Wednesday, May 25, 2011

The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly #12

Because some days you need more than others,
here's big cup of coffee! Read and laugh with me at some of the
crazy things that have been going on here with my five men...
  1. Our water heater died last month and we replaced it. A week or so ago, The Mister took his morning shower as I sat in bed drinking my coffee. He got out and said the water was cold! Hmmm. First shower of the morning should be extra hot! As I was finishing up my coffee, he walked out to the hall closet to look at the water heater but the wet floor coming from the kitchen caught his eye! He walked in to find the hot water faucet on full blast and both sinks overflowing onto the floor. The entire floor had an inch of water on it! After some CSI work (haha), we concluded that he had heard Alex get up about an hour before we woke up. Yes, we know who it is through a closed bedroom door by the sounds each boy makes and the way they walk! (Alex shuffles) ha. He must have gotten a drink and left the water running. He's done this before but during the day when we can catch it. He's also known for leaving the freezer or refrigerator door open. Ack! So the water ran for over an hour, drained the tank of all hot water and flooded the kitchen! Too bad it was a few days before my new red boots came in the mail. I could have looked really cute with them and my nightie slopping through that water! lol!
  2. Goldenrod is bigger and more potent than ever this year! Huge yellow fields of the stuff! It's a beautiful weed. But I'm SO allergic. Can you double your allergy meds without it killing you? Hope so! I'm doing that plus eye drops and nose spray. And if you have allergies and wear contacts, you know what a yucky combination that is. Oh dear.
  3. Mr. Raccoon (he'll have his own post soon) has adopted our family. Yes, it really has become a regular zoo here! He sits in the window box and eats the bird seed. He sits on the back porch and eats the kitten chow. And he guzzles the water in the bowl for Mama Cat. He is tame! He is not scared of us! And he is bold during the day instead of sneaking around in the dark. He looks at us and continues eating when we yell, clap, or go after him with a broom! But one afternoon this week he nuzzled his way up on the porch while the kittens were there. Mama Cat backed off a minute and let him eat as he's about 3 times as big as her but then he got a little too close to one of her babies! She leaped off a bench onto his back and chased him clear out of the yard! Whoa! What a ruckus! Quite fun to watch and too bad I didn't have my camera handy!
  4. Taylor is taking May Term at the university. Just one class, but it's a 15 week course condensed into 3 weeks. Intense! He's taking Statistics II. They had a test every 3 days or so and he got a D on the first one. He was so discouraged! He studied his little heart out for the second test and got a 100% A+!! He was so proud of it that he put it on the refrigerator. haha. I teased him that he hasn't wanted a test on the frig since he was in about 5th grade! But it does deserve to be there. :) And that was the really good news of the week!
  5. We've had 3 days of sunshine after a month of dark clouds and rain! I don't mind a grey gloomy day as I think they are quite cozy, but it has been wonderful to see the sun. The yard lakes have receded and we are left with lush, green and lots of mosquitoes. lol.
It's always better just to laugh, isn't it? :)
I hope you're having a wonderful week!


  1. I've taken those condensed courses in May and summer terms before. They are crazy! Best of luck to Taylor!

  2. There is never a lack of excitement in your house!
    Good job Taylor!

  3. I'm exhausted just reading this .. congrats to Taylor ~ statistics is one hard college course! I remember my oldest son struggling. The one class he really disliked.

  4. It takes a lot of courage to take stats in a 3 week term. Good job!

  5. I hope one day I will find the frustrations of life as humorous as you do. Of course, it's often easier to laugh in hindsight. Maybe that is your secret.

  6. Martha ~ Well, I always laugh in hindsight but I do try to see the humor in the moment. It's a coping mechanism I suppose. I've also learned that my mood and reaction immediately carries over to the whole family. If I get stressed, they all do, too. If I laugh about it, so do they! ha. Maybe it's like that saying, "If mamma ain't happy, then nobody's happy" lol...

    It probably also helps that I'm not a crier. ha.

  7. Ooh dear, I'm not a fan of floods, you have the patience of Jobe.
    Great job Taylor !
    Be watchful of the raccoon, they can carry Rabies but show no outward signs.
    The beautiful Goldenrod is in full bloom....well not so good for you.
    Grass is green....yah !!

  8. thats one busy house.Lots going on,, just the way it should be.

  9. I started smiling as soon as I saw today's title! I love that Taylor tacked his test paper onto the fridge. It is sort of a "5th grade" thing to do, but he has every right to be proud, as you said!

  10. It is great that you can laugh about this now, but I bet it upset a couple of grown-ups. Good luck the rest of the week.

  11. Silver ~ haha...I know that title makes people think "Uh, oh! This is going to be horribly amusing!" haha.

  12. QMM ~ the only part that was upsetting was that we were starting to feel like at 17, maybe they didn't need quite as much supervision. ha.

  13. QMM ~ well, THAT, plus I was glad I took my shower at night. haha.

  14. Betsy - I was chuckling out loud while I read your post...certainly never a dull moment at your house huh? God sure knew what He was doing when He chose you to be the mama of these special boys! We can choose to become bitter or we can become better...I'm glad you chose the latter. Blessings!!

  15. Marsha ~ bitter or better...that is SO true. I love the way you put that. Enjoy your trip tomorrow, btw. :)

  16. I had a friend who used to feed a raccoon that was in her backyard. Then it was on her deck. Then at her back door with his friends.

    A couple of years later when she moved, she was feeding old bread to a half-dozen critters that would "knock" on her door every night.

  17. Kathy ~ oh my goodness. I have to say the raccoon is welcome to go to the side of the house and eat the birdseed. But I do wish he'd stay off the porch away from us or the kittens. I'll post on him soon...he's HUGE. I think he's eating out of everyone's garbage cans. ha.

  18. nice...i want a raccoon! and even though you reinacted the great flood you made me smile about it...and best wishes on the stat course...i rocked that class in college, one of my favs...

  19. I'll tell Taylor that uncle Brian aced Stats. ha. I forget what Taylor got in Stats I. He must have passed. lol..

  20. These are the things that make life interesting--right? Of course, the disasters are much "funnier" about a week later. You've gotta just "roll with life", take it as it comes, and get a good laugh out of it. Mickie :)

  21. Never a dull moment at your place is there. I had some raccoons in my garage once, at night, they were knocking the jars of juice off the shelf, one..by..one! We didn't get much sleep that night. ;D

  22. Hi! Betsy...
    Wow! What a week in review...Well, almost a week...
    ...My Congratulation! goes out to your son on "acing" his test...Betsy said, "Well, I always laugh in hindsight but I do try to see the humor in the moment. It's a coping mechanism I suppose. I've also learned that my mood and reaction immediately carries over to the whole family. If I get stressed, they all do, too. If I laugh about it, so do they!..."

    Betsy, I guess that is your solution to deal with what ever "problems" life hands you...All I can say is...Wow! when it comes to the Raccoon's story.

    Thanks, for sharing!
    DeeDee ;-D

  23. I always enjoy this peak into your life with all its ups and downs.;))
    One thing is for sure - you must be a very patient woman.;))

  24. Yes! It is much better to laugh!! Especially since we have help every step of the way!!
    Just put one foot in front of the other and move!! Ha!
    Loved this look into your home

  25. OH NO! THE WATER! Aleeeeeeeeeex!! Poor Taylor...what a shock...I think you should leave that test on the fridge indefinitely! I am NOT fond of the raccoons. NOT at all! They get into our cat food and make such MESSES!

    One more thing...it is SO TRUE about that Goldenrod...clearly it thrives in rainy weather...it is everywhere!

  26. Maybe Alex is just indicating he wants a pool
    So he thought testing the kitchen out would be cool
    Oh that would have been funny to see
    The mama kitty making the raccoon flee
    Statistics can be a bit of a pain
    I took both of them but didn't make me pop a vein
    As accounting and numbers you see
    Doesn't bother me
    But condensed into three weeks
    Stress may be bound to have peaks
    Least there wasn't a lack of things to do
    So bored wasn't one thing said by you

  27. Sounds like you have had an "I love Lucy." week. Yes as long as we laugh thing are not that bad. :-)

  28. You have such a good attitude. Seriously, I'm jealous.

  29. I guess Harry and Spencer must have kept themselves busy basking in the sunshine. And staying out of trouble?

  30. I completely believe that you can tell which boy it is by their walk.



  31. Cold water in the morning is a rude awakening...glad it was an easy fix...well, at least one without a plumber! Glad you had water for your coffee. Now that would be a crisis for me...
    Anita Johnson
    Blogger issues with comments? )-:

  32. Jill ~ he got a 92 on the next test so I think he's got the hang of it now! :) Yea!

  33. Tracey ~ who knows what the other two were doing. We were sleeping! ha. Funny to think we were sleeping, then lounging in bed drinking coffee while hell was breaking loose in the kitchen! lol...oh gosh!

  34. I've missed these posts. When we were renovating our kitchen, I came home one afternoon to find my husband and father-in-law baling water off the floor. What a mess... I've felt your pain.

  35. Thanks Christian! I haven't posted one since I was told they were whiney. ha. But I've missed them, too...because they're crazy! And they sum up our lives here so well. lol...

  36. congrats to Taylor for his A+!!

    as for allergies, if you also use drop and other stuff, doubling the meds means actually tripling them, no? be careful.

    but i can relate. i'm also allergic. i fear the moment certain trees in the aera, (don't know what they are), start releasing that white fuzz all over the streets. i nearly collapsed once as i got caught up in a cloud of those.

    all i can say is, don't stick to one single meds; i switch every two weeks, hoping to create enough variations that my body will not get used too much to one to not respond anymore...


  37. So, does Alex get in trouble for that or does that not register with him and how could you discipline him anyway? Tricky1 And stressful too.

    Now, the image of boots and nightie woudl have been too cute. Ha. Maybe the mister coudl have worn them to work? now, that would have been something to see too! LOL.


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