Thursday, July 28, 2011

What I Did Wednesday #4

  1. Noticed the pretty morning light on my desk.
  2. Watched kittens from the window chasing a butterfly.
  3. Picked tomatoes from the garden.
  4. Filled The Mister's peanut jar.
  5. Swept the walk ways.
  6. Sliced a watermelon.
  7. Watched after boys.
  8. Put on my tennies and got on the treadmill.
  9. Found corn cobs in my bathroom sink, complements of Alex.
  10. Noticed some lacy mushrooms.
  11. Worked in the garden.
  12. Played with Mustache. Ooops! He got the camera!
  13. Started my grocery list.
  14. Washed a bowl of bing cherries.
  15. Snacked on a handful of pistachios.
  16. Enjoyed a Diet Coke while answering some emails.
  17. Watered the flowers outside that don't get the rain.
  18. Made a black bean salad with a lime, cumin and cilantro dressing.


  1. i love reading this...and ya know what ? we did ALOT of the same things today, my friend

    kary and teddy

  2. I had to smile at number nine. What was he putting corn cobs there for?

  3. Rebecca ~ he thinks all sinks are equivalent to the kitchen sink. I often find his dishes in my sink, too. lol...

  4. That makes sense!! Maybe if I put MY dirty dishes in a different sink someone else would wash them for me. :)

  5. Rebecca ~ don't hold your breath! But if it works, let me know! haha.

  6. I also laughed at number 9! Reminded me about your post about your dishcloth always being moved. Has that been resolved? Your boys are so cute.

  7. Jill ~ oh, no...the dishcloths are still being thrown in the left side sink multiple times a day! lol...

  8. corn cobs in the bathroom sink...there is so much i could say here but...smiles...overall a good day eh?

  9. I love these posts. I'm starting to look very closely at each picture and try to figure out what you will say about each picture.
    Today, when I came across #9, my eyebrows went up and I let out a soft sigh...then I cheated and peeked at what you said about it.
    Alex has me puzzled but I sure you feel the same.
    Betsy, your summer has kept me entertained.

  10. What a lovely day... Still smiling at the corn cobs in the sink. Love cherries and actually bought some fresh ones yesterday for myself to enjoy. It's one thing I know the boys won't devour on me, they're not fond of cherries.
    That salad looks delicioso!! A nice fresh summery salad.

  11. Brian ~ just a typical day here...lol...

  12. You know, Christine...that reminds me that Rebcecca said I should let you guess and I forgot to do that. But you have a good idea...just look and guess before reading the list! You would have never guessed #9 I'm afraid. Well, maybe if you clicked and enlarged it. ha.

  13. My mind went in the same direction as Brian's I suspect...

  14. Silver ~ you guys...tell me you're joking. Geesh!

  15. Wow, another busy Wednesday. I too did many of the things you mentioned...one of these days I'm going to figure out how to do your collage. Guess I'm not very savy, cause I didn't understand the website you gave me.

    That's OK, cause I'd rather see and read yours than make my own.

    Love ya.

  16. Wanda ~ Oh, I'm sorry. Go here...and click the download butten. Is that the same thing you tried?


  17. thats a lovely list,, good day,,I washed cherries today,,aren't they good right now!

  18. After Silver and Brian there I will not go
    This one is always fun to see at your show
    Of course you had to get that recipe link in there
    But I guess a link I can bear..haha
    Lots of other food pics though
    Nothing I eat that you know.haha
    Isn't it fun when you try to take a picture of the cat
    And you forget about the strings and he grabs at them like that
    Makes it harder to do
    Guess you need a butterfly around to keep them amused while pictures are taken by you..haha

  19. My daughter sticks gum all around the house...gross. So, the corn cobs did give me a nice chuckle.

  20. Pat ~

    next Wednesday I'm including a picture just for you!
    Something you like, it is true!

    Yes, I forgot I was swinging the lens cap
    as it was hanging there teasing Mustache!

    Fun to take pictures of my day
    Makes it seem more special that way!

  21. Oh a surprise for me
    But I have to wait a whole week to see
    Oh the suspense
    My head is getting dense
    As thoughts are filling it
    I could pop a vein or have a fit..lol

  22. Pat ~ Don't pop a vein..
    just pop a pill
    and practice patience if you will.

  23. You're tiring us all out, Woman! But I'm glad to see that you make time in your day to enjoy life's little pleasures.

  24. Busy day.....................
    Regards from France,


  25. Love the cobs in the sink and cannot figure out where the guys were going with this one. I guess that my mind is not in the sink. LOL

    Looks like you had a fine day.

    Those cherries look yummy, along with the salad. You make such a variety of foods and I thank you so much for sharing the recipes with us.

    God bless.

  26. What fun!! I guess I am wondering like everyone else, how the heck did corn cobs get into the sink?? Ha!!
    Loved all the picks

  27. How can you do all that and still have "Thinking" listed on your side-bar as one of the things you did today. I hardly have time to think about thinking. You, as I have said oft times before, are a wonder.

  28. The corn cobs in the bathroom sink was too funny! I 'thought' I was seeing that right. Bless YOU

  29. The corn cobs in the bathroom sink was too funny! I 'thought' I was seeing that right. Bless YOU

  30. Some many beautiful, ordinary miracles... with a few extraordinary ones mixed in {corn cobs in the bathroom????}! Life is beautiful!

  31. that salad loks amazing. yum. your garden looks so good too--Ididn;t realise you had that kind of layout back there. so good adn healthy for the kids to get fresh grown produce.

    All your pics are great. lot so beuaty around you.

  32. That corn in the bathroom sink jumped out at me! I knew it had to be Alex before I read the text, but I'm wondering why he didn't pick the trash can since he loves to throw everything away.

  33. Good question, Kayren! Especially since he knows they would go in the trash in the kitchen and not the sink. If he could talk, I'd ask him! ha.

  34. Yet another busy day for you. I love how you put it all in pictures. I'm gonna have to try it. First, I have to find the camera. lol

  35. AmyLK ~ yes, you should do it! I'd love to see yours!

  36. I really enjoy reading these Betsy! The corncob in the sink cracked me up.

  37. Ooooooooo, the black bean salad is SO enticing Betsy! Think I will do that this weekend! Good Wednesday!

  38. Jill ~ you will love it! We just finished ours up for dinner tonight!

  39. Bette ~ thanks dear. Always nice to see you here! :)

  40. Crumbs! Betsy. You were busy!!
    I was a bit confused when I read, "Played with Moustache" - at first I read it as, "Played with my moustache!" LOL Do you ever sit in a chair doing nothing? Neither do I!! . . . with Mrs Bluelights about LOL.

  41. Eddie ~ you are a hoot. No, thankfully, I have no facial hair! lol....

  42. Your day sounded so much better than mine. :)

  43. That black bean salad looks yummy....I'm hungry. Time to find myself some lunch.


  45. Hey, Tickle ~ that's what the link is for! Hope you love it as much as we do! :)


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