Saturday, June 12, 2010

Spencer Goes Shopping

I took Spencer to Wal-Mart with me Wednesday.
It was nice to have a little one-on-one time with him.
Each boy is different during these trips and it
is quite an experience! Some thoughts...
1. Spencer likes to push the cart FAST! I had to hold
on and give some resistance as he would certainly have
had a collision! He seemed unaware that people
could get run over and he didn't slow down
to turn corners, either! LOL!
2. Spencer likes the DVD section the best.
He bounced around all the isles and gathered
three choices. I reminded him that we had
to PAY for these ...this wasn't the library! ha.
His choices? A Scooby Doo movie, The newest
Thomas the Tank Engine movie, and get this...
National Geographic's Border Wars Season I.
What? I tried to talk him out of the last one
but he was quite insistant. I had no idea he was
interested in illegal immigration! LOL!
3. He also chose a new ink cartridge for our printer
(he loves to print train pictures from the internet),
a bag of Lays, a bag of Blow Pops, and a bag of Tootsie Pops.
Yes, it cost me a LOT more money to have a child along...
sound familiar to any other parents? LOL!
There were only 2 lanes open that weren't Express
...so crazy! One was run by who I call
"The Cashier From Hell". She's absolutely
worthless...talks too much and can't run items
through the scanner while she talks! She's slow
and nosey (as in, she looks around at people
walking by instead of ringing up your stuff!)
I had her one other time and swore I would never
do it again. But her lane was empty and the other
lane had about 10 in line. (I think that is
because they all KNEW her! LOL!)
So, I made a BAD choice in choosing her!
It took her 30 minutes to check us out!
Spencer didn't fuss, but he flapped his fingers
in front of his eyes and kept pulling up his shirt,
exposing his big hairy Buddha belly. LOL!
I think he distracted the cashier, making her slower!
And did I mention it was raining? Oh yes...the sky's
opened up and soaked us to the core as we ran inside.
It was just sprinkling on the way home, but by then
it really didn't matter! Well, I hope you're laughing
with me...I coudn't laugh until the next day! LOL!
Alex is next week. I think I'll rest up. :)


  1. oh my! I thought only my Walmart had "those" cashiers.
    hope Spencer is enjoying his movies, candy and chips.
    I think you are an amazing mom to make special time for all your boys even though it is sure not easy.

  2. Rhonda ~ that cashier should be turned into a Greeter! She'd be great! ha.

  3. I think that cashier deserved to be flashed by a big hairy Buddha belly. :)

  4. What a fun day you had with Spencer! Making those wonderful memories!! You are a wonderful mommy to take each one of the boys one on one, it has to make them feel so special and loved!

    Ohh, my Walmart has more than ONE of those kind of cashiers! LOL

  5. I always enjoy reading about your summer shopping trips with the guys! Sounds like Spencer had fun, even if the outing did you in, and he scored some good loot!

  6. ha. sounds like a fun trip...pretty eclectic taste in movies there...and munchies...smiles. at least you can laugh in the end...i may need to use his belly exposing trick...

  7. I enjoy reading about your trips with the boys. I remember last summer too. They always have a bag of chips on their list!!! I just want to know if each boy gets to eat the one on the way home and then you get another one for everyone else. :)

  8. Kayren ~ Spencer picked out a bag of Lays and ate some and then shared with his brothers when we got home. But we did pick up the 16 cans of Pringles...that's one per day and a couple of extra to last us 2 weeks. :) We have to limit them or they would LIVE on chips. ha.

  9. Betsy...your posts always make me smile! I can't wait to hear about next weeks adventure.

    PS...I have one of those cashiers here in St. Louis as well. They must be cousins.

  10. Whew! I'm tired just reading about your shopping trip.
    You are an amazing and very loving mother. God knew what he was doing, when he gave you those precious boys.

  11. What an adventure. Why does every Walmart have a cashier like that! Maybe they train at the "Cashier from Hell" school.

    Laughing so hard at Spencer's hairy Buddha belly...

    Oh Betsy, you are amazing... can't wait till your next Walmart story.

  12. You have a wonderful way with your sons. They're very blessed to have you as their mother. Lovely memories and I agree - the cashier deserved whatever Spencer dished out. :)

  13. That is so funny! Spencer sounds a lot like Parker. He loves videos! He doesn't want toys, he wants movies! He doesn't seem to realize that there arn't an infanite number of fire fighting movies and he gets mad when we can't find one. He also gets mad when he wants a movie and I tell him he can't because it's rated R. Then he goes around saying he wants a rated R movie, lol.

  14. I think every Walmart has cashiers like her. They have 25 checkout lanes in ours, and usually only have one or two open so the lines are really long.

    It's nice that you got to go out with some one-on-one time with him. How cute that he picks out a different movie.

  15. what poetic fun about shopping..
    thanks for the laughter.
    Happy Saturday!

  16. Bless you for laughing...and the nosebleed photos? Oh my! I know you don't write these posts for any other reason than to share your world with us, but do we tell you enough, you are an amazing mom? Well, you are!

  17. I really enjoyed this post as your description of your day with Spencer is so detailed and illustrative, that I could easily imagine it all in my head.;)
    Have a great weekend,

  18. Bobbi ~ that is cute...maybe I'm glad sometimes my guys can't talk! ha. One time at Sams there weren't any Thomas dvds. All three threw such a tantrum I thought they were going to shut down the whole store and call security. Not funny...well, it is now! :)

  19. Matty ~ sounds like it's that way everywhere. I guess the 23 other registers are only for Christmas! ha. We have one super fast cashier that I always look for. Lately he's been on the express lane. I always have a cart-full.

  20. I thought my kids were bad with Pringles! Now I don't feel so bad. Those things are addictive, I'll admit it personally. ;)

  21. Kayren ~ My boys hate that I ration them like that. They'd rather have their own can each every day. ha. As it is, 1/3 a can is a generous serving, I think!

  22. Sounds like a very interesting visit to Walmart...I'm tired already...you are amazing mama! Come say hi :D

  23. Phew! I think I know what you mean about not laughing until the next day!

  24. I love your postive attitude!! Thank you for sharing that. I also love that your son showed his belly. My son has CP and that is one of his favorite things to do. He finds it very funny, especially if we are in church and decides to do it:-)

  25. Heather ~ well, you just HAVE to laugh, don't you? :)

  26. Why is it you get the SLOW check out when you need to be most efficient? UGH! Laughing at thinking of the check out girl being distracted while Spence "flashes" her!!!!

    I love the rain...BUT, am now ready for NO RAIN for more than a few hours.

  27. We have a cashier or two like that at the grocery store I go to. Ugh! After spending 30 minutes in the store, you just want to pay and go home. But, I can understand how she might be distracted by a hairy Buddha belly. What a hilarious way of describing it. I'm glad you could laugh...even if it wasn't until the next day.

  28. I am glad to see Spencer had a nice clean shirt for his shopping outing ~ no signs of the bloody nose . . .

  29. Corners ~ LOL! I wondered if anyone would mention that! :)

  30. I always choose the worst cashier too. I don't know what it is. I just have rotten cashier luck.

  31. Your triplet stories always make me smile. I often wonder who it would be to go out in public with my brother. Interesting to say the least, I'm sure. Maybe one day I'll actually find out.

    Do your boys read?

  32. Believe me I am laughing with you....
    But I think that cashier works at the local Piggly Wiggly store.....she is more worried about who is on break than checking me out. I have been so tempted to tell her to look at the groceries instead of all around her......
    I've been meaning to buy blow pops and I keep forgetting......ha

  33. Martha ~ Spencer and Harry read quite well...and type almost as fast as I do! Alex is coming along...recognizing single words mostly and a few short sentences.

    I took Alex out with me today and it was so pleasantly practically uneventful I almost cried! ha. I'll post about it soon. :)

  34. walmart is always an adventure...good for spencer for using the ole' pull the shirt trick for the checker :))))

  35. Oh my goodness, you tell this story so amusingly. Well, I am not sure who will have been more startled--the cashier seeing his big hairy belly or Spencer when he puts in Border Wars and it isn't anything like he had thought. LOL. Too funny.


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