Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Labor Day Fun

Labor Day is a big deal in Cedarville, Ohio. Senator Kyle, the founder of Labor Day was born here in our little village. We have a 3 day long celebration! Today we went to the parade.
So typical Midwestern small town America. :)
  1. Walking to the center of town. The boys know the way. It was hard to keep up!
  2. Little Mr. and Miss Cedar-fest. She really had 'the wave' down pat. lol...
  3. Our high school band. Jill's oldest, is right there closest to the camera! I used to change his diapers. Gosh, where does the time go?
  4. Rows and rows of firetrucks.
  5. Proud retired military men.
  6. Horse-drawn carriages.
  7. Collecting candy thrown to the crowd. Spencer, for the first time, gathered some up! He actually tried to take a candy giver's basket from him! He still only wanted red suckers though.
  8. Harry, enjoying himself.
  9. I bet he's proud his uniform still fits! The camouflage jeep was cool, too.
  10. Earl and Betty always have their 1936 sign and old tractor in the parades.
  11. Old cars are fun to see.
  12. Harry lucked out and got a strawberry Blow Pop. His favorite!
  13. Civil War reenactors. They even fired their muskets right in front of us. Good thing the guys wore their headsets. :)
  14. Was so happy to see the boys really watching the parade and enjoying it. They usually cower from the loud sounds and don't even watch!
  15. A piece of steel from the World Trade Center even made it to Cedarville.
  16. Flagmen marching.

We're off to see fireworks tonight.

It's chilly here today...30 degrees colder than 2 days ago!

Hope you had a lovely weekend!


  1. So nice to see your boys enjoying this. It is colder here too in KY, but I am enjoying the change. Have a great week.

  2. Oh Betsy - HOW FUN! I just LOVE your pretty collage and tags! Thanks for sharing - hope you're keeping warm tonight. I'm having a yard sale in two weeks and sure hope it warms up a tad before then. Thinking of you....XO

  3. Had a wonderful week end camping! Labor Day looks fun in your town!

  4. So glad you had a great day! The boys look like they were enjoying themselves. I am glad they have the ear muffs.

    And my question: is that the city of Cedarville where they have Cedarville College that I believe is a Christian university?

    Have a happy day! :)

  5. Marsha ~ a yard sale sounds fun! Cooler weather might be better than hot...but we could be having Indian Summer by then! Let's just hope for sun and no rain! :)

  6. nice...wish we had a parade...we had a whole lot of nothing around here...

  7. Shari ~ yes, Cedarville University is here. The Mister and I are alumni and Taylor is a junior there now! :)

  8. Brian ~ well, that's how July 4th is here! lol.... it's all saved for Labor Day.

  9. Yep a whole lot of nothing here too
    Sad but true
    Oh well I got a paid day off
    So I will not scoff
    You're little mayberry area goes right to ummm town
    Surely has labor day down
    Hopefully the fireworks are fun to see
    And not at all crappy

  10. Happy Labor Day, this is a great collage of photographs. Thanks for taking us to such a great parade Betsy.

  11. Pat ~ the fireworks are really good
    as at the birthplace of Labor Day they should
    I think they hit the end of summer sales
    and buy up the best without fail.

    Can't complain about a day off work
    you didn't even have to sneak to lurk!
    But tomorrow is a different story
    you'll have enough boredom to fill a lorry!

  12. Betsy, this post was the cherry on top of my Labor Day sundae!!

  13. What a fun filled Labor Day. Love those hometown parades. We have one 4th of July.

    The boys look so happy..how nice they really enjoyed the parade this year.

    My Labor day: Breakfast for Aunt Trula, My group exercise class, a trip to the Dollar Store..and had a gift card for Macy's so bought some perfume, and got a cute little makeup bag filled with nice cosmetics. Perfect timing for our trip this weekend.

  14. What a fantastic was to celebrate the weekend! Really happy your boys enjoyed it so much this time!

  15. Yes and even worse I have to work at night
    That is just a fright
    Maybe tomorrow will never come
    So I can still sit around on my little rhyming bum..haha

  16. what a great post,, I'm glad your boys enjoyed them selves,, I know loud noises and crowds have a bad effect sometimes, my 11 yearold niece is very sensitive to loud noise and bright lights, Walmart is a big no no, what great day you had.

  17. Wanda ~ your day sounded very fun! I love those little goodie bags you get for a purchase at the cosmetic counter!

  18. laurie ~ one of our boys can't go into Lowes of all places. I think the florescent lights made a buzz. He just cries!

  19. it was a great FOUR days weekend for me!!! i took friday off as well...

    looks like you all had fun!!
    back to work tomorrow though...
    i need to get back to bed to be in shape tomorrow, after all of this free time!!

  20. What a great Labor Day celebration--and fireworks tonight--can't beat that!! And, how nice to see cooler temps --we went from 105 to down to the 50's in just a few days. Now, if it would only rain. Mickie :)

  21. Hi Betsy .. hope you enjoyed the fireworks and loved the photomontage .. great to see - cheers Hilary

  22. My first time on you lovely blog!! Happy Labor Day!! The parade looked like such fun with everyone having a great time! Enjoy the fireworks! Take care

  23. Fun times!! So glad the boys were enjoying the festivities!!

  24. This looks like a lot of fun! Labor Day here was threatening rain all day!

  25. I'm so glad you had a lot of fun at the parade and I hope you had a good time watching the fireworks!

  26. sounds like it was a lovely weekend! So glad the boys enjoyed the parade.

  27. I love these posts, it is so much fun seeing the pictures and your commentary.;)
    I love horse drawn carriages, glad you had a great day,

  28. AAAAAwwww Betsy! I am SO glad the guys had so much fun! WOW the candy was CAH-RAZZZZY!

    You got Nate! LOVE the band! I will show him your photo collage with HIM in it! GOOO INDIANS!

  29. A little History with your post. Thanks Senator Kyle!

    The guys look great! All Smiles!

  30. Lady ~ I just knew you'd like that one! :)

  31. Jill ~ I'm sure the band was so happy it was chilly outside with those uniforms on!

  32. It looks like everyone had a fun time. It sounds like a lot of progress to hear that the boys were really watching what was going on during the parade. I hope they enjoyed the fireworks as well.

    Still over 100 degrees here and will only cool down about 12 degrees next week. We will take that any day.

    Stayed in bed all day yesterday and most of last week trying to fight this URI on my own. Trying to stay off of antibiotics because there are not many left that actually work for me. Plus I seem to have allergic reactions to these new super duper ones they now have. I am not sure if they are synthetic or natural, either way I react with redness, itching, and a rash. Not enough for the doc to worry about because they work to fight the infection, but I worry about it. So I am trying to fight this infection on my own.

    Can't wait for summer to be over and for fall weather. Love that cool weather.

    God bless.


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