Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Random Thoughts

There was a little mishap with the garage door!

I didn't do it! Taylor didn't do it!

that leaves only one other driver in our family!

  1. We had severe storms in the night with the loudest thunder and lowest lightening we had ever experienced. And we're used to severe weather here in the Midwest! One particularly loud lightening strike literally raised us out of bed! It seemed to have hit right outside our window. I commented that it sounded like it hit a house it was so low! Sure enough, 2 of our neighbor's homes were hit! One had an attic fire as a result. We were without power for about 3 hours this afternoon while repairs were made.
  2. While the power was out, The Mister ran home to change into a suit and tie for a meeting he was to attend. He said he was going to take my jeep and left through the garage, only to come back in a minute later. With the power off, the garage door did not raise completely and he crumpled the bottom panel with the luggage rack as he tried to leave. Taylor and I commented that we are SO glad he did the damage and not one of us! He's so much easier on himself, you know. lol. Funny thing, when he got to his meeting he called me to say, "Don't go taking pictures of that garage door and posting them on your blog!" Ha ha! Shh, don't tell! :)
  3. The boys, being the electronic junkies that they are, did great with the power outage It was all thanks to their new laptops and the battery usage. After a couple of hours, Spencer asked for the internet and actually looked like he understood when I expained the situation. He even tried a light switch and said "On". When it finally did come on, I said, "Spencer! The power is back on!" And he said, "On! Good!" Yay...loved that little two way conversation!
  4. The weather is amazingly hot and humid! 106 with the heat index! I'm so thankful for air conditioning!
  5. I must have picked up a spider on my yoga pants the other day when I was outside. A few minutes later as I was in the kitchen, I felt a bite like a bee sting on the inside on my thigh. I brushed off the area, looked around and couldn't find anything. This happened a couple more times! Wouldn't you know that this spider bit me 5 times before I finally took off the pants and shook them out. Don't worry...I made sure the window blind was down first...just in case Mr. Neighbor Man was lurking too close to the window again! ha ha. I had 5 itchy, sore bites in the space of about three inches. And I really looked funny after getting bandaids on all of them to go along with the ones covered with mosquito bites. I think this is the first time ever that I've had more bandaids on me than my boys! Come to think of it, maybe that big web in my yard was to catch me, as revenge from spider relatives. lol!!!
  6. And I knew this before, but it has become evident again, that nobody spills food on a dirty kitchen floor. Spills always happen right after you mop! The same thing goes for the rug at the kitchen sink. Dirty? Nothing happens. Fresh and fluffy from the dryer...big spills. lol!

I hope your week is going well!

It's only Tuesday! hahaha!


  1. Oh no! Our garage door had a similar experience a few years ago, and it was the Mister in our case too.
    Youch on the spider bites!

  2. What did we ever do without air conditioning .. my plane leaves very early tomorrow morning. I love my relatives, but dread the weather. It was in the high 30s when I awakened this morning with a very soft rain throughout the night ... ahhhh. Hoping you and your men get a weather reprieve soon .........

  3. Hi! Betsy...
    I hope that your husband is okay and that your garage/car is insured?!? against mishaps such as this and I'm so sorry to read about your spider bite...yikes!
    Now, when it comes to Mister Neighbor guy...lol
    Thanks, for sharing...I think?!?
    deedee :-/

  4. Helen ~ High 30's? Oh my...you are in for a culture shock! You'll jump up 60 degrees! haha. Enjoy!

  5. too bad about the gargae door,, I know those little bits of conversation with your childrem mean alot.Our niece has Autism and she normally speaks as the third person (is that right) her name is Gloria,, she always says things like, "Gloria eat now, or Gloria tired), Gloria happy.When she says more than three words we are over the moon!Sorry to hear about the spider bite,, I had the very same thing happen a couple of weeks ago,, I must have picked it up at the park,, bit me only twice though,, you have a good week too!

  6. hahaha that's quite funny he knew you'd post the pictures on your blog
    You just wanted to clear up the fog
    And make sure everyone knew
    It wasn't you..haha
    Maybe the spider didn't like your singing with the spoon
    And bit you as he thought you were a bit of a loon..LOL
    Yeah lightening is no fun
    Damn thing struck right outside my window before and my last computer was done
    Fried and toast
    But I'll take that over an antic fire roast
    Also agree with the dirty remark
    Never fails at all in any park
    Unless you live totally alone, with no one or a pet
    Than clean for a while it'd stay I'd bet
    Sounds like you're having lots of fun
    And the week isn't even half done..haha

  7. laurie ~ oh, I think I'd faint if Spencer said "Spencer eat now" haha. Today was the first for two words together. It was great!

  8. Pat ~

    Oh singing into my spoon mic?
    You think that give it a fright?
    Yes, I only sing when alone
    as it could make others moan!

    But I did get the last laugh
    as his biting days are past.

  9. I'm not sure what part of the Midwest you are in, but we had horrific lightening last night, too. It was lighting up my bedroom every 15 seconds. I didn't know whether to watch it or cower under the blankets! And now the heat. It is supposed to get worse. Ugh!


  10. wow you are having a day--your secret is safe and hope the hubby is ok--it is the crazy weather--just stay inside and watch old movies till this wave passes. best-c

  11. Blondie ~ I'm in Ohio! Yes, it was terrible. The heat is supposed to get worse as the week goes on! Ugh.

  12. CMJ ~ oh yes, he's fine...and so is the jeep, thank goodness! ha.
    Stay inside...yes, I plan to! Stay cool!

  13. You squashed the poor bug
    Why you big thug..lol

  14. Oh laughing....my dearest is always saying as I click the camera....NOT for the blog>>> Like he lost enough weight his pants fell down, and I had the camera. I guess that's for my eyes only.

    Love your random thoughts, Ouch, so sorry about all your bites...it cause you are so darn sweet!

  15. Pat ~ yes, squished!
    you think I'd let him get in a sixth? And see...listen to
    Wanda there...saying I'm sweet over there! :)

  16. Wanda ~ lol...yes, I guess some photos are best kept to yourself.! hahaha. And good for him for getting that skinny!

  17. Maybe you just said dear one too many times
    And it couldn't handle your nice chimes..haha
    Wanda being all nice too
    I have to get out of here before I get all nice like you
    Oh wait that won't happen at all
    So I shouldn't fear a niceness fall..haha

  18. How could he expect you to not share that little mishap with us?! I can relate to the clean floor issue. My office carpet had just been shampooed for the first time in 2 years. The next day I spilled a completely full XL sweet tea all over it. *Sigh*

  19. I am SO with you on the garage door incident!! Much better that the Dad did it!! I love that you are having two way conversations!

  20. Pat ~
    You could be bitten by the niceness bug
    awww...doesn't that give your heartstrings a tug?

    If you can have rhymes that are catchy
    being nice isn't so scratchy!

  21. Heather ~ 2 way conversations!
    We've had two! And they last 2 seconds! lol...Can't wait for another. Although they are very short, I'll take them! ha.

  22. Some severe weather is about to roll our way, so I am hoping we don't lose power. Careful with the spider bites!

  23. Nope heartstrings are still nice and cold
    So the niceness bug has been told
    Not coming here
    Unless needed for a rhyme cheer..lol

  24. Oh, you have had a week already! Your spider in the pants story reminds me of the time when I stood outside saying goodbye to my mom and went to get in my car. Something pressed against my leg and then moved. I was out of those pants so quickly! It was a lizard! Thank heavens it was night time and we live in the country. :)

  25. Pat ~ I could take a mind tour again
    and trade some files with chagrin!
    Replace some rhyming ones
    with ones that are sweet a ton.
    Then laugh as you call people, "Hon"


  26. Magpie ~ omg...a lizard? OH! That is so much worse than a spider! Oh, I can't believe that! Maybe it's because we don't have lizards here in Ohio and I just can't imagine one anywhere, let alone in my pants! ha.

  27. well at least you did not take out the garage door...ugh on the spider bite...got chiggers over the weekend myself...

  28. Brian ~ Chiggars...oh, yuck! I haven't had those since I was a kid. Nail polish works to suffocate them...but you probably already knew that.

  29. Put a new lock on the door to my head
    So that is a path no longer lead
    So no nice thoughts can be exchanged at all
    Plus my head is so big it's become a pretty big wall

    Chiggars never heard of them until now
    really nasty wow

  30. Pat ~

    but you forgot repo girl can pick locks!

    chiggars are bad...they don't bite...just crawl inside and say good night.

  31. Yeah but out of practice you are
    Especailly with the new locks they created above par

  32. Pat ~ oh, I'm up for the challenge!
    Besides, how do you think I got in the first time?
    Maybe I knew the password rhyme?

  33. Oh boy that damaged door looks like it will be expensive to fix!

    Ouchie on the spider bites! Make sure they don't get infected.

    Stay cool!

  34. Pat@Millie ~ I know~ the guy is coming tomorrow, so we shall see. Hopefully he can just replace that last panel.

  35. Ouch, spider bites are the worst. I usually get bit by them in my sleep. Scary creatures. Bummer on the garage door. We've had rain and our garage floods. Tonight we have a flood. Spencer and returning power sounded like a happy time.

  36. Oh,my! So much going on weather-wise etc. in your area. I hope things settle down for you soon.

  37. Betsy-We had heavy storms the other night too. Knocked some of my sweet corn over. Lightning and thunder woke up the dog and the six year old and both ended up in our bed. :) Sorry about the garage door! Your kitchen floor and rug could form a support group with mine. LOL

  38. Glad you were off the hook with the garage door. (-: It's always something!

  39. Rebecca ~ a support group...hahaha...love it!

  40. OH NO the garage door and the lightning! Poor neighbors...Mom said it was a HUGE strike!

    Neighbor man? NO COMMENT. ;)

  41. Sorry to hear about the garage door! I can relate! I drove the car into the garage with the carrier on top. The van was wedged and would not move. We had to let the air out of the tires to get it out! Of course the garage door needed repair (and has never been the same) and our new carrier had a big crack to repair! Hope the rest of your week goes better!

  42. Wow! Sounds like you had an exciting day. lol
    So true . It's like a pair of new shoes. Someone always has to step on a new pair and then everything is ok.

  43. :-(
    Poor garage's door...
    But it's other more important things !
    Greetings from France Betsy...


  44. It's funny that he called you not to blog about it.....he knows you will!!! ha
    Awful getting biten...much less 5 times! Hope they aren't too bad!
    I well remember the just mopped floors and the koolaid spills. Never fails to happen!

  45. 1.That must of being one powerful strom!
    2.Hilarious that The Mister said not to blog about it (still laughing)
    3.Way to go guys!(big smile on my face)
    4.What is up with all this weather?
    I'm wearing a sweater today.
    5.Ouch! Five times? Isn't it funny that the number 5 shows up again?
    5. Blame Murphy, it is he's law.

  46. Christine ~ lol...you crack me up!
    Yes, and The Mister always says that Murphy is his shadow. ha.

    a sweater???

  47. at least your hubby has the power outage as a good reason for the accident.
    Hopefully just the damaged panels can be repaired or replaced.

    my kids tell me not to blog about stuff, but my hubby knows I will probably do it anyway :)

    we are sweltering here too. :(

  48. Oh Betsy - you are such a GREAT story teller...I laughed out loud while reading your delightful post. I promise not to give the slightest 'hint' for the Mister to know what you've done. (He knows you so well doesn't he?) DRAT those stinkin' spiders! Take care of yourself Lady. XO

  49. Happy to put a smile on your face, dear Marsha. :)

  50. Gosh, Betsy, we haven't had a drop of rain and it is like a sauna here. Where are your storms coming from..the south? They sure aren't coming from the west. I complained about the rain earlier this summer but now would be a good time for a little watering!
    Had to laugh about the garage door...I know how that is when 'they' crunch it up..whew!

  51. Kim ~ how could you not have had rain? I can't believe that it has missed you. We have had rain almost every 3rd day or so for weeks. But it is horribly hot and humid. 111 degrees today was the heat index.

    That garage door is getting repaird tomorrow. $290. Ugh.

  52. Well, Ms. bandaid queen there, a dose of humility is always a good things and dented garage doors will certainly prevent keeping up appearances. LOL.

  53. We have a saying here when a mishap befalls us:
    If you can fix it with money then it will be ok.
    It is the other things that take your breath away and leave you feeling helpless.

  54. corners ~ that is so true...and it's already been repaired and forgotten! ha. Those are the easy things, right?


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