Friday, April 9, 2010

Florida vs. Ohio

While in Florida this past week I got to thinking
about all the little differences there compared to
my home in Ohio!
  • The first thing that I noticed immediately out of the airport was the palm trees! So many varieties, all beautiful and tropical. It was a nice change from the maples, oaks and evergreens that I usually see!
  • Then there was water...The Gulf and Tampa Bay...blue and sparkly! So beautiful and different from my land locked home...although we do have beautiful, flat corn fields that stretch for miles, broken up only by picturesque barns and farmhouses.
  • They have bridges and causeways stretching over the water....we have one lane covered bridges built over streams in lush forest.
  • We have black, rich mulch in our landscaping...they use sea shells!
  • We worry about dirt being tracked into our houses....they have white sand!
  • Steve went outside the first morning we were there to pick oranges up off the ground and squeeze us some juice.... I might be able to find a pinecone or acorn in my yard if I looked really hard!
  • We drove by the Tropicana Juice Factory! Rows and rows of oranges on the trees! Ohio has beautiful orchards of apple trees...which Steve said some of his friends have never seen!
  • Some of his friends have never seen snow, either...which is one of my favorite things ever and Ohio certainly had it's share this past winter!
  • In warm weather, we have cute little toads in our yard....Florida has geckos....I got to meet one in Steve's front yard.
  • We have lush green yards this spring in Ohio...most Floridians don't bother trying to have lawns with grass...they fill the space with palms, ferns and succulents....just beautiful!
  • They have seagulls, plovers and peacocks....we have crows, cardinals and finches!
  • And they eat grouper sandwiches like we eat cheeseburgers!

Each part of the USA...beautiful in it's own way! :)


  1. not going to get much juice out of a pine cone...smiles. i miss the fruit in the back yard in FL the most i think...and my cat mises the lizards the chase...you are right, each place has their own beautiful things...

  2. Loved your sharing of the contrasts between Florida and Ohio. I've never been to Florida, but my husband was born in Ohio but moved to CA when he was 12.

  3. In my mind I'm trying to compare the pros and cons of Florida and Wisconsin. It's snowing here. Florida is winning.
    I know Wisconsin has it's beauty. I will try to think of one as I drink a glass of orange juice and pretend I am back in Florida. :-)

  4. Yes, each part is definitely spectacular in its own way. What a good comparison here.

    "beautiful, flat corn fields that stretch for miles, broken up only by picturesque barns and farmhouses."
    --that sounds so lovely in itself, and of course, I'm like you--got to have at least some snow sometimes! I'm so spoiled with or Dry Colorado snow that I am not sure I could like any other as much now.

    Waht is a grouper sandwich? Is that fish? I went to Florida once--in the summer. it was nice but waaaay too humid and hot for my liking, but you must have got the weather just right, i suspect, at this time of year, right?

    So, did you get a tan? that latest photo on your sidebar indicates you did! :)

  5. Yes, I am sure that each part is beautiful in its own way (and I look forward to discovering the truth of this when the Good Lady Wife retires) But what always surprises me about the States is the size and diversity of it : you could be talking about different countries never mind different different States.

  6. I wish we could grow Palm Trees in Denmark. To me this is simply the most exotic tree.;)
    Luckily, being close to the ocean, we have seagulls.
    Have a lovely Friday,

  7. Betsy,Such A Big Wonderful Country You Live In.
    Have A Fine Weekend .

  8. The weird thing about California is that we have such a diverse state that we sometimes forget that not every state has this too. I have read that we have little pockets that can almost match somewhere else in the country. But I do not know for sure.

    I only know that where I live I can drive to the mountains in half an hour, I can then go to the beach in an hour and a half, go to the desert in half an hour and in about 3 hours drive to fields and fields of food being grown. It does take a rather long drive to go to northern California but to drive to San Diego is about a two hour drive. From there you can cross into Mexico and see a different world from our own. I need to email you a picture my hubby took of a Palm Tree in the snow. It is strange to see this, but also kinda neat.

    I once stayed with my Uncle and Aunt in Ohio way back when, anyway it was great and the best thing was that the highways had a speed limit of whatever was safe. Oh it was so fun to drive so fast, I think 90 was my slow speed. Almost like being in Germany at that time and driving on their fast roads, or at least that is what my Uncle and Aunt told me, being as I have never been to Germany. My Aunt is from Germany. She loved it in Ohio. I would love to someday go back there.

    I think you were lucky to miss the humidity of Florida. I have heard that it is very much like what we went through in Panama. Actually the people who came from Florida seemed to be the only ones who like it down there. They would say it felt like home. I hate humidity and heat. I am not looking forward to Summer. Please give me Autumn back or Spring, even Winter is better then Summer.

    Being away from home sure does make one appreciate being home.

    God bless.

  9. Mmmm. I want a fish sandwich. My hubby might do a internship in FL. I am sad to see him go but will be so excited to visit!

  10. I enjoyed reading your comparisons. I have always been from Illinois. Within a 20 mile radius too, for my 48 years!

  11. Welcome back,
    Glad you had a great time!
    :)The Bach

  12. You captured the differences so beautifully....I should tell you about the differences within my state, there are many! Good Post!(It's hard to beat a Palm Tree!)

  13. Mmm ~ yes, a fish sandwich...yum!
    Yes, tan! :)

  14. I love the change of seasons. Each one make me appreciate the other. Not sure I'd really want to live in Florida but it sure is a nice place to visit when it's cold and yucky here. And who could turn down a day on the beach?

  15. I enjoyed reading your post! My favorite vacation spot away from our
    farm in Pa. is Florida

  16. Mrs. U ~ I think we were too early in the year for the famous Florida humidity...it was quite dry and comfortable...high about 80 and light breezes. I've been there in the humidity before...awful! :)

  17. Anita ~ The first day I was home it was a gorgeous 80 degrees. The next day was 30 degrees colder and rainy. The boys wore their winter coats to school today. Brrr. Yes, Florida is looking pretty nice about now! ha.

  18. I really enjoyed your comparison of the two. Like two different worlds!

  19. Mmm ~ I don't know about your dry snow....no snowball fights or snowmen...what's the fun in that? hee.

  20. Enjoyable comparison. I am ANTI-bug so the Floridian bug population is enough to keep me from wanting to live there.

    Beach is my all time favorite vacation though!

    You cannot BEAT fresh squeezed orange juice though...ahhhhhhh!

  21. Stop it this instant! I was born and reared in the Tampa Bay area. Now you've gone and made me homesick. Dang it!

  22. Love the palm trees...so majestic. And I would love to live by the ocean. The smell and the breeze are so calming. So glad you had a fun break.
    I love your new profile picture! Lookin' good, girl : )

  23. Isn't it great that the world has such variety - so good to notice the small things too. By the way, I meant to say that I really love your header pic of the blue eggs in the nest. Sometimes I just feast my eyes on its prettiness.

  24. Jenny ~ well, thank you. That nest is on my foyer table...I've been nibbling on the chocolate eggs, though! Not so many in it by now! :)

  25. One thing I've always loved about the USA is the variety you find as you travel around. New England is different from Florida, which is different from other parts of the South, which are different from the Midwest, etc. N one can have it all, I suppose...

  26. up here on the north coast (of ohio) we have plenty of seagulls and I think i've seen some plovers too.

    and here in lakewood we have a plover street in the birdtown neighborhood!!

    sounds like you are having a mighty fine time!


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