Wednesday, April 27, 2011


Unabashedly sitting where the birds feed
Stealing the peanutS and sunflower seed.
Quick rodent without a chin,
FlUffy tail twitches signals to kin.
Your tail Is also good for balance
As you show off youR talents
Leaping Roof tops so nimble
To tree tops without a trEmble.
Hiding treats in that oLd bird's nest
To savor later after a rest.


  1. I share you care of growing older, too. I think I've come to terms with my son's company in my home until I die, but what then? And, I HATE squirrels.

  2. happygirl ~ exactly. I know I'll never have an empty nest. But I keep saying I need to live forever! ha.

    My squirrel here has stayed all winter into the spring. His newest trick is to scamper on our roof above my desk and leap into the tree. Amusing, even though obnoxious. ha.

  3. I'm not fond of squirrels. They take the food from the bird feeder.
    I'm very fond of birds.
    I put food in the bird feeders for the birds, not squirrels.

  4. Christine ~ me, too...but those pesky squirrels think it's for them!

  5. Our squirrels don't have to get into the feeder - the wrens just splash the seed all over the place so they can eat their fill on the ground. It's really funny to see birds on the feeder & squirrels & birds on the ground all eating together.

  6. Bird-lovers -- those who buy the expensive food for the little feathered buggers, that is -- usually resent squirrels. Just be glad that the squirrels don't eat the birds!

  7. Oh, he's not so bad. But I am glad there aren't 47 of them out there. :)

  8. Claire ~ someone else said that earlier this week. All of you needing glasses like Mr. Toast, I guess. ha. No, I can see an owl silhouette there.

  9. Not your usual acrostic style but nice :)


  10. Have you ever done one in reverse?

    Though "squirrel" could be a toughie...

  11. The cat Saw that and licked his lips
    Between him and Queen Cassie you'd get some tips
    Of one sUre way to end the squirrel menace
    Making hIm pay his penance
    Although Rats they are better then
    Maybe he likes watching you and youR five men
    Heck that onE bird might fight
    AlL puffed up some night

    Look I did the whole squirrel thingy you did
    First time I attempted that bid
    Made me do something new
    Was fun too

    Yes lets find the fountain of youth
    Then never have a rotten tooth..lol

  12. Nice, Pat! I'm quite impressed
    You did that and tried your best!

    Yes, a Grackle could give the squirrel a scare
    She's pierce him with a yellow-eyed stare

    I had 'rat with tail' as one of my lines
    and then it didn't fit with what I was tryin'

    A fountain of youth adventure? I'm in!
    I'd need to win your 100K money so I can eat when I'm 110!

  13. @Subby: I once wrote an acrostic for Betsy where each line ended so that it spelled "B-E-T-S-Y." Or by "reverse," did you mean "L-E-R-R-I-U-Q-S?"

  14. Subs ~ No, haven't done an acrostic in reverse. Immediately thinking a word ending in Q would be a problem. Maybe Iraq. lol...

  15. Silver ~ I remember that! It was very clever, too.

  16. So cute...do they hop over your roof at night and keep you awake, like our possums do?

    Love your poem.

  17. Alaine ~ no, they are mostly on the roof over the kitchen and in the trees around the bird feeder. And I must say I'm so glad we don't have possums on our roof. Although your possums are much cuter than ours! lol.

  18. Betsy - You are just the most creative gal! Love your beautiful new header...and your very nice poem..and squirrel picture. It's all great - take good care.

  19. Well if it ever fills you have a low odds chance
    Meaning everyone should give face it facts a glance..lol

  20. A pleasure going through your beautiful blog
    if you like poetry, I invite you to my blog.
    you have a nice week.

  21. i totally love squirrels...they may be my fav animal...i love to sit on the deck and watch them...

  22. I know they're pests but to be honest I still get a kick out of seeing their acrobatics.

  23. Those are great squirrel pics!

  24. Great pictures, Betsy. We have one very small, I'm thinking very young sneaking into the birdseed. But the birds don't seem to mind him. I think it because he so small.

    We used to have larger ones, but not for months now.

  25. Squirrels are so comical. I love to watch them.

  26. You have the most active wild life outside your windows. (Inside, too, I imagine.) I love the way you capture it all!

  27. you know, I haven;t seen a squireell in years..or at least it seems like it. Surey I must have. LOL. nicely done, Betsy. you are clever.

    I can barely read this however with my eyes still dilated from my eye exam earlier that's gogin to set me back a couple of hundred dollars adn that 's with insurance. Oh dear me.

  28. You might know that I love squirrels so much. Mine are a little different than yours. Mine are very large, bushy tailed Fox Squirrels. They have their own feeder and they leave the bird feeders alone..they are very well trained...I just wish I could keep the birds out of the squirrel feeder! Mine have names and they come running to eat the peanuts out of my hand. I like birds but I love squirrels more!

  29. Well, dear Mmm, it seems your typing improved with your eyes dialated! lol....

  30. Kim ~ I'd love for this squirrel to eat from my hand! I should try it.

  31. Damn, girl - that's quiet a story in your profile.
    enjoyed reading

  32. Oh Betsy, I wouldn't want to play scrabble or wheel of forutne against you. You sure know your way around words!

    I saw the sidenote about money to take care of the boys, and the comments about it. I've been thinking lately I'll have to live forever too! A few more years and we will be a family of 4 adults most likely living together for a long time. I go back and forth between embracing our unique life and wanting to stick my head in the sand like your cute ostrich! I'm going to check out happygirl,it sounds like she knows just what I'm dealing with.

  33. @Silver Fox, the former here, sir ;)

    Betsy~ yeah that could be a tough one ( thinkin'... )

  34. Well, Dawn I know just how you feel then. I just met happygirl a couple of weeks ago! Yes, go visit her!

    And go join Face It Facts! It's run by my dear blog friend Pat. It will give your business or blog some exposure and give you a chance to win a ton of money.

  35. Hi! Betsy...
    I really like your rhyme and the acronym(s) that you used to spell-out the word Squirrel.
    What a nice photograph and yes, I really like Squirrels and Birdies too!
    Thanks, for sharing!
    DeeDee ;-D

  36. Amy likes to chase the ones in our garden, but never manages to get near any of them. I suspect they encourage her, knowing that they can always out-run and out-jump her.

  37. love your ode to the squirrel!

    i love these little guys and what a coincidence i just posted a pic of a squirrel - not one of casa mouse's squirrels but one in the hood - who was so friendly i thought he was going to follow ms t, bingo and i home yesterday!

  38. they are michievous little devils aren't they? I'm not a fan of the squirrel. He raids my feeders regularly, hangs by his toenails upside down to eat. If I give him his own, he is greedy and still takes from the birds. Such is the backyard eco system. :-)

  39. Everyday I arrive home from work to find a new cache of nut shells on the newel post at the bottom the steps. A squirrel must perch there cracking shells and scooping out his lunch of nuts.

  40. the squirrels at my house are very annoying.....try to eat everything in sight!!! Leaving nothing for the birds....


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