Monday, April 11, 2011


Grackle, as seen from my window. 4-6-11
Ms Grackle here on my picket fence.
She certainly has a different demeanor than the
Mourning Dove, doesn't she? She doesn't seem
as soft and sweet. She doesn't seem as naive either.
No pink toes or powder blue eyeshadow for her!
No, she looks more like a female superhero!
She's confident, authoritative, and beautifully shiny.
I love her keen yellow eyes and striped long legs. She's
also an excellent mom. I watched a grackle a few
years ago when one of her young fell from a nest high
in a maple tree. It couldn't fly yet and it was pouring
rain. He landed on his back and lay there with his legs
straight up in the air, unable to move. Mom flew down
and flipped him right side up and fussed over him
for a while. She would feed the babies in the nest
and then swoop down and feed the little one on the
ground. Just like humans, right? Sometimes our kids
need extra care, love and work and we don't even
think twice..we do it because we love them and
because they belong to us.


  1. Love that..and I know you know this to be true. I think as I raised my 8, they one I loved most at a moment was the one that needed me most. :D

  2. Such an attentive mother and so beautiful! I've never seen a Grackle before.

  3. I assume this is a three-part post, and parts two & three will feature Snap and Pop?

  4. Christian ~ I have a dozen of them in my yard! I guess I didn't realize they aren't down south!

  5. Silver ~ lol...that was a good one...thanks for the laugh.

  6. True that. We moms do what has to be done because they are ours and we love them Even if they fall out of the tree just after we've asked them to stop playing on the rim of the nest.

  7. Damn got the killer look in her eye
    Like you come near me and you die
    Defintely more intimidating than the other birds you've shown
    Just look at her tone
    Figures it be the female that was scary
    But she wouldn't want to lose the food she had to carry
    So scary works when you want to feed
    All the little birdies in need

  8. Yea, she's slick alright
    even if she gives a little fright.
    The other birds clear out of the way
    When she comes to the feeder this way
    There were a few in my yard today
    I hope Ms Superhero is here to stay!

  9. yes we do...

    i kinda like that look in her eye...it lets me know she means business...

  10. haha...I can give that look! :)

  11. A super hero of a bird indeed. Beautiful photo!

  12. What wonderful lessons we learn from nature.

    She is quite the elegant bird, and love the story of her diligent care of her fallen babe.

    Your photography on this is just stunning.

  13. Another bird I've never seen before. Beautiful colours. She looks about to give you a good telling off! What did you do?

  14. I know that look!! "I'm here and I'm in charge...any questions?" Ha!
    She is beautiful!!!

  15. She looks INTENSE! Superhero is RIGHT. I have not seen these...the blue is so vibrant!

  16. Your words are just beautiful.

  17. Hi! Betsy...
    Your description Of the bird (or birds mothering skill) and your own words about mothering are very beautiful. I too agree with the previous commenter, well said...Betsy,
    Thanks, for sharing!
    DeeDee ;-D

  18. I love her! Can I use her for my new role model? She looks strong and I don't think anybody better mess with her : ) It's good not to be naive and to protect those you love. She's also very beautiful!

  19. That's a very colourful bird, I've never seen before. And yes, our children and their children should get the extra care and love, without a second thought.

  20. Betsy, we had a nest of grackles in our pear tree one spring. After a while it got to be quite noisy with the little ones and the parents would chase my squirrels and peck at them...I didn't care for that, as you know how I love my squirrels. Anyway one evening there were dozens of grackles in the trees really carrying on..we couldn't hear our selves think...then suddenly three babies flew out of the nest and all the grackles disappeared...it was the final send off rally!

  21. Kim ~ that is such a cute story! They really were having a rally! haha. I'm watching them to see if they might build a nest..I'll have to let you know and listen for that send off!

  22. So true Betsy...and as moms, we mean business! I love the look of this beautiful bird! xo have a great week.

  23. that is one intense bird!!

  24. oh yeah! watch them carefully and let me know!I think it was late May or mid June. The send off rally was around 5 or 6pm! hahaha


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