Wednesday, December 8, 2010

The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly #11

Because some days you need more than others!
And in the spirit of keeping it real, here's what's been going on with
my five men! And who knew I'd post one of these in the series again so
soon, but this has been a crazy week...and it's only Tuesday night!
1. Remember my lovely herbs I brought in when the weather turned
cold? They've been thriving on the window seat in the living
room. We have Christmas decorations stored inside that seat
and I put the pots down on the floor to get to the decorations.
Well, Nugget our house roaming rabbit, helped himself to
a delicious dinner! LOL! Now there's just dirt.
2. I did a load of wash and didn't realize that Taylor didn't empty
his jeans pockets. A whole pack of gum, among other things, went
through the washer and dryer! Miraculously, the wrappers didn't
come off and nothing but a folded up piece of paper
shredded in the dryer!
3. The Mister usually wakes up without an alarm just like clockwork
every morning. But Monday he had to be out the door two hours
earlier than usual, so he set his alarm. I guess he didn't check the
volume or radio station and in the wee hours of the morning
the most obnoxious, loud music started blasting through our
bedroom! LOL! He fumbled with the buttons but it just kept
going! I even heard him yank the plug from the outlet and it
still kept going! Finally he got it to stop!
Hmm...maybe that clock is possessed with that
same spirit that inhabited our old van's wipers!
4. Whenever I'm cooking something that Alex thinks looks appealing, he grabs
his trusty old (yes, way too old!) beloved blue plastic plate and lays it
on the counter beside me. That's his way of asking for a serving.
Well, this time he laid it on a hot burner! Sorry, Alex..it's time
to throw out that cruddy old plate now!

And clean off the burner...oh dear!

5. We put up the Christmas tree Sunday evening. We've had it probably 5
years or so...a nice, pre-lit one. Well, after about 2 minutes, all the lights
except those on the last section went out! We replaced fuses but to no
avail! Sigh. Finally, The Mister "jimmy rigged" the tree with some extension
cords. This is one time I didn't tease him with his crazy repairs! ha.
6. Our hot water heater is dieing a slow death. My hot, long, late night showers
have become increasingly shorter! Instead of waiting until the thing
completely dies, we're having the elements replaced on Wednesday.
Things break in threes around here. Uh oh! :)
7. And then the clincher really happened today! I had a terrible headache...
gee...I wonder why?? haha. I grabbed some Advil and a glass. But, instead
of sticking the glass under the running water, I stuck the open bottle
of Advil! LOL! It was only a second, but enough to soak all the pills.
And you know, they dissolve really fast! Who needs gel caps? ha.
8. But it's not ALL bad! In one day my sleeping garden went from this.... to this...beautiful snow!
Everything looks better with a fresh, white coat!
So, there you have it! Hopefully the rest of the week will be uneventful!
Please laugh with me as I certainly am laughing!
Oh my! haha!


  1. The hot water heater for my shower is working. Umm... just sayin'.

  2. You poor thing...when it rains it pours for sure! The snow is nice though and the fact that the blue dish is gone! ;D

  3. Aww so good to know that others have 'days like these' hopefully that's all the crud over for a while. How about your hot water deciding to misbehave while it's snowing. I swear the things have minds and no souls!

  4. I'm laughing just to keep you company...gah, hope the week gets much, much better!

  5. Oh Betsy ~~ I'm laughing and crying at the same time ~~ Your misery is so dang funny...I know at the time it isn't, but the way you retell it make my day.

    Oh the alarm clock radio...that has happened here too.

    Blessing on you dear Betsy...can't wait until the next episode....

    The snow is beautiful....what a nice way to end your post.

  6. My gosh Betsy, it has been a crazy week for you. Would it make you feel better to know that I recently found dog food in my peanut butter sandwich. I thought whoever fed the dogs must have dropped food on the counter.(It's a dark counter!) So I started over and dug into the peanut butter with a new knife...yup... you guessed it... pulled out another piece of dog food. Someone had given the dogs peanut butter in their food and had double dipped the spoon or knife transfering dog food to the jar. At least the dogs had a nice treat!

  7. Love these post! They are such a delightful glimpse into your every day life and it is so refreshing to recognize that we all have fun-bad stuff happen to us, every day.;))
    To bad about your herbs, it was funny, I thought about that you take your herbs in the other day and was wondering how they were doing.;) I got reminded about that post of yours as I bought a mini pot of parsley in the grocery store and contemplated for a moment storing it in my kitchen window.;)

  8. I think Charlie Brown said it best, "Good Grief!" I really felt bad about the plate thing, so sad.

  9. smiles. you know i might have done something like the ibuprofen...ugh on the plate it looks so well used, good luck on that transition...

  10. I am truly laughing with you!
    I hate when paper shreds in the dryer...what a mess! So glad the gum stayed intact!
    Nothing worse than a pre-lit tree going out! Sigh!!! I feel your pain.
    The snow does make things look better but I don't like snow. So there's the rub!! So you keep the snow and I will keep the sunny skies and 60 degrees and brown landscape. Thank you very much!
    Have a great week....!!!

  11. Oh Dawn...I can't believe that...I'm so glad I'm the one that feeds the pets here! LOL!

  12. Zuzana ~ your parsley will do just lovely in the kitchen window. Hope Batcat doesn't take a liking to it! :)

  13. Slommler ~ oooh 60? Well, it's only 10 degrees here this morning! I think the snow is here to stay!

  14. I have always wondered what would happen if you added water to a pill bottle.
    Now I know!

  15. wow! Well, even when things go wrong around your place, they do it in style!
    How is Alex taking the loss of his plate?
    *many hugs and wishes for a better finish to the week*

  16. I'm so jealous of your snow. We've had flurries, but that's it.

  17. Love the new masthead but I like all your masthead. This one is so Currier & Ives. Sounds like one heck of a day. You handle things so much more smoothly than do I.

  18. I love your update, When one thing happens the rest seem to follow. Yuck, plastic on the stove that's stinky if it doesn't come off, and your rabbit eating the herbs, shame on bunny, but yet made me smile. Advil does dissolve quick, but you're right about a fresh coat of snow! I'm going to follow your blog now cuz I want to read about the rest of your days.

  19. Oh wow. What a week you are having! Hopefully things will settle down for you now! Your garden is pretty with the snow.

  20. Oh, you make me feel better - my week hasn't been half that bad so far! I think getting that blue plastic off the burner might be the hardest thing yet to come. I have a similar blue plastic plate, a bit shinier and without a hole in it - do you want it!? ;)

  21. jennyfreckles ~ haha...well, if we get desperate, yes...send it across the ocean! :)

  22. I'm right there with you about the Christmas lights!!!!!! I couldn't get mine jimmy rigged so I bought a new strand...which I am just going to throw in there....I'll fix it properly when I take the tree down.

    Too bad about your herbs, but I bet Nugget loved them.

  23. Stevie ~ the herbs! I know! But he left little stumps, so they will grow again..eventually. ha.

  24. good morning, my son used to leave gum in his laundry but his did never stayed wrapped. If I found it before it went into the dryer, it was OK, but once it went in the dryer, it was a mess. I'm glad yours did not harm.

    your pills in the water sounds like something I would do too. Who knew they dissolved so fast?

  25. Oh, i think the one I most enjoyed is the image of your mister all a dither in bed, madly fumbling in the dark pulling and pressing this and that-- even pulling the plug in his vain attempts to shut that alarm radio blastedly off. Hahahha.

    well, at least Nuggest was well nourished, shall we say? What, with that and the old plate and the xmas tree, do all your objects in there come to such a sorry demise in the end, Betsy? Oh dear me! You are such a trooper, let me tell you.

    So love these stories of your valiant weeks.

    the garden is lovely, right up there with Torosay's i'd say. :)

  26. Hate to laugh....but they are all so funny......especially the advil...omg!!!! I hope you week takes a turn for the Better!!!!

  27. That Nugget is SO cute!

    And, Alex...bye bye blue plate! He makes it VERY clear what he wants!

    No NEW water heater at Christmas! NO!

    Hope you got rid of that DRATTED headache!

  28. you have such a way about you Betsy .. your easy way of "keeping it real" touches my heart ...i admire you so much if I have not said that lately!

    ps I poured coffee on my cereal this morning..ugh

  29. ELK ~ coffee on your cereal...love it! hahaha

  30. Trying to laugh with you. My day hasn't gone as I hoped either, but compared to yours, I guess I'm doing OK. If I push a plate towards my computer, will you virtually give me a taste of what you are making too? I hope you all have a better day tomorrow!

  31. Next week is sure to be better...

  32. Well, I'm not sure..I just dropped a brand new roll of toilet paper in the toilet! LOL!

  33. This type of thing happens at my house. It is either "all or nothing" when things happen. Sorry to hear Alex lost his blue plate!

  34. I will bet that garden of snow looks magnificent in the month of June!
    Just reading through a few of your entries, my you really do have your hands full, more power to you!
    Thank you for visiting me in my little neck of the woods, that tea party was a kick!

  35. Oh Betsy you really have me laughing.The advil under the running water did it,lol.Ive been there I think we all have.The bunny eating all the greens is a bit cute though,lol.For me at least not for you im sure ha.

    Have a better and more relaxing day ahead;)

  36. oh how i have been gone far too long from my blogging friends!! had to step in to say "hello" and wish you the warmest holiday season!!!!! sorry it's all gone crazy...but it's great to see you laughing through it all!!! i love how you always keep it real!

  37. Well, you sure had your share of mishaps!! Had to laugh about the herbs :) I feel lots better knowing about the water in the pills, as it's so much like something I'd do!

  38. The water in the advil bottle... totally something I would do too.

    Your winter garden is beautiful!

  39. You've definitely had an interesting week. Sometimes boring is good.

    SueAnn, are you a Florida person, too?

    As I was reading through the comments, I was seized with laughter when I got to the one about the toilet tissue. Honey, they must have cloned a younger me in you. I've spent my life through various careers having people tell me, "You need to write a book." Too bad much of it was spent before the internet.


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