Wednesday, November 21, 2012

The Turkey Farm

Today I made my annual Tuesday-before-Thanksgiving trip
to Bowman and Landis, an Amish turkey farm about 45 minutes
from my home.  It's my favorite part of the holiday prep.
I go alone, and it's a nice drive...kind of a quiet break
between all of the work involved in putting on a
Thanksgiving feast.

Mrs. Mockingbird has made a return and greeted
 me before I left for the day!

There are a few trees with their colorful leaves still hanging on!

We've started choosing names for that last litter of kittens.
This one, completely dark grey including his nose, is Smoke.
There's Cinder and Shadow, the black twins.
And the little grey striped kitten shown in yesterday's post
remains un-named.  I'm running out of cat names! ha.

I usually use one of those oven bags to roast my turkeys.
This year I'm going to go back to an old New York Times tip
where you roast it uncovered and unbasted at 500 degrees.
The claim is that the skin is dark and crispy and the meat
tender and very juicy.  And it's done in a very short time,
about 1.5 to 2 hours.   To learn more, just click on the link.

Tomorrow I'm baking rolls and pies, everyone's
favorite part of the feast.   Pecan and Pumpkin.
What do you have for dessert on Thanksgiving?
My mother-in-law always made apple and Toll House pie
along with the traditional pumpkin.

If you are in the US, what are you doing for Thanksgiving?
Hosting or traveling?
Whatever you do, I hope it's lovely!
And don't forget to count your blessings!


  1. Busy, busy!
    I love all the hustle and bustle.
    And oh!! The smells!

    Happy Thanksgiving to you and your growing family.

    1. yeah, I love it, too...it's the fun kind of busy. :)

  2. Replies
    1. Damn shouldn't have read it first
      Ruined my burst haha

    2. Well as you know
      Thansgiving is long gone at our show
      I eat the turkey and that is that
      No dessert every for Pat
      You could damn the final kitty in honor of the day
      Turkey will be the name on display
      I still vote for Dog though
      That would be too funny at your show
      Or Sassie, rhymes with Cassie
      Could be oh so classy
      Tripit works too
      There are a bunch for you
      Or that nutcatch thing
      Could be given a ring
      That turkey also looks kind of weird as well
      I first though it was showing it's rump and thought what the hell haha
      Oh and fyi
      I followed your little get all done for the jolly fat guy
      As of today
      Everything xmas is done at my bay
      Just had to brag
      Wow on my rhyme did drag

    3. Dog or Nuthatch would never work!
      I might as well name him Lurch! ha.
      I knew you would be done early for Christmas
      and I'm doing quite well on my list!
      It's my business that takes all my time
      but I'm doing pretty well with that chime.
      Not completely done, though
      like some smarty pants I know.

    4. hahahaha! well Pat we really never know if we are really first:)
      OMY Betsy those are really big turkies!
      Is funny because we make turkey for Christmas! nit always but sometimes!
      all your food sounds delicious, ah Smoke is so cute!

    5. I got a little turkey...11 pounds. And that is a lot for us! ha. Lots of people have turkey for Christmas, too! We usually have ham.

    6. True, but then oh dear at least I beat you hahaha

      So the cat is a smarty pants here
      But a smart, insert word for rear, over at the blog of glory dear? haha

    7. you're both.
      and a smart-aleck, too!

    8. only the pat cat. Does he count?

  3. I will make Pecan pie tomorrow, and my girls will bring pumpkin and apple. Also making a salad my mother made years ago.. Pistacio (cool whip, coconut, marshmellows, pineapple pistacio instant pudding, walnuts.)
    All the kids and grandkids will be at our home (except Jill in Oregon) about 20 of us.

    Happy Happy Thanksgiving dear Betsy, the Mister, and the boys, Taylor and his gal.

    1. that all sounds delish. I know it was be wonderful! 20 people...so fun! That salad sounds cool and refreshing!

  4. Canadian here, lol, our thanksgiving is in October but we have pumpkin pie and then another pie, sometimes peanut butter pie or cheese cake or apple pie.That sounds like they should be wonderful turkey, I can't believe you have more kittens, will it ever end and just how many will you take in!! You are the kitties angel for sure,

    1. Hopefully this is the last litter! I want to catch the mom for the humane society day in December! She's done nursing them, so I need to catch her now! Still have never touched her, but I think I could trick her into a kennel with a treat, like I did the others.

      cheese cake sounds good...I'm getting hungry for all the treats!

  5. at my parents house right now...just got here this evening and will be here through the weekend...dinner, family all that...smiles...4 new kittens....just shaking my head a bit..at what point must you get a license for all your animals? smiles...

    1. this is the same litter that was born in the fall...just never named them. :)

      You have a nice long break there....glad you're with family..fun times.

  6. Hosting as usual :) but the others are bringing parts of the dinner too which is nice! It's always nice to have tastes from other kitchens at the table! That Pecan Pie sounds wonderful! Hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

    1. I agree...but with our family dynamics, it's just my cooking here. lol. But we usually only have one or two extra people...sometimes not even family members but people that need a place to go. I think Lauren and one of jeff's brothers is all we're having this year. But small is fun, too!
      I'd love to see your spread, Martha...I know it will all be yummy and made with love! :)

    2. small IS nice! My Mom and Dad often had extra people included in our Thanksgiving and Christmas dinners. That is a nice thing to do. Hubby has two siblings living around here with their families and then his parents. There will be 18 in all :) The sun is supposed to be shining so we'll send the more energetic ones outside to play some football or something :) I'm making Turkey Breast, Ham, gravy and Dressing/stuffing. And some Butterhorns. They are helping with the salad, mashed potatoes, and dessert.

    3. That sounds wonderful! I love the big crowded family times, too! I kind of miss them, but our extended family doesn't get along enough to do that now. :( Your menu sounds yummy! I decided to do pecan bars instead of pecan pie this morning. And my butterhorns turned into braided yeast bread! ha. The turkey shall remain a turkey, though. lol....

    4. aw sorry about the family thing! those kinds of things are always stressful! :( I'm also making carrots and green beans. I made the turkey breast today and will slice it and pour the broth over it and bake it very slowly tomorrow. The ham is spiral sliced so that's drama free too :) The butterhorns are rolled and frozen before their last rising. So I can have fresh bread :) I have a rather intense dislike for last minute rushing around. It still happens sometimes though!

  7. Shadrach. I think Shadrach is a good name for a cat (along with Meshach and Abednego...).

    I am making Boston Brown Bread for Thanksgiving. It isn't necessarily for dessert, although it will probably be eaten then too. We typically have pie for dessert, apple and pumpkin. This year we'll be adding a few gluten free desserts too, maybe that Carrot Cake my sister sometimes makes.

    1. hahaha...well, at least I have Smoke and Cinder to represent the firey furnace! LOL!

      carrot cake sounds wonderful...haven't had that in ages!

  8. Where is the picture of the turkey you bought??? ha ha ha...
    We always have apple crisp at Thanksgiving...and my son brings the pumpkin pie...
    I am sure you will have a wonderful day..
    Let us know how the turkey at 500 degrees turns out...

    Linda :o)

    1. apple crisp...what a great idea and so autumnal! haha..used that word just for you! :)

      I will do a photo shoot of the bird for sure! ;)

  9. Sounds like you are all prepared for that busy day!! Yes that is one that I have never heard of either 500 for 2 hours. With my luck I liable to start a fire in the oven with the grease.
    We always have Chapmans vanilla ice cream and pie. You see I cook the turkey and the rest is pot luck....
    Thanks for stopping by my blog. Happy Thanksgiving!!

    1. Chapmans? Never heard of it, but it must be wonderful! :)

    2. Chapmans is a Canadian brand of Ice Cream...big family company...
      Thought I would help you out, Betsy....seeing as White Weathered Hutch is Canadian...LIKE ME!!!!

      Enjoy your dinner...

      Linda :o)

  10. I just made the Toll House Pie for Kevin's birthday. I had never made it before, didn't realize it has 2 sticks of butter! Enjoy the day. It will be great for you and Lauren to get together on the cooking end of things.

    1. I've never made it either! But the 2 sticks makes sense...it's like a batch of cookies pressed in a pie plate! Yum!

  11. I will be perched next door to you! Hmmm, you need a name for the little striped kitten! Happy Thanksgiving to you!

    1. Between me and your mom, we'll have the neighborhood smelling wonderful! :)

  12. I'd like to try that New York Times turkey tip right about now. Sounds delicious!

    And one of those "few trees with their colorful leaves" looks kinda weird. It's the one with the long blue leaves, and... Oh. It's a turkey. Silly me.

    1. yeah...silly. I think I've called you that a time or two. :)

  13. It sounds like your Thanksgiving is going to be wonderful as well as delicious! I am traveling by car with the lady pugs to have dinner with my daughter, son-in-law and grandsons. All I have to bring is the pumpkin pie...easy. I did whip up some white chocolate almond clusters to take as well. Now, all I have to do is keep my paws off of them so that I have plenty to take to dinner tomorrow. So far I have only eaten one, but it is only noon here in CA. So, who knows? My sweet tooth can be pretty powerful!

    Happy Thanksgiving!

    1. white chocolate almond clusters. oh my oh my. ha. :) Sounds like so much fun...hope you have a safe, wonderful trip!

    2. Thank you! Enjoy the holiday...

  14. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family Betsy!

  15. Happy Turkey Day to you and yours, Miss Betsy! May it be filled with lots of love, laughter and of course FOOD.
    I'm a cheater. I usually cook on wednesday nite then on the actual day we laze about and eat leftovers. I love this. This year *and you will soon understand first hand* son is married so we are doing T'sgiving on saturday. Darling son will be spending today till saturday with the wifey's family. I'm totally ok with that. I'm so easy and a cheater. ;)
    This turkey day hubby and I will laze, watch movies and wait for the 10pm shopping trip to Wal-Mart. I really dread that part. But all in all there is not one thing to complain about.

    Happy Thanksgiving,
    Jake's a Girl

    1. Well, that all sounds good. I cook on Wednesday and Thursday and we eat, then laze around from then until Sunday. ha. I don't cook anymore! Yes, I know...the sharing of son with another family is part of it all. In fact, he went to her house last Thanksgiving!

      You do the nigt time Walmart? OOoh....you're easy, a cheater AND crazy? lol... Watch out for those protestors! Geesh! Be safe!

      Happy thanksgiving to you!

  16. Hi Betsy,

    So glad you had a nice day at the Turkey Farm, I bet their turkeys taste fantastic. In a way it seems that you are almost cooking a deep fried Turkey without frying it. Going to my sister's where there will be around 30+ people. I am required by law to bring Orange Jello Salad, which is mostly a dessert. If I feel well enough I might make some deviled eggs. Going to try putting Baking Soda in the water and see how we'll they peel. I understand it does so much better than using vinegar. Plus I am going to put Anise in them this year because I cannot find any Tarragon Vinegar. Big sigh!

    As to naming the kitten, I was trying to think if a hybrid with using both Pat and Gloria. I came up with Glorat, Patria, PG, and GP, Riat, Atoria, Glat, Poria, Gat, Ata, Riap, to name a few. I'm not sure if you can come up with some more but I thought it was a great way to honor the two of them. I kinda like "Gat" for some reason, just a play on Cat, Gloria, and Pat all in one. Maybe you should hold a contest and a vote, that would be fun.

    I hope you have a great Thanksgiving and then get lots of rest, you have totally earned it.

    Happy Thanksgiving to all of you.

    God bless you all.

    1. You're right....the high temp is kind of the same idea without the oil!

      My mom used to make that Orange Jello Salad! You're right...it's more like a dessert! Hope your deviled eggs turn out. Yum. I love them!

      Now as for the name of this adorable kitty! HAHAHAHAHA~! You are a hoot! Glat? haha....I wouldn't be able to say it without laughing! :)


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