Monday, September 5, 2011

What I Did Wednesday #7

  1. Drove in the rain all day as I ran errands.
  2. Chilly enough that I had to wear my raincoat! And btw, does anybody else drive with their pinky fingers wrapped around the steering wheel? lol...
  3. Smiled at cats snuggled together to keep warm.
  4. Enjoyed the sea shell fossil I got at an auction...another left over free item.
  5. Ate a bowl of strawberries.
  6. Enjoyed hot coffee through the afternoon.
  7. Returned some phone calls.
  8. Took everything out of the china cabinet and dusted the shelves.
  9. Watched the rain drops hanging on the leaves.
  10. Asked Harry about his day at school.
  11. Washed all the floor rugs. Love them fluffy straight from the dryer!
  12. Put away the groceries.
  13. Found a hiding cat!
  14. Trimmed and washed a bowl of kale for Nugget.
  15. Laughed with Alex.
  16. Checked on Taylor, who has the flu.
  17. Gathered lunch money for Alex to buy pizza tomorrow. Sent a note to school.
  18. Packed lunches.
Hope you had a wonderful day and enjoyed
the beauty in the ordinary!


  1. Heh. Some nice shots there, especially the "hiding cat!"

  2. nice floral rain coat...and there is a cat in your chips...hmm...

  3. the cats have loved that box with the windows! :)

  4. Yes, I do the same thing with my pinkie, but until now, I didn't realize it. Very funny! Another full day, I like that!

  5. Anita ~ you too? Aw, well I'm in good company then! ha.

  6. haha you can buy toys galore
    And they'll look at you all sore
    You give them a simple box though
    And they will play with it running to and fro..haha
    Yes it is raining here too
    But beats snow between me and you
    Bah it's not too cold
    Still above the minus degree fold
    And don't think I do the pinky thing on the steering wheel
    My one handed driving though does hold on a great deal..haha

  7. Pat ~ yep, just like kids
    the box is better than the gig!
    I think this is the fourth box they have enjoyed
    until it was torn up and looking annoyed.
    Threw some catnip in the box for fun
    and they had fun, and then some!

  8. beautiful photos and I love when you tell us your day!

  9. Busy,Busy little bee....

    Love all the pictures, and I just took everything out of my hutch and dusted...but to things get dusty!

    Leaving for the funeral up North tomorrow morning so wont' be able to visit till Monday. I did however scheduled my SWF, Daily Prayer, and Sunday Meditation to post automatically. Like that option.

    Love and Hugs

  10. Yes I do wrap my pinky finger around the steering wheel!! Now that you mention it! H!! Love the glimpses into your week. Your pics are fabulous!!

  11. Hope Taylor gets better!!

    Happy Wednesday (well it's Thursday here!)! Take care

  12. So enjoy seeing what your day is like.

    Hope Taylor feels better soon!

  13. Um yes to number 2. I have no idea why. Loved the glimpse into your day.

  14. uh, yes, on the pinky around the steering wheel. LOVE your raincoat! And, the shared laughs!

  15. I had to look twice to see the cat in the box, but once I saw it (him?) it made me smile.

    In our house, I trim and wash the kale for US!

  16. what a wonderful day! Hope Taylor is feeling better.

  17. Wow, what a full and great day. love your photographs, great job Betsy! Love your vibrant energy!

    Have another great day!


  18. Wow, what a full and great day. love your photographs, great job Betsy! Love your vibrant energy!

    Have another great day!


  19. Well, I guess wrapping your pinky around the steering wheel is very popular! ha.

  20. Yesterday I did some laundry but I can't recall folding it. I took Sofie to the vet. (They trimmed her nails!!!) And, I sat on the couch with my granddaughter asleep on my shoulder and my grandson, who was feeling hot and yucky, asleep on my right leg. It was a good day.

  21. PS. I wrap my pointer fingers around the steering wheel... or my thumbs.

  22. sounds like a full day of multitasking lol
    I painted my finger nails and put dishes into the washer Now I am waiting for the chicken legs to defrost ,Can't do much with one arm .When I work with one arm I hurt the wrist on the other one because it wants to work as well. lol

  23. Lady ~ sounds like the perfect excuse to sit and do nothing! :)

  24. You surely are Super Woman! =) What a productive day...and yes, I DO drive with my fingers wrapped around the steering wheel like you...how about that??? =)

  25. Wow- you ad an eventful day. And congrats on finding your hiding cat--I have four, and one has been hiding all morning and I still haven't found her!


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