Tuesday, May 24, 2011


Last Thursday I worked an auction! Sometimes the auctions are
inside a nice building with heat/AC, clean bathrooms and sweet
old ladies bidding on Haviland China. Others are ...well, not.
This particular auction was an odd one. The forecast was for rain,
and I was happy to wear my new raincoat and rubber boots!
The first thing I noticed when I drove up to the barn was
how far away the porta-john was! Not that I want them close
like at THIS auction, but a far trek in the rain and you decide
that you'll stop drinking your thermos of coffee. Just sayin'!
Can you see it way out there?
The second thing I noticed was the people. Rip Van Winkle was there! This man was quite comfortable showing his belly. When he stood in front of me as I was sitting at the registration table, I had a really good view of that belly button. lol. It was all my coworker Julie and I could do to keep a straight face. He came and talked to us several times. Good thing my camera has a nice zoom lens so I could snap a picture from my seat inside the barn when he wasn't looking. :) This table of deer and antelope heads was interesting. I didn't notice the bobcat head for the first hour or two! haha. Ack! Then it went up for auction. Oh, my. Look! It has the skin attached. It sold for $80. No, I didn't bid on it. lol... Nugget would not have liked that laying around the house, I am sure! And you remember my coworker Steve, don't you? No skirts here to try on, although he is wearing red again! This time he's holding a shelf with deer hoofs for hooks. You can hang your hats or guns right on them! ha. And look...Steve's a smart guy! He put on his gloves before handling all of that stuff. And can I just say that I really appreciated having my rubber boots, which were promptly disinfected and hosed down upon reaching home. Well, actually, all of me was with a hot, long shower. haha. Next auction is Wednesday and I can happily report that we are back to our regular inside location with antiques and furniture. If anything exciting happens, I'll let you know!


  1. I really enjoy your auction posts. So funny. It's like being at an auction without all the noise. :)

  2. Rebecca ~ they are noisy! And I had a migraine that day and terrible allergies. Ugh. It was an all around yucky day. haha. This week will be better!

  3. Betsy, I can just see you at that auction with all those unique characters ... in your red boots and flowery raincoat!!

  4. Helen ~ are you saying that I didn't fit in? haha. :)

  5. hmmm what to say what to say
    This had to be quite the interesting day
    Should have gave the belly button a poke
    Of course that might have made him choke
    Deer heads and bob cat rugs
    Surprised there wasn't Deliverance mugs
    Throw in a banjo and a little twang
    And you'd have fun as you hang
    Oh it had to be done
    And the port a pottie being that far didn't look fun
    Of course after all the "unique" people there
    That be an even bigger scare
    So yes I'd burn myself in a shower too
    And never ever use that loo

  6. hahaha...so this is the interesting auction...oh my...love that bobcat head...yikes...

  7. yes, there was never a dull moment as there was lots of entertainment to look at. Several women without any teeth, lots of bad smells...lol...didn't want to make too much fun. Oh my.

  8. Pat ~ I put that first picture up just for you, my friend. haha.

  9. Fun. Well, fun and YUCK at the same time. I can just envision that bobcat head in your family room -- PERFECT! I know Steve would have bid on it for you! :)

  10. My family is hooked on the TV series "American Pickers". It's amazing what people already have and what people are still looking for...so much stuff! The belly button would have done me in. LOL!

  11. Oh how funny ~~ love those pictures. What characters, but that belly shot...says it all.

    Can't imagine having a shelf in my home with deer hoofs. To each his own, I guess!

    You are such a optimistic trooper!

  12. Love these pics. Amazing what one can do with animal parts. You have a fun job, I think.

  13. happygirl ~ It is a lot of fun! Very entertaining. I'm really such a priss though...I'd much rather be inside with normal creature comforts. No rain on my hair, hot coffee, running water..you know...basic necessities. haha.

  14. Oh, my. Not the kind of auction you would have attended as a prospective bidder, I'm sure! Maybe they purposely placed the porta john far from the building so the bidders would feel right at home.

    And you're so polite! I would have asked Mr. Belly Button "Did you come here to bid on a larger shirt?"

    @Pat: Loved the "Deliverance" line!

  15. What is it they say... it takes all kinds to make the world go 'round?! Makes for entertaining people watching!

  16. I laughed out loud at the belly dancer. Too funny. I've seen pregnant women walking around looking like that and was embarrassed for them!

  17. I've been to these auctions, all kinds of critters, and some of them with fur on :)
    I prefer the antique and junk ones.
    I confess, I wouldn't have been able to not laugh at the belly display, looks like Larry the Cable Guy !

  18. Jo ~ well, we laughed plenty... after he walked away. I had to bit my lip when he would talk to us and tell myself over and over...just look at his face...DON'T look down!!!! lol...

  19. Oh my, this is more interesting than people watching at the mall!

  20. You placed a port a pottie pic for me
    Really have to squint to see
    Of course never have and never will use one of those
    I'll go off in the woods before I use any of those things whether one or in rows
    Looks like the backwater crowd that wouldn't mind
    If in the woods you took your behind
    Yes Deliverance was my very first thought Fox
    You need to put the guy with the belly button back in the box..lol

  21. Pat ~ Well, easier for you to sneak off to the woods!
    But with the rain and Mr. Belly Button lurking around, I wasn't going to do that. Besides, I would still be spotted with my red coat and boots glowing in the trees!

  22. Silver ~ if there were any larger shirts there, I may have bid on one just to let him have it! :)

    the only clothes I remember were stacks of boxers....seriously. lol. I could hear them being auctioned but didn't even look. oh dear. At that point I thought, WTD is going on here!?

  23. I'm surprised anyone did bid on those!

  24. Yep, went the stack went for a couple of dollars. ha.

  25. I didn't want to know...that's why I didn't look!

  26. This post made me laugh, particularly the pictures. Indeed, some interesting things for sale as well as the customers.;)
    Isn't it just so difficult to keep a straight face when all you want to do is laugh?;)

  27. I have a new ambition in life - to visit one of your auctions.

  28. Hahaha I've never seen so many animal parts outside a butcher's shop! Looks like fun. One loo for all those peeps? Good job I can 'hold on' for about 12 hours!

  29. If you have my blog on your sidebar, I hope you appreciate how thoughtful I was and didn't have the belly button man as the first picture. :)

  30. Baino ~ twelve hours? I could never. You must not drink coffee. haha

  31. Wow, sure a lot of interesting stuff! You never know what you will find at an auction. When the belly guy turned and left did you get the plumber view? LOL :-)

  32. art2cee2 ~ no, thank goodness! haha. Although that has happened before and the guy just kept bending over to look at things that were in boxes on the floor. Oh dear. :)

  33. That was certainly an interesting sale. My neighbor lady was a hoarder and when they had her auction next door there were too many hayracks of things to sell. The auction started early in the morning and it lasted until seven in the evening. Oh so many different items, not like these things though.

  34. wow!!! That must have been a VERY interesting auction!
    The hooves rack really cracked me up!!

  35. Tried to comment yesterday - problems.
    I'm pretty sure that "gentleman" was flirting with you. What a day you could have had...him and the bobcat!

  36. magpie ~ flirting? oh dear. Certainly did NOT work. hahaha

  37. If there weren't any pictures, I never would have believed you had this amazing experience.
    The new owner of that bobcat is a lucky. lucky

  38. What an interesting auction!! Ha! Loved the belly button too!
    I love auctions though...they are always thoroughly entertaining.

  39. so NOT my kind of venue, but nicely captured by you. you made this amusing. something else that's funny is that ladies restroom link... i know girlz who've been in such predicaments...

    i feel for you, ladies!!

  40. When I get old, I want a belly like that too. LOL. Oh dear me.


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