Sunday, September 4, 2011

Random Thoughts

  1. Last week when an extremely large auction was over, many items were left to be thrown in the trash. There are times when someone bids on a box of items and only wants one thing in the box. They take the one item and leave the rest. Coworker Julie and I were invited by the clean-up man, Steve, to take anything we would like. I took a set of Homer Laughlin white dishes, Hudson pattern. There are some pieces missing, but it's basically a service for twelve including dinner plates, salad plates, berry bowls and butter pat dishes. Interestingly enough, just the day before I had thought it would be nice to have some plain white dishes that would mix well with my blue transferware. One man's trash was certainly this girl's treasure! I love crackly, old, faded dishes! ha. And what could be better than free?
  2. I picked up a few other items left for the trash, like 8 blue mason jars (which I collect) a vintage tray with birds painted on it in gold leaf, several baskets and a silver-plate carafe holder which was missing it's carafe. I have plans for the carafe holder which I'll share later.
  3. It's hot. It's humid. It's unbearable, really. I'm so thankful for A/C. The Mister should be thankful too, since I'm terribly cranky when I'm hot. :)
  4. The boys have had a super start to the school year! They do love school, which makes me happy. The only glitch seems to be Alex throwing up his medications each morning. Not sure what is causing that, but it sure is causing some stress right before they walk out the door. Not stress for Alex, mind you, but stress between The Mister and me. Whether he is doing it on purpose or not, if he should given more pills or not, and if we should yell at him or not. Sigh. I'm not saying which of those points are mine or his. lol....
  5. Spencer has lost 6 pounds in the first two weeks of his cheese-free diet! He still looks longingly in the refrigerator each night. But he doesn't fuss, so I think he's doing quite well! I can tell his face is thinner already!
  6. Marmalade got stuck in the raccoon trap last night. He was ok, just a little scared. We used marshmallows as bait instead of any meat, thinking that the kittens wouldn't be interested. But curiosity did kill the cat, you know. ha. Or trapped the cat, in this instance.
  7. I made THESE blondies today. Oh yum. :) No photo as not to upset my dear friend, Pat. lol.

Hope your weekend is going well!


  1. Hi Betsy, love your "new" dishes. Wish I had some advice for the pill stress but I don't.

    hope you are having a nice weekend.

  2. Good deal on the dishes. Me, I'm thinking my house needs to go on a diet, but that doesn't appear to be any easier to pull off than putting me on one. ha In spite of it, Hannah and I are working on sorting through toys and stuff. If only I can stay awake maybe we can finish the job.

  3. What a lovely pattern !
    I love white dishes, and have two sets, they go with just about everything.
    Those kittens will be curious, it's part of what makes them so adorable, maybe he'll learn his lesson.
    Good news the boys are settling in to their school routines, hope the medicine woes sort themselves out.

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  5. Curiousity caught the cat
    But satisfaction freed it from your mat..haha
    How nice to think of me
    And not put food to see
    Maybe throw a candy or two in with the pills
    He'll get thrills
    And want to keep them all down
    Then no more nasty reguratation frown..haha
    Oh and the heat you can keep
    Just right here with no humid creep
    Ruining my day
    Now I've had my say..haha

  6. I love those dishes - can't believe they were going to be thrown away! Hmmm - the pill thing doesn't sound good. Wish I could be more helpful!

  7. Pat ~ creepy humidity
    now that sounds silly
    but it is true
    I'll give that to you.

  8. Love your new white dishes. I really love the sounds of the blue ball mason jars! What fun it must be for you to get to go through the "trash." Sounds like the ultimate in dumpster diving to me. :)

    I'm so happy the boys are off to such a good start and than Spencer has already lost 6 pounds! Awesone. Wish I had an idea about the meds but I don't. Good luck!

  9. Love the dishes. Im like you one mans trash is another persons treasures.So true!

    Its extremely humid here as well.Hoping the beach will give me some cool breeze,but we hear rain is forecast.Oh well Im sure we will find something to do there.

    Have a nice weekend,see you Tuesday.

  10. Hi Betsy,
    Thought of you tonight as I'm watching Mike Huckabee....special tonight on autism. Hope you were watching....beautiful families with beautiful stories of hope.
    Lord Bless....Dee Dee

  11. DeeDee ~ oh, no...both tv's have football on them! lol...but it airs again tomorrow, I think. I'll be sure and watch. Thanks for letting me know...I might have missed it!

  12. Hi Betsy your dishes look amazing! I love white dishes.
    I saw the blondies, sound amazing!
    Huggs. gloria

  13. One more thing Betsy, from Huckabee show tonight. His guest Emily Colson has written book titled Dancing With Max....take a look at her website...
    Fascinating .....:)Dee Dee

  14. DeeDee ~ ok...great! I'll check that out, too! Thanks so much!

  15. Love your new dishes....

    So sorry Alex is having such trouble!!!!

    I found a darling little glass dish with scallops around the edges for 50 cents at the Trift Store, and it makes eating my yogert so fun.

  16. Wanda ~ don't you just love little things like that? Living a beautiful life in the smallest of ways can bring a smile. Love that. Your little dish sounds lovely. I would have bought it, too!

  17. My mom's best set of dishes were of that company. She had some silver decorations around some rose relief, Virginia Rose. I think they are at least sixty years old or more. I like the plate.

  18. 1. SCORE!!!!
    2. Bonus score!
    3. Love the AC!!
    4. :( !!!
    5. Yea for Spencer!!
    6. Eeekkk...scary!
    7. Blondies, not for Pat,
    He might get really fat!

  19. Christine ~
    I know...big score. :) We don't always have the opportunity to do that, so that was especially fun.

    A fat Pat
    what a sight, that.
    Maybe even his cat
    would turn fat!
    Maybe a little sugar would make him sweeter
    and a little neater.

  20. Sweeter? Neater?
    Pat is a diet cheater.

  21. Yes,
    sweet he does not want to be.
    and to taste it would make him flee.


    oh, he's going to get us good when he comes to read.
    just beware when he takes the lead!

  22. yay on the weight loss spencer! way to score on the dishes too...and it is smoking hot here...humid...ugh...

  23. Brian ~ I know! I'm so thrilled with Spencer! :)

  24. Christine ~ I'm sending him to your blog. I needs to do some rhyming havoc over there. lol....

  25. He's been there once or twice.
    He wasn't very nice.

    He's better off right here.
    You can keep him near.

  26. Christine ~

    oh great, he gets to stay
    because nice he wouldn't play
    I can hear him snickering now
    reading these comments and taking a bow.

  27. Well I don't think I can get much neater
    But I've been known to be a cheater
    As for sweeter screw that
    Doesn't work for Pat or the cat
    Oh I love the mean recognition though
    That is a delight you know
    The taste of such things
    Would make me grow wings
    And then I'd fly up high
    And drop some things from the sky
    What could they be
    I wouldn't recommend looking up to see
    And that is all from me
    As I snicker away with such glee

  28. Well, look who appeared
    just in time to jeer.

  29. Blondies,
    Brownies or and other "ies",
    Way to much for Pat... please!

  30. Christine ~

    We'll eat the sugar treats
    since you are what you eat
    and we want to be sweet
    it will balance out the others
    who don't want to bother.

    ok..off to bed I go
    I'm tired, don't you know
    and it's late here
    tomorrow I'll give another cheer!

  31. So envious of the dishes. Not that there's a need, but love the old ones, too!
    I've been taking some things to the barn for the coons, hoping to keep them out of the trash, not working, they like both!

  32. I'm over via Karen's BBQ party. I love auctions! I haven't been to one in years because I live overseas and Asians just haven't gotten into that. =)

  33. Oh, Betsy! I would have so been scrambling for those dishes and Mason jars!! I love. love. love. both!! And, I can so relate to Spencer's longing look at the fridge. I've been on a diet myself. Sounds like he is doing great though! Hope you get the pill-throwing-up figured out soon. I it has to be hard trying to figure out exactly how to handle that. Have a great Labor Day! blessings ~ tanna

  34. tanna ~ I know! Wasn't like I could leave them for the trash, right? ha.

  35. Hi Betsy .. thanks for calling over and saying hi round the BBQ .. good to meet you and your 5 men and cat, and anti-raccoon .. et al .. and Steve the auction man -he sounds nice .. especially with the goodies you were able to pick up - seems a good idea.

    The main thing is I hope Alex' medication gets sorted .. or he gets a sweetie to go with it .. a tablespoon of sugar makes the medicine go down .. ?

    Cheers for now - Hilary

  36. What a fun blog! I can identify-- I had 8 sons, and then you add their friends who were always over and I too was surrounded by men! I have such a soft spot for little boys!

    Thanks for stopping by my BBQ, hope you are enjoying it and meeting lots of new people. I am your 490th follower, yay!!


  37. Love the dish pattern Betsy. Heat has that effect on me too. I had a problem with my son taking pills, there was not an easy answer. Hope yours will sort themselves out fast.

  38. What a lovely scene. So lush and green. It is our 'orange' season here in Cyprus. Not the fruit but the ground.

    How wonderful to get pretty white plates. I love white. In fact all of mine are white when I think about it! LOL.

    Glad your cat is doing OK. And your boy is good not to give into the cheese. It is my downfall.

  39. love your new dishes, and your other finds sound great.

  40. Hi Betsy! It's nice to meet you! Thanks for visiting from Karen's party. Those white dishes look absolutely perfect! I've been looking for dishes for food photos and love those!

  41. Hi Betsy! Thanks so much for stopping by my blog and following. :) I read up on some of your past posts, and you've got such an interesting blog yourself! Your boys (men) are cute! I'll be following along. :)

  42. I love finding goodies other people left behind. We were recently scavenging for a mosaic we were doing on the front of a store in our town and people were bring us antique dishes that were broken and chipped but they were too precious to them to throw out. We embedded them into the front of this store where they will be there forever (or close enough to forever for our lifetimes). It was really precious to see how happy they were to see these little items bring an old storefront to life.

    I wandered over from the BBQ to say hi. :)

  43. Thanks for stopping by, Betsy, and leaving such a lovely comment. I'm very happy to follow you. And you're close to 500, yay!

    Love those dishes! And please give Marmalade a hug. What a scared little soul he must've been. I melt when a kitty purrs.

  44. Kittie, Wendy, Shelley, Colette and Glynis ~ thanks ladies for stopping by! I enjoyed meeting you on your blogs today, too! Karen had a great idea, didn't she?

  45. I love your new dishes... almost as much as I love blondies and blue mason jars!

    Hugs to you regarding the vomit...

  46. Stopping by from over at Karen's BBQ! Nice to meet you! Sounds like you have a full house! Haha- I have a full house, too, only mine consists of cats and dogs and not kids! I'm looking forward to reading your posts in the coming days!

  47. My Husband loves auctions. He is the guy who waits until everyone else is through bidding and then buys whatever boxes are left for a dollar or two. We have found some great treasures. Some I've kept and some I sold on ebay. Sometimes he comes home with a whole pick-up load of boxes and we have a great time going through everything.

  48. Betty ~ they are fun! I'm usually busy working the auctions and don't do any bidding, but I see those box lots go by and think, "I wouldn't mind having that!" :)

  49. these dishes are a great find, and free??? wow!! i have white dishes with gold trim and i love them food looks great in them. my other dishes draw too much attention i now realize...

  50. Thanks for posting the link to this recipe, it looks great!

    Followed you here from Karen's BBQ - lovely to meet you :)

  51. Marmalade was basking on Mom's deck Sunday afternoon...such a cutie!

  52. I love the china, I used to have a tea cup with that design....do you have any other info other than "Heirloom", like an ID number? I have my grandma's Homer Laughlin china and I love it...

  53. Janet ~ All it says is Homer Laughlin and "Hudson". Sorry...I said Heirloom before...I've corrected the post. Must not have had my contacts in when I read that the first time! ha. No serial number, but maybe "Hudson" will help you.


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