....you would know, too! :)

      The statue was called The Olympian, I think...a discus thrower.

  2. Omy Betsy I think with these histories the auction never are bored. Yes dramas make feel exausted sometimes:)
    I was out all morninga lot of errands; paid bills and buy some things to the kidsafter I putti.g in orde the kitchen. Clean some things feed tge bunnies and dogs ha

    1. yeah, I am exhausted tonight!

      Your day sounds nice...busy but fun, too! Aww...the bunnies!!! :)

    2. Oj Betsy always are hungry!
      Go to bed Betsy Im readi.g because im waiting the kids arrive!

  3. my day was not near as exciting as yours, sounds like a tv show!!Maybe this is one for Judge Judy!!!

    1. haha...that would be a very interesting tv show. Oh I'd love to hear Judge Judy give this lady a piece of her mind! lol....

  4. wow, what a drama filled day! wonder if she made coffee for the tall uniformed gentleman that probably knocked on her door. haha

    ran some errands in between laundry loads, went to the gym, tried a new recipe and went Christmas Caroling tonight

    1. Yeah, I can't wait to hear the rest of the story!

      caroling sounds really fun!

  5. Oh my I haven't had that much drama in years.. Glad she didn't have a gun to pull out! You be careful at those auctions. Goodness. Yes, my day was drama free. I did pick up a few last minute fillers for my Goodie baskets, like ornaments, and small stuffed toys. My dearest and I are having a cup of coffee and slice of fruitcake, as he just posting an article on his long deserted blog. Who knows, maybe this time it will stick, and he'll post more than twice a year, HaHa.

    1. I know...I thought of that! She'd be the kind to come back and blow us away for revenge! Good grief! Actually, she didn't rattle me...it was the constant fast pace and being behind without the computer that wore on me. Whew! I'll take screaming women over that any day. lol.... she was just icing on the cake so to speak. haha.

  6. Don't some people just slay you...where do they get the nerve?!
    Glad everything got settled...
    I did groceries...huge....walmart....huge...
    Visited with Vivian and my 2 beautiful daughters...
    Not such a bad day...
    Off to the cottage tomorrow...miss the old place...
    Dinner guests on Friday night...need to dress the dining room...

    Enjoy your evening...
    Linda :o)

    1. every time I go to walmart I shop huge. haha. People hate to be in the checkout line behind me!

      dinner sounds fun...I just know you are a wonderful hostess!

  7. Hi Betsy .. I'm surprised she hung around so long .. but as you say what a pain! I do hope today is easier and I hope they catch her and sort her out .... enjoy your birds, those beloved 4 legged critters and then the family and those delicious meals you make ... cheers Hilary

    1. I think she would have sneaked out earlier but she had an enormous amount of furniture to load into her truck and trailor! Yes, today will be better...only the dryer repairman to deal with. ha.

  8. Oh that's Terrible
    Maybe she ran out of money.
    Would have been easier to save face by just saying so instead of all this trouble.
    I bet you are glad its over.

    1. I thought that, too....since she kept changing her story and was so terribly defensive. Something else was going on with her.

  9. Wow sounds like quite the display
    Did you call her a wanker when she wouldn't pay? hahaha
    Those people annoy me
    All the time at my sea
    Excuse after excuse
    From their oversized caboose
    Had another christmas thingy yesterday
    There at my bay
    Fun fun
    Not really though just like the last one

    1. How did you know she was um, oversized?
      She could have taken me down, I surmise.
      Good thing there was a table between
      otherwise she could have squashed my spleen.

    2. LOL my psychic powers at play
      Once more at your bay

    3. Why don't you get in HER head
      and tell her to stop causing dread.

  10. I blame it on the date 12-12-12!
    Good stuff and bad stuff or it could just be her.

    1. I noticed that date yesterday!
      Isn't it supposed to be good luck? Well, that didn't work out too well. lol...

  11. That lady was a nut case Betsy!!!!! Oh she was a trip!!! Sorry you had to stay EXTRA! Looks like I ditched at a good time! Glad you can relax TODAY!

  12. Wow, how can I write about my day when I just read about yours? :-) Mine was pretty mundane in comparison. Turned up for work on my bike, it was freezing cold (I like the snowflakes on your blog) and then came home and made dinner for my family.

    Greetings from London.

  13. Seems like a very exciting day.;) The only one who throws a tantrum around here is me at times, hehe.;))


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