Friday, July 29, 2011

The Locomotion


  1. Your kitties have been so much fun!! I was reading your "because we live with autism" and I think you are right. He tested the limits and is making progress. Every teen needs to do that;-)

  2. Heather ~ yes, and he was fine the next night...clean teeth and nobody got a slap! haha.

  3. hahaha that was awesome and the song fits
    All lined him stretching their wits
    Almost a straight line too
    They are quite talented in what they can do

  4. Pat ~ yep, all stretched out like a little train
    I couldn't help but add the refrain!

  5. Now that certainly was a different shot! It's a shame they usually lose most (if not all) of that playful instinct as they get older.

  6. Silver ~ I think it helps that they have each other, too. They never run out of inspiration or things to do!

    And just like dogs chasing their own tails
    They will do that without fail.

    oops..in rhyming mode..I blame Pat. hahahaha.

  7. I really love kitty cats...thanks for sharing yours! One can never live long enough to have all the sweet animals they want..at least that is true for me! :D

  8. hahaha rhyming mode I'll take the blame for
    But you have to take the blame for something at your shore
    As since I came here that damn song has been stuck in my head
    Causing me dread..lol

  9. you got to swing your hips now...ha did not even need to listen to know this one...cute pic...looks like they are having a lot of fun

  10. Pat ~ hahaha
    I'm just getting you back
    for your theme song attack
    which I sang for endless days
    I know it from memory now with no haze.

    If the Locomotion is stuck in your head
    you might as well dance it on top of your bed.
    The cats will think you're a loon
    as you dance and sing that tune!

  11. hahaha I just wanted you to know all the words
    So you could teach all the birds
    At your zoo
    And they could spread it around too..haha

    I think Orlin would have a fit
    The ceiling he might jump and hit
    If I did that
    As I'd look like a loon to Cassie Cat
    She'd sit and watch the whole time
    Orlin would run and hide if a did that to the locomotion chime..haha

  12. Pat ~ well, if you ever decide to do it for real
    please make sure your camera is on the video reel
    because what a funny post it would make
    as cats watching, their heads did shake
    but don't bump your head on the ceiling
    or you'll have to do some healing

  13. Nice touch with the YouTube song.
    I listen to it three times.

  14. Sweet little kitty cats. A great song too, I'm probably going to be singing it in my head all day long now!

  15. I wonder if Little Eva ever became Big Eva? Little kittens become big cats, after all.

  16. Those kitties are too cute and full of character.

    I remember when we were kids and we used to sing that song in the car. I looked it up and saw it was a recording from Shindig, a show that we used to watch. We loved to imitate the dancers from that show and it was a favorite. Got me to thinking about when we got our first "color" TV. Geez, how times have changed.

    God bless.

  17. Alan ~ what a great question! I looked her up in wiki. She lived to be 59 years old and was a singer her whole life. Died of cancer in 2001. Isn't she a cutie in the video?

  18. Christine ~ me, too! Now it's officially stuck in my head! ha.

  19. This photo is purrrrfect for your train loving family!

  20. A train of kittens...which end is the caboose? Happy Friday!

  21. They are so cute! My sisters and I used to listen to this song and do the locomotion dance. Thanks for the fun memories : )

  22. Kitty train. :) you have some entertaining kitties.

  23. they are adorable.....

    i guess you kept them..i hope so...

    god bless you for taking care of them, my friend

    kary and teddy

  24. Love that song - and love the pic. Those kittens have really adopted you.

  25. Love the locomotion song and loved the kittens :)

  26. Those kittens have sure grown up fast. They always have such wonderful antics that they can pull.


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