Sunday, July 31, 2011

Easy Sweet Corn

Marsha, from The Better Baker, told how she prepares sweet corn
and it looked too easy to be for real! No big pot of boiling water
to heat up your kitchen in the summer? Could this be true?
These ears go into the microwave and steam in their own
husks and are ready to eat in 8 minutes.
They were tender and delicious and perfectly done.
First, take a pair of kitchen shears and cut off the darkened
silk and leaves from the top.
It should look like this. Then peel off layers of husk until you have just a couple layers covering the ears.
Place ears 4 at a time on a wet paper towel.
Microwave on high for 4 minutes.
Turn ears over and cook another 4 minutes.
Look how easy the husk and silk comes off all in one piece!
They are ready to eat!
And if you want to cut it off the cobs, the easiest way is to stand
each ear in the center of a tube pan. Cut from top to bottom and
let the kernels fall into the pan. Rotate the ear and cut until
you have removed all of the kernels. I did this to 4 dozen
ears of Silver King today and put it in the freezer.
Thank you, Marsha!


  1. Sounds pretty CORNY but it looks easy.
    My kind of cooking.

  2. wow,, great idea!!thanks for sharing this,,

  3. that looks easy and good! cutting the kernals off the cob is called shelling.

  4. anonymous ~ thank you! I didn't know that!

  5. This is how I've fixed my corn for years, it is the best and quickest way.
    Good tip on using the bundt pan, they do tend to fall all over the place...

  6. That looks like a really a cool and easy way to cook corn on the cob. I will have to try it, although we usually buy the cobs from Costco and the husks are already removed. I am trying to go to the regular grocery store more often and cut the Costco trips out. I will have to put Cobs on my list.

    Plus that is a neat way to hold the cobs when removing the kernels. Did you know they have a Kernel Cutter at Pampered Chef. It is only $8.00, which I think is a good deal. They sell great stuff.

    God bless.

  7. YUM! I love this time of year, both for the fresh corn now and piles of it in the freezer for the winter months. Thanks for the tip.

  8. Jo~ it was so quick and easy! I wish I'd know about this tip years ago! ha~

  9. What a great way to cook it - thanks!

  10. I do it just like this! It wouldn't have worked as I was raising a big family but for us it is great. :D

  11. Wow a food I actually eat
    Isn't that neat
    I like it in a can though
    As there is less fuss don't you know
    But would peel it off it I had too
    The cob is just a pain to get through
    I'd pop a tooth or something
    And pain that would bring...haha

  12. Pat ~ I wondered if you liked it on the cob
    as I was being the shucking snob!
    I guessed you liked it canned!
    See ~ I've figured you out, isn't that grand?

  13. I love it on the cob, but I have one with braces who can't have it. This is the perfect option!

  14. Kayren ~ Oh, I remember those days! Although he would sneak and eat other things. ha.

  15. Well you did kind of cheat
    As in my head you took a seat..haha

  16. Pat ~So, so true!
    The carrots are canned, too!
    But not the juice
    It's in a jug
    And you do so love to chug-a-lug!

  17. Actually carrots are in a bag
    Guess you hit some mind lag
    Juice is in a huge jug
    Biggest one I can get to fill my mug

  18. Aw, shoot! I missed the carrot file.
    Should have stayed a longer while.
    So you like them crunchy
    and kind of munchy
    Yeah, I remember the jugs being mentioned as heavy
    They probably weigh down your Chevy!
    At least you get a workout bringing in the groceries
    I do that too, but just from sheer quantity. ha.

  19. Yes way way better crunchy
    Mushy and I won't munchy
    Yeah between the jugs and kitty litter
    My muscles sure get bitter..haha
    Sure yours do too
    Tons has to be lifted by you

  20. Pat ~ At least I don't lift boys anymore
    that was a real chore!
    Girlie weights take up the slack
    now that they are too big to ride on my back!

  21. haha that must have been a strain
    and here it comes, did you pop a vein..lol

  22. LOL ~ should have expected that a mile away
    No, they got big gradually
    so piggy back rides were given a lot
    sometimes two at one shot!
    But now they are bigger than me
    so my back is boy free!

  23. this works...we have done it ...i also like it on the grill...mmm...

  24. Brian ~ grilling is a good idea...haven't done that in a long time.

    Should have asked people what their favorite flavored butter is...that would have been fun.

  25. yum. we seem to have a shortage of corn here, nothing in the stores for about a week now. hmmm. looks delish!

  26. Betsy - what a special surprise to find your lovely post! I cried for joy to read it and know you are sold on this unique idea. Love that you added standing the ears on the pan too - I've done that also. And yes, asking for flavors of butter would be a great addition...I have a friend who recently made basil butter and loves it on corn and steaks too. Thank you so much for sharing - how exciting to know I could add a tad of 'ease' to your life. Hugs! XO

  27. Marsha ~ add ease to my life...that's a great way to put it. Can't wait to go back to the farm and get more corn to put in the freezer, too. Thanks, dear. xxoo

  28. I remember doing this years ago but I didn't remember how much time it takes. We have ears on the counter right now ready for cooking.

  29. LD ~ well, tell Mrs. Burgess that you'll do the corn for dinner tonight and surprise her! :)

  30. I, too, have been preparing my corn-on-the-cob this way for years!

  31. What a great idea! Our sweet corn is starting to be ready now. We've enjoyed a few from boiling water but I'll have to try this next time.

  32. Well, Silver,
    Y'all are just smarter than me! :)

  33. Now, now, I certainly wouldn't go so far as to say that...

  34. Oh Betsy I am so glad I ran across your blog....so much for on gal to do, but you do it with grace. Love your blog.

  35. Debbie ~ well, thank you! And I'm so glad you found me, too! :)

  36. My Mom loves to cook her corn on the cob this way too! I'm sure that made things easier, but that was still a lot of trips to the microwave. :)

  37. What great ideas!! Thanks

  38. that is how i do them!! except i wrap each cob in a paper towel for better convection cooking. now bring on the salted butter and let's eat!!

  39. what can I say, you;re brilliant? I'm suprised you did not know this...about the corn that is! Great tip, btw. Ty.

  40. i love the tip about the tube pan! next recipe that calls for cutting the kernels off the cob i'm gonna try it! thanks!!!!

  41. The sweet corn is SO AMAZING this year! I feel like we should eat it EVERY single night!


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