Thursday, July 21, 2011

What I Did Wednesday #3

  1. Made the beds.
  2. Refilled the soap dispenser.
  3. Trimmed my bangs, or 'fringe' as Jo calls them.
  4. Found a robin's egg shell.
  5. Chatted with Taylor. Told him that I have to stand on my tip toes to see the top of the refrigerator. Also noted muscles and sun tan. ha.
  6. Met a friend for lunch. A little local place that roasts their own coffee beans.
  7. Picked zucchini, trying to catch them before they are as big as boats!
  8. Cleaned out my purse. Alex was happy to handle all of the trash for me.
  9. Sewed a button back on.
  10. Cheered Alex on to completely unloading the dishwasher alone! He knew where everything went, too! The Mister can't even do that! lol!
  11. Trimmed 60 nails. Thankfully Taylor and The Mister do their own! ha.
  12. Watched Tiger as he tried to figure out how to get to the birds on the roof.
  13. Enjoyed a postcard to Harry and a seed packet to myself from Amy. Thanks, dear!
  14. Cleaned out the parakeets' cage.
  15. Grilled burgers for dinner.
  16. Emptied all of the trash cans.
There really is beauty in the ordinary.
I hope you've had a beautiful day!


  1. #8 & 10: Good thing Alex didn't throw the dishes in the trash... since you've said in the past that he gets carried away sometimes when disposing of things!

  2. Silver ~ so true! He does look for things to throw away...sometimes things that are not trash! :)

  3. hahaha that picture of Tiger is great
    He really wanted that bird on his plate
    I'll bet one day you'll see him on the roof or pretty close
    Snacking a bird, no longer satisfied with a mouse..haha
    Once again sounds like a fun filled day
    Oh and sewing that button back on stood out is so exciting I must say..LOL

  4. Pat ~Oh yeah, the seamstress stuff is a thrill
    better than climbing a hill!
    Tiger has been in the trees as high
    as the roof line.
    I have no doubt some day on the roof he will climb!

  5. I always smile at your collages, it's the ordinary things, that add up to 'life'.

  6. I'm laughing at the picture of you cutting your bangs and snapping the camera. That is a true blogger at work.

    ($290, yes ugh!)

  7. ok trimming ones bangs is hard enough w/o trying to manipulate a camera at the same tome...goodness...

  8. I knew y'all would get a kick out of my hair trimming! lol....

  9. There really is joy in ordinary things.

  10. Next week you should post your pics and we guess what you did. Could be fun ;)......

  11. Jana ~ haha....I might have to do that!

  12. Looks and sounds like a real good day..except for the birdcage part! ;D

  13. Sounds like a very production day! Love each picture and can just feel like I'm following you around.

    I need to clean out my purse!!!!!

    I need to get some new soft soap for my dispenser...thanks for reminded me.

    Wouldn't mind taking some of those zucchini off your hands. Zuccuhini bread with "drizzle".

    Hope you have a good Thursday too.

  14. Wanda ~ I'd love to share some zucchini with you! I told someone today about your idea for a meatloaf baked in a large one! :)

    I'll send Alex over. He'll clean out your purse AND your dishwasher! ha.

  15. This is a fun way to reacord your busy days..a photo diary!

  16. I think this collages are very artistics !
    Regards from France Betsy...


  17. You have to admire someone who can cut their own hair and take a photograph of it at the same time : no doubt whilst also polishing the table and putting the breakfast things away. It takes me all my time to think and breath at the same time.

  18. Oh Betsy that burger looks SO good!! I too trim three other people's fingernails--I wonder if your boys hold still better than "my boys" do. I'm always afraid I'm going to cut them. :(

  19. isn't it amazing what one can find in a purse???? Love this - i love a beautiful, ordinary day, too!

  20. You are so creative (I love this collage idea!) and productive, Betsy!

    Way to go, Alex...what a helpful, young man!

    I sure do wish we lived close, Betsy. So often your "Thinking" the same things I'm thinking...

    (((Big Hugs)))

  21. Rebecca ~ they all hold still just fine except for their ring fingers. Any body that can explain that one I'd appreciate it! ha.

  22. Alan ~ I try, I really try. hahaha

  23. Betsy, I love this post sooo much. Joy in the little things., Its all about perspective. Big Hugs, P.s. the photo collage is terrific!

  24. Our zucchini has been blighted by stink bugs. This really stinks. And your ordinary day is beautiful.

  25. I love your collage.....I can only put 4 pictures on the one from picnik....did you have to join and pay to put that many? I love it!

    Looks like you had a busy day!

  26. I do have picnik, but I did this soley through Picasa, nanny. I don't think I have anything upgraded with them.

  27. I think you surely make the most amazing huge hamburgers ever! yummy. I had to chuckle at number 10. Shoot, I myself forget where stuff goes in my own place but that is in part as I am totally scatter brained-leaving Peanut butter in fridge and Jam where PB goes, etc. LOL.

    Fantastic photos too. Really good.

  28. and, btw, not that he or you care, but, speaking as a designer (LOL) i think Taylor should let his thick hair grown longer. it so suits him that way judging from other snaps you've shown here.

  29. I really enjoy seeing what you do in a day...both visually and verbally. I bet there's a lot more to your day than we see though. ;)

  30. i LOVED this...beauty in the ordinary indeed, my friend

    grilling burgers here tonight

    corn on the cob and beans

    aahhhh summertime

    happy to stop by

    kary and teddy

  31. That little Tiger is so cute. Great snapshot of him.
    60 nails to trim, that's a lot!
    Taylor is a very handsome young fella!
    Love your collage idea!

  32. Well I'm glad you feel beauty in the ordinary, perhaps I should try it then you'd have a collage of me sitting at a workstation all day . . I'm still amazed how much you fit in.

  33. Thats a lot to do .
    I power washed the patio and picked up garbage. The animals fed.The dishes washed and now thinking about what to make for supper.
    Wish it would stop raining so we can enjoy what is supposed to be summer.

  34. Love reading about your day. I marvelled at your scissors and camera juggling act! Adore the grey kitten. Was pleased for Alex doing a great job on the dishwasher. Beauty in the ordinary... so true. (Taylor = ordinary? No, don't think so, not with the muscles and suntan!) Have a good weekend my friend.

  35. scissors/camera/hair, a dangerous combination, you silly silly girl!!


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