Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Choosing a Watermelon

My great uncle and grandpa enjoying a huge watermelon
way back when!
A stock boy at Trader Joe's told me that the best way to pick
a watermelon is to look for all the brown veining on the skin.
What? No sniffing or thumping? Actually, I just pick the
biggest one if they are all the same price.
He says the more veining, the more sugar..and the sweeter
the fruit. I don't know if this one was any sweeter, but
it sure was good!
Don't you just love the seedless ones? I'll never go back...even
if there won't be any seed spitting contests! And isn't it interesting
that you can still see the little marks where the seeds should be?
Watermelon is rich in beta carotene, lycopene
and the amino acid citrulline. It's also 92% water!
Did you know that numerous watermelon seeds were recovered
from the tomb of Pharaoh Tutankhamun? Maybe it was his
favorite! Maybe Harry is related to him in some way!


  1. That is really interesting about the brown, never heard that. Haven't paused while cutting long enough to see the seed marks/ha
    Great pictures and I love the one of Harry!!!

  2. My husband doesn't like watermelon, so I only buy it in quarters (for me, all for me)!


  3. I love that old picture at the top!

    I'm so glad you shared this, because I'm not crazy about watermelon, but I do like it a little bit every once in a while. I've bought seedless that aren't actually quite seedless (they have those irritating little white ones), but yours is. I wonder why? Maybe it's that great veining. I'm going with what you've been told the next time I buy a watermelon, because when I eat it I do want it to be sweet.

  4. We're hugh watermelon lovers around here and boy does yours look delish!

    I'll remember the brown veining advice next time I shop for a watermelon. Thanks for the heads up...because who really knows how to pick a good watermelon anyway!?

  5. I have not heard this about the brown before but you can be assured that I will pay attention the next watermelon I pick!

    The old photograph is VERY special.

  6. Doesn't watermelon just shout "SUMMER!"? I love a sweet one that is chilled ice cold. Hmmm, I may have to go buy one this afternoon.

  7. Very interesting, and great timing on this post. I've been craving watermelon!

  8. That's how I was taught to pick a good melon too.

    What a nice photographs of your grandfather and uncle! A real treasure!

  9. Isn't that picture of GP and Bright adorable? I didn't know that about the brown veining! I'll keep that in mind. Looks like you chose a perfect one. Mmm.

  10. I think I heard it is also rich in fibre but am too lazy to google that point right now. I've never heard about the brown veining so I'll give that a try next time.

  11. I had to look at your photo for a long time. My eyes would not see it correctly with the piece cut out, but instead I could only see it with the piece protruding. It is your very own optical illusion melon!

    It looks yummy. I need to buy one too.

  12. One of the joys of summer! harry is so cute!

  13. What a beautiful watermelon. We NEVER have watermelon in our house. I don't like it, never have. And God sent me a man who doesn't like it. We taste it when we're around it.....just to be sure we still don't like it.

  14. Ah, the pictures speaks more than thousand words! It makes me want a piece!
    I never knew there were seedless melons, that would for sure be my pick, the seeds are very irritating.;))

  15. my mouth is watering some of this juicy red fruit now!! i had no idea it was so chock full of nutrients!

  16. That's a great fact, about the veining on the watermelon skin. I'd never heard that before.

  17. Wow! That is one gorgeous watermelon! I makes me want to go right now and cut open the one in my fridge:)

    I love that pic of your grandpa, too!

  18. Love the photo of your great uncle and grandfather!!

    We once went on a summer vacation and left a watermelon on our counter. well, in tx heat and the weeks we were gone, we came home to a rather disturbing exploded ,ess. I couldn't eat watermelon for years!

    but, I love it once again and had no clue about the brown veining tip. and wow, why can you see the seed impressions?


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