Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Random Thoughts

  1. Yesterday, before birthday celebrations, I made 15 little gift baskets. I had received an order for small containers of healthy snacks for speakers at a conference at the local university. I had fun putting together granola bars, mixed nuts, natural cherry licorice, dark chocolate and a few other goodies.
  2. I worked an auction today. A crazy busy auction. I filled the back seat with goodies from the trash. Maybe I'll show you a few things in a day or two.
  3. We rarely eat fast food. But I'm late in the grocery shopping this week and knew I wouldn't feel like making dinner when I got home from that auction even if there was food to fix! Taylor is playing the McDonald's Monopoly game and requested I stop there on my way home. So for 4 of us I bought dinner. (Spencer and Harry won't eat it) I got 32 pieces to the game with that big purchase, including a few he needed. Now, if he'd just win big! ha.
  4. It is pouring rain here! Didn't stop all day! Some side streets were flooded when I left the auction and were blocked by police cars. The forecast calls for several more days of rain! We may just float away!
  5. One of the boys' birthday gifts was an iPad. They are using them at school this year for the first time and we thought it would be good for them to have one here, too. I think it will be fun to see what apps are out there for the autism community. I'm sure there are several. And they love electronics, so it will be fun. I wonder how they will do at sharing? Because buying three was out of the question. ha. And Taylor wants one for Christmas! LOL.
  6. Still very touched at all of the really sweet birthday wishes you all left on my last post. Still laughing that my two wisecracking guy friends turned sweet and sober...at least for a few minutes. :) Thanks very much! Your encouragement is so appreciated by me.


  1. Your gift baskets are adorable! I honestly do not know how you do all you do.

    I am late in wishing the boys a Happy Birthday! I could feel your excitement at them being excited about their birthday for the first time. I get it. It's wonderful! So...a happy birthday for you too, Mom.

  2. Well, don't get too complacent, doll. I'm back to normal!

    Which reminds me: You need to update your sidebar where you mention the boys' ages, haha!

  3. I've heard that iPads are very helpful for autistic students. It WILL be interesting to hear if how the boys do at sharing.

  4. Oh now I have a chill up my spine
    That just isn't fine
    Don't call me "sweat"
    That just doesn't sit well for this rhyming pet..haha
    Never touched an IPAD at all yet
    Sure they'll have fun I bet
    Just getting all the crappy rain at my show
    But it sure beats stupid snow
    You have been quite the busy bee
    Auctions and baskets and birthdays, whew I'm worn out just typing that for you to see
    Guess that's just a once a year thing
    As back to normal at my rhyming wing

  5. Rain in Ohio, rain in Nova Scotia, rain here in Massachusetts, and my writing partner Skip says it raining in Virginia, too?!?

    Anybody know where I can get an ark, cheap?

  6. Look adorablees dear Betsy and ... I was thinkinking I worked so much today, you really work Betsy. a friend asked me a Cake to a Birthday and I made, normally Imade cakes but today was a busy day,hope you are sleeping and have anice day tomorrow, gloria

  7. Silver, you really are my blog editor, aren't you? :)

  8. Kathy ~ it's going to be fun doing a little research for that and seeing what they enjoy the most.

  9. Pat ~ no sweat..just sweet.
    And you are..from your head to your feet. ha.

  10. nice gift baskets...best wishes on mcdonalds...i got about 12 pieces, want mine? we have to get happy meals every other week...smiles. nice on free auction swag...

  11. Betsy - No doubt about it - YOU ARE SUPER WOMAN...in the flesh! Love those gorgeous baskets...oh how much fun it would have been to be able to help you put them together. Happy Birthday to the Boyz. I always LOVE reading your blog!

  12. that's a lot of gift baskets, and it sure makes for a cool photo:)
    happy birthday to your fellers.

  13. Darling baskets...What a great idea for a healthy snack for a conference.

    I in the middle of pumpkin and persimmon bread...baking in the mimi loaves to freeze and use in my Christmas baskets.

    Love your ideas. They inspire me.

  14. I am starting to truly understand why you have to keep the coffee maker beside the bed. You must only get a few hours of sleep most nights.

    I have two game pieces, well somewhere in the house. Not sure why we rarely eat fast food but it happened. Once upon a time the fast food places around here would recognize my voice when I started to order. That was when we knew we had to stop. Somehow we started on the prepared foods at Costco, now they know us very well. Big sigh!

    Anyway the baskets look beautiful and can't wait to see the new treasures you found at the auction.

    God bless.

  15. Hi Betsy .. brilliant gift baskets - I'd love to have one of those .. got to get to Uni first!

    The kids must be amazing and you all do so well with all the differences, preparations etc ..

    Just lovely that you can post so positively about everything and give us all a smile ... in the buckets of rain too ..

    See you soon - cheers Hilary

  16. OH those gift packages are amazing!


    Oh noes - please don't float away!

    Take care

  17. Late birthday greetings to the boys : your post of yesterday was absolutely lovely. And I am sure the boys will love their iPad : best toy I ever bought myself.

  18. Mrs. U ~ my oldest and his best friend are known by name and order at the Waffle House. lol. But he's 20 and can eat whatever he wants. We don't have Costco!

  19. Wanda ~ good for you getting some Christmas goodies underway! I have four gifts purchased! Didn't plan that but stumbled upon the perfect thing..and on clearance, too.

  20. oh, those gift baskets look delightful, I'll hire you to make them for our celebrities next time HOLLYWOOD SPY organizes a gala event :)))

  21. Dez ~ it's a deal! I'd love to make them up for you! ha.

  22. Pat ~
    just say "strat" and keep moving forward, right? ha.

  23. I'll be interested to hear about how the boys do with their iPad - the apps they like best, how often they use it, what benefits you find, etc. My wife has been wanting to get one for our son (and for her to use as well) for a long time, and I have a feeling that we will get one soon.

  24. Yuji ~ it will be interesting! I hope it's money well spent. I'll be sure and post any interesting progress! :)


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