Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Happy Thoughts

bees in zucchini blossom 7-26-11
  1. A tiny break in the weather with the heat index at 88 today instead of the 115 we had last week.
  2. Continued rain a few times a week so I haven't had to water the garden.
  3. Laughing at little Tiger who had the hiccups, and also at his antics of trying to attack my ponytail.
  4. As The Mister was in the shower the other morning, Alex came in and took his spot in our bed while I was still asleep. A while later he was asleep himself and letting out loud giggles during an apparently hilarious dream. An amusing way for me to wake up.
  5. Fresh veggies from the garden.
  6. Grace, forgiveness, love and laughter with my dearest friend.
  7. A very smooth summer so far with the boys. They are happy, and that is most important.
  8. Forty five minutes alone this morning with coffee and silence before the 4 boys woke up. So very unual as they are usually up before the sun.
  9. Loving the relationship my oldest and I have. Love how he chats if he comes home for lunch. Love the spontaneous and unsolicited thank yous he gives. Love his sense of humor.
  10. We've had the most amazing skies lately..huge clouds, beautiful sunsets.


  1. Love the relationship you have with your boys. I'm glad your summer is going to well.

  2. It seems like all of my boys started acting like civilized adults about the time they turned 21. Isn't that about how old Taylor is?

  3. He turned 20 on July 2nd, so yes..close! I always teased him when he was in those middle school years that he was going to be a fine young man when he grew up! He would roll his eyes back then. ha.

  4. All really great Happy Thoughts.
    Especially, #4, #8 & #9!

  5. Awww two posts in one day
    And all nice and sweet with the second at your way
    It is quite funny when they get the hiccups to
    Sounds like some other animal from the zoo
    You tease too
    Guess all moms do
    But I can tease back so well
    So what the hell..haha

  6. Christine ~ those were some of my favorites, too! It's been a rough couple of weeks. Counting blessings is such a nice way to recover. :)

  7. Pat ~ I've never heard a cat with hiccups before!
    My two pet cats never had them on their whole 18 year tour!
    So it was quite funny to me
    to hear that chirping in his belly!

  8. I heard it more as a hairball/hiccup/drink to fast
    yes the noises are vast
    Although they do hiccup in their sleep
    I whole heap
    Guess it's just a bunch of noises I hear that they make
    Of course around 16 cats noises they sure can bake

  9. Pat ~
    Well this wasn't a hairball
    that wouldn't have been so adorable.
    This was little hiccups in his tummy that shook the rest
    like he needed to hold his breath.
    16 noises from 2 cats?
    OK, I want a post on that!

  10. I do like happy thoughts! and so glad you are having a good summer.

  11. You have the best attitude. Glad to hear the summer is going well with the boys.

  12. Indeed these are happy thoughts. Wishing you many more before the summer is over...seems like smooth sailing this week.

  13. I'll add it to my things to do
    Orlin makes the most it's true
    Today his tail puffed up five times the size it normally is
    Because he was scared by some other household cat biz..haha

  14. Pat ~ Cass and Orlin are going to be glad to get home
    Where they are king and queen in no matter which room they roam!
    Hope you're taking lots of pics
    and video too, just for kicks.

  15. How lovely to read about your lovely days...Lovely Betsy. =)

  16. Marsha ~ you are so sweet. Thank you. xo

  17. Thanks for sharing your life..I think so highly of you. (My Speed Queens came today and I did a whole bunch of laundry....love them. They fill up with water and wash well and I am so amazed at how quiet they both are..love them!) :D

  18. One could envy you and your five men. With all the frustrations and difficulties you have on a daily basis... your happy thouhts just warm my heart, and I love when we can have really meaningful conversations with our adult children.

    Also had a big smile thinking of Alex crawling in bed with you and falling asleep.

  19. nice...life sounds rather grand...great on the 45 minutes...and glad to hear that the summer is going so smooth...also on the relationship with the oldest...very cool...great stuff betsy...

  20. Thanks, Wanda...I'm happy to be giving happy thoughts again! :)
    What is it with kids always thinking mom and dad's bed is best? lol....

  21. all wonderfully happy thoughts! You are an inspiration, ya know...

  22. Brian ~ well, grand in the little moments, yes. Tomorrow is another day. ha.

  23. I love the part of waking up to the laughter of a child having a great dream.

    Sometimes while holding baby granddaughter, she just starts smiling and almost laughing. When that happens, I just want to snuggle her so close to my heart.

    Even my older grandchildren still crawl into bed with me when hubby goes to work. I wake up and see them sleeping there, and feel so blessed to have them still doing that. Summer visits are wonderful. Sadly school starts again in a few weeks. I will miss them, but then I am also glad to send them home.

    God bless.

  24. You know, I have had 4 ladies tell me that they have the Fisher & Paykal (?) anyway, they said they were quite expensive and not good at all. There are so many bells and whistles on all these new designs..just a lot to burn out and costly to fix and the warranties are a joke!
    The Speed Queen's actually fill with water and clean very well, best out there. I got (AWN432) and the second from the top in the dryer. There are so many regulations now and they are about to hit all of them so I'd get one very soon...good luck! :D

  25. Love those kinds of conversations with the children. When they get it...when they get us and we get them!! Congrats and may your summer continue to be special!!

  26. Such a lovely bunch of happy thoughts sweet Betsy. You do such a great job of putting everything into perspective, bless you.
    Millie x

  27. Never mind the amazing skies you have : you have the most amazing family (yourself included)

  28. Alan ~ I need to add you to my list. You make me happy, too!

  29. Julie ~ thanks, dear...I'm going to look those up! I agree with the bells and whistles, too!

  30. MrsU ~ aw, that's cute! Without the autism, I'm sure Alex wouldn't be doing that at 17 years of age, but he thinks anyone's bed or couch is an invitation for a nap! ha.

  31. Oh what sweet "happy thoughts' :-)

  32. It sounds like your summer is wonderful! I know just what you mean about the relationship with your Taylor. I am enjoying mine with Cheney and so love having him home for the summer.

  33. I always enjoy your reflection on small but significant happy things! Right on!

  34. Life's simple moments are the most precious : )

  35. I am glad you're summer is going so well!

  36. As it has been said...it's the little things in life that make us happy! I'm so glad your summer is going well!


  37. Just a bit of alone time works wonders......(for me)
    I'm so glad your summer is going well....it will be over soon.

  38. love these all--love too number 3. Ha. That is so wonderful as is the part about Taylor., Makes me happy just thinking about that.

    So glad summer is going smoothly, as you say. You need that with the so few breaks you get! Keep at it! you surely get a gold star.

  39. Betsy, What a nice post. Glad you are having a good summer with your boys. Lots of treasured memories to be had. Mickie :)

  40. #9: you raised him properly. that is your just reward to have such rapport with him now.


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