Tuesday, April 12, 2011


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Rooftops is the current theme over at Creative Tuesdays!
Here's my little sketch of a quaint and cozy neighborhood.
Black ink, colored pencils and chalk.
And yes, I got my bird in there, too! :)
If you want to join in, click HERE!
We take care of our health, we lay up money, we make our roof tight and our clothing sufficient, but who provides wisely that he shall not be wanting the best property of all ~ friends?
Ralph Waldo Emerson
American Poet 1803-1882


  1. You are so talented! I love it!

  2. Love the roof on the middle house, especially. Cute picture!

  3. Silver ~ good...'cause that took forever to draw! lol...

  4. I want to move to your little cozy neighborhood. What a delighful and whimsical place...Just love all the colors....and yes, always a bird...your signature!!

  5. Betsy, this is charming! You are quite the talented lady...

  6. Wanda ~ I want to move there, too! And if you were next door, that would be lovely! :)

  7. Hi! Betsy...
    Your drawing is beautiful and obvious drawn with care...being an artist I especially, love your use Of colour and the mixed mediums that you used in rendering your drawing too!
    Thanks,for sharing!
    DeeDee ;-D
    [Oh! yes, the birds in your header are beautiful too!]

  8. Yes Betsy we all know you've gone to the birds a long time ago
    But I'll forget that and move on with my show..LOL
    Very nice picture you drew
    That middle house must have had you in a stew
    Having to do each individual part of the roof
    Then color it in with a different color here and there and poof
    Finally it was all done
    This will always be one way you can shun
    The poor old cat
    As I could never ever do that
    No artistic bones here
    So I'll just come and give your drawing a cheer
    Well now I go back to sitting at work
    And of course I'm going to lurk

  9. ha! Told you I felt a cat lurking!

  10. Damn how did you know
    Are you one of those scary psychics that knew I was about to comment below
    I better run and hide
    Don't try and repo my ride..lol

  11. Ha. Oh, that was too funny!
    I got you good, honey!

  12. Ewww getting all mushy at me
    I really must flee
    But I looked over my shoulder and you aren't there
    Even checked for bugs in my hair
    Did you send me a virus so you can track
    When I'm about to go on the attack
    Now you've got me all paranoid
    Maybe your place I should avoid..lol

  13. Very cute..I love it! So which one is your house? :D

  14. Sorry, but I couldn't think of anything else to rhyme with funny!
    Unless I went and called you bunny!
    And no, I'm quite bug free
    And harmless. Who are you getting mixed up with me?
    I'd never spread a virus or repo your car
    because you are the rhyming czar!

  15. Julie ~ none...but I'd love to live in any of them! :)

  16. Ok I'll just chalk it up to stalking
    Or galking
    Or maybe it was a good guess
    Now you've got me in a mess
    But I must agree with your last phrase
    As you gave me praise
    Maybe you're trying for a raise
    Bah must be a phase

  17. It is darling Betsy. Sure glad I stopped by I almost let the date slip by. Got to get drawing. I love quaint and cozy.

  18. rhyming cat ~ I've got you in a mess?
    Do you mean a fit?
    Because you have lots of those
    From your head to your toes.

  19. Yes that too
    And it's all because of you
    My paws are so sore
    From looking under the floor
    Opening up every door
    And checking for bugs on my rhyming shore
    Should have known to never trust a repo girl
    Who dances with a spoon and does a twirl..LOL

  20. love all the color and the owl is a nice touch...

  21. Such a sweet roof in this drawing. You are a very talented person!

  22. Brian ~ I'm glad you could tell it was an owl! :)

  23. And, you are an artist??? Wow, you can do EVERYTHING. I'm going to love the adventure of following your blog.

  24. happygirl...no, no, no...not an artist! lol. But I do enjoy joining in this group with some real ones. You should go take a look at their work. Amazing. Like our host, for instance!

  25. Cute! Reminiscent of Harry Potter to me. :) Almost missed you the other day, I forgot to be looking for a Jeep! :)

  26. Definitely one of my favorites! Can I be one of your neighbors?

  27. Yes, dear Christian...I insist! And look how close they are! We can pass babies and cups of sugar through the windows! lol.

  28. Christy ~ if you get rid of that light green van, I'll never recognize you either! ha.

  29. Couldn't help seeing your side bar and hoping your are out of your funk and feeling less sad this evening. Sending you some light and love to lift you up.
    Hoping the love sent lifts you high up to the rooftops. Yours are quite charming.

  30. Love your rooftops but I really like the way you did the smoke from the chimneys.
    Graceful and simplistic.

  31. thanks, maggie! I can't shake these blues..they've camped out here on my shoulders for a couple of weeks. ugh.

  32. oh how absolutely charming Betsy! you've captured the magic of rooftops.

  33. Too cute--such a clever sketch of those little "gingerbread" houses. Love your grackle and bunnies too. The pair of doves just outside of my kitchen window now have a "family"-- four little balls of "fluff". I'm excited about watching them the next couple of weeks. Mickie :)

  34. This could be straight out of a picture book for children. Ever considered that route, Betsy?

  35. If rhymetime can do it,
    then so can I
    the bird passes thru on its way to the sky
    gingerbread houses all in a row
    your readers enjoying a wonderful show
    Betsy the artist with her steady hand,
    turning the canvass into something so grand

  36. I love all your drawings, but, this one caused me to gasp! So pretty!

  37. Delightfully creative Betsy : such a nice picture - and that is using "nice" in its' proper sense rather than the over-used, under-whelmed ways it tends to be used now.

  38. Oooh..Matty...nice! I bet rhymetime will be impressed!

  39. This is darling and makes me want to bring out my colored pencils! Simply very lovely!

  40. Betsy, how is it that every time I visit your blog I am inspired? Your Rooftops are lovely. And, as per usual, your blog is soothing to the soul.

    Such a treat to finally be able to "set a spell," friend.

    Love from TX...

  41. Adorable painting!! Love it! And the black bird is perfect!!

  42. Such a charming drawing. I love it!

  43. adorable!! I love the big full moon too....and of course the birdie! have a great day betsy!

  44. What a charming little neighborhood this is!

  45. How cute, I want to live in that neighboorhood!

  46. Betsy--
    This is so adorable. It makes me think of Christmas and makes me want gingerbread! I'm a silly birdie

  47. Looks a great place to live :)

  48. You win for prettiest rooftops I've seen so far!! I love the colors and shingle designs! Such a cute little scene, and I love the addition of the owl and weathervane.

  49. Aw, thanks Dara! :) This was a fun one to do!

  50. OMG! What a beautiful piece of art! I love your cottages, and your bird too!!

    PS. I'm having a giveaway on my blog, yesterdays post. Check it out!!

  51. Wonderful textured rooftops...and the colors are fantastic...yes you could say that I am really loving it! :-)

  52. I love everything about this drawing! What a talented gal you are, especially as you must be so very busy! Wonderful wonderful art!!!


  53. Very sweet ind ed and definitely cozy, Betsy. I Love it. Great job. It must have taken you yonkers to do this, no? WOw. some perseverance you have there. TY for doing this. One of your best I think. Love that you did an owl too for some other kind of bird.

  54. Mmm ~ yes, it did take forever but I had a free afternoon and needed something therapeutic. :) Although I must say that my drawings seem to become more and more intricate even though you said less is more. lol.

  55. It looks like Harry Potter's aunt and uncle Dursley's neighborhood. Is that an owl flying past the moon?

  56. Yes, an owl. We were both drawing them this week!


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