Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Short and Tall

The theme over at Creative Tuesday this time is
short and tall. I immediately knew what I was going to
do with those opposites! Yes, the ostrich and the
hummingbird are extremes as far as size or height.
Their eggs are extremely different, too. A
hummingbird's eggs are the size of a small jelly bean,
less than one half inch long. An ostrich's egg weighs
about 3.3 pounds and is the size of a cantaloupe!
If you'd like to join in Mr. Toast's bi-weekly art
group, click HERE. This theme is open through
Tuesday, April 26th.


  1. I love the right side where you list, because you live with autism the baskets are full of suckers and pringles!!!! I would LOVE an easter basket like that!!!

    May you have a wonderful and blessed Easter!

  2. Why aren't the boys at the dinner with you and the mister? Did you put them on a train and send them down the rails?
    Love the Easter Baskets!
    This week has had a weird vibe/energy. Negative really. Maybe that's why you have been so introspective.

  3. The boys don't usually sit with us when we eat dinner. Their gag refluxes go into overdrive watching us eat foods they don't tolerate. Wish it was different, but we've tried and tried. :)

  4. Haha. I so love it. Very clever interpretation Betsy. Fun too.

    "A hummingbird's eggs are the size of a small jelly bean"
    --Oh! Is that what dropped in my easter basket? Thought it didn't taste much lie a jelly baby? Hee.

  5. ha fun pic betsy....nicely drawn...and i love your new header!!!

  6. Hi! Betsy...
    Please don't think that I'am mimicking Brian, but he has taken every word right out Of my mouth...
    Your drawing is nicely done (The added information about the birds' egg is informative) and the new banner is very interesting too!
    Thanks, for sharing!
    DeeDee ;-D

  7. Deedee ~ mimicking Brian? lol...no, I'm accussed of that all the time myself! Just ask him...we're twins! :)

  8. Well look at you giving us the facts
    Are you trying to infringe on my acts..LOL
    Very nice picture I will say
    Although I knew a bird would be thrown in some way
    But you went and did two
    A big and a small one by you
    Very nice job
    You hang these on the fridge knob?

    Oh and to note I didn't get suckers of a basket today
    But tons of pringles did come my way
    That will keep me in stock for a week or two
    Ok now I will go and leave you

  9. Mmm ~ that would be a really little omelette!

  10. Pat ~ nothing on my refrigerator
    like pictures, papers and clutter
    I too have compulsions that aren't just hype
    I even wipe it down with an antibacterial wipe!


  11. First, new header is awesome!

    Love your sketch. I have a new love of hummingbirds since we moved to the countryside. Remember the ostrich farm right outside the village? I used to love to go watch those STRANGE birds!!!

  12. Love, love, love humming birds!
    Great picture and great header!!!

  13. Jill ~ yes, they were actually Emus. Taylor's friend lived there and he spent the night there a few times. One of those 'so ugly they're cute' creatures. ha.

  14. Very nice take on the theme, Betsy, and such a cute one too!

  15. Perfect for the long and the short of it. Perfect. And, your respect of the men in your life. Perfect.

  16. Nice to know I'm not the only compuslion nut
    Can't really say I wipe the fridge down like that in my hut
    But no clutter on mine either I will say
    Not this or any other day

  17. Oh how darling Betsy....I just love your contrast in size and color. This is a gland slam!!!

  18. Love your birds! Great entry for Mr T's challenge.

  19. This is about the neatest post I have seen. Nice drawing and the comparison of words are food for thought.

    Thanks for visiting.

  20. Easter here was quiet and uneventful. A ham dinner! A little candy! And a baseball game! Ahhh!! This is the life!
    Pringles and suckers huh? Ha! Love it.

  21. charming drawing!

    love the hummers on the new header! sweet!!!!

  22. Hm. Love the new header. Almost looks like the rear view of an owl. :)

    The illustration was great. Ostriches taste pretty good, too... but I never ate a hummingbird.

  23. Oh Betsy how cute. I am still thinking. All I can think of is trees. Guess that is probably what I will do. Bless you dear mother. You are so amazing.

  24. Peggy ~ trees would be perfect! Can't wait to see what you do!

  25. It is a wonderful short and tall. You are good to think of such a creative solution.

  26. Love it! We saw a lot of emus on our recent trip away but we don't have hummingbirds here.

    Have you ever thought of putting a portfolio together for publishers of children's books?

  27. That is so very cute!!! And I love your header too! :D

  28. Betsy, just reading more of your great comments, and see I called you picture a "gland" slam...You know what I meant dear, "GRAND". A gland slam sounds painful...HaHa

  29. Oh don't worry, Wanda! I knew what you meant! lol.... I have left my share of typos around blogland, believe me! ha.

  30. Now this illustration makes me smile! it's sooo darn cute. they look like friends! perfect for the theme! love it! xo

  31. That's wonderful artwork and the perfect whimsical opposites.

  32. This is so cute! The hummers have not showed up yet, but will very soon. I'm still waiting to see a hummingbird egg or chick! :-)

  33. art2cee2 ~ we don't have hummers yet either. I did find an empty nest once...so tiny!

  34. I especially love the expressive ostrich eyes. So wish I could join in on this creativity, but I'm not.

    Reading your comment for "because we live with autism" and sending you much love and big hugs...xo

  35. I didn't know that humming birds laid such little eggs!! Thanks for the bird lesson!!
    Your opposites picture is awesome!! I love the big and little bird idea!!

  36. Wow - you have a bird for everything! LOL. BTW I first saw your header as an owl not two birds - try it and see!

  37. This is hilarious, adorable, and very well done, all at the same time.

  38. Oh this is so absolutely perfectly you, Betsy... what a fantastic bird duo! (The pose is great too)


    p.s. I love that you still have grape face (now raisin) on your window sill... very cool.

  39. Hehehe... cuteness. Love the contrast of colors and the expression of the ostrich. Great job!!

  40. What a fabulous short and tall pair!

  41. Big smile... love this Betsy... really cute...


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