Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Theme Thursday = Swing

The Porch Swing
~~~~Some folks might say about our swing,
“It’s just an old and rusting thing,”
but I remember all the ways
that old porch swing would fill our days .
~~~~ Upon that swing now hanging still,
moon rising o’er the distant hill,
Mama rested, sipping tea,
and sang sweet lullabies to me
~~~~With silent rocking dreams were sought
on summer days when it was hot,
games we played while resting there,
chess, and checkers moved on squares .
~~~~ Women gathered ‘round the swing,
to share the latest gossiping,
while sewing patches on our jeans,
or maybe popping garden beans.
~~~~ Men returning from the field
would wait there for the evening meal,
at end of day, their work complete,
old Rex, our dog, lay at their feet .
~~~~ Auntie sometimes shedding tears,
recalling friends lost through the years,
would pass the hours on our porch
swinging gently back and forth .
~~~~We courted on that creaking swing,
first love softly blossoming,
sneaking kisses in the night
veiled in shadows of moonlight.
~~~~Worn and weathered that old seat
has served us well, its use replete,
we now rock babes with curly hair,
soothing them with loving care .
~~~~ Remembering yet those days of old
in summer heat or winter cold,
how we chanced to tarry there
making memories we could share.
Tammy Hillman, 1976
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(Friday ~ Harry and Me, Part Two.)


  1. OH! I love YOUR swing...I LOVE MY swing!! I just might have to join this THEME THURSDAY...I never have and it sounds like FUN!

  2. Jill ~ yes, do join! This is only my second one! There are no rules and it's fun to see what other bloggers do...all kinds of stuff from short stories, poems to memories and pictures. Really neat!

  3. I'd love to sit there and have coffee with you and just talk. We could see if we really do sound alike. Do you talk with your hands too?

  4. I love the feeling of nostalgia I get from a porch swing. Is this the one you rescued from the trash?

  5. Willow ~ yes, the one from the trash! It only needed a coat of paint. I love it.

    Kayren ~ I don't think I talk a lot with my hands. I'll sit way over on the end so you can have all the hand room you need! :)

  6. Lovely memories. Glad to see you're enjoying TT as much as me.

  7. Lovely poem. So discriptive of all the life the swing has seen. Great photo.

  8. This is a charming poem - ideal for the "swing" thing.


  9. You found a lovely poem.

    I like your photo of your yard clippings in the side bar, too. Beautiful.

  10. In my mind's eye, I see myself sitting on the porch on dark summer nights. We would talk and listen to the night sounds of our neighborhood. We didn't have a swing, but instead a glider.

  11. Very nicely done! Interesting how an inanimate object can mean different things to different people in the same family.

  12. ah... terrific. just junked my old swing...reading this makes me want a new one!

  13. Love your swing,,,this one sounds like fun, think i'll join.
    Have a good day, Betsy.

  14. Very nice! We all love our swings, hmm? Place to relax and contemplate... or just relax!

  15. great poem.I like to read it. see you on my blog also, to share information with you.

  16. love the feeling of this post...the front porch seems to be slipping into yester year...it used to be a place for people to gather...where neighbors could be, well neighbors...if only we built more front porches and less fences. happy TT!

  17. I love your swing and to think you rescued it and now it rescues all of you.

    Beautiful poem to tell the story of what a swing can bring to a family. I really loved it.

    Thank you for sharing that poem with us. Happy 2nd TT.

    God bless.

  18. what a rescue! have to keep my eye out on garbage day. we have the hooks already up, just need the swing!

  19. Beautiful Swing...beautiful post! I'll be back to explore more soon!!

  20. Ah, that's why both you and Willow have swing blogs today. I thought, what a coincidence! nice porch as Ive mentioned before. Very relaxing for going out to sip lemonade. Ahhhh.

    BTW, how is "the Bach" doing?

  21. Jammie ~ Bach is doing fine...just not into the blogging anymore, I guess!

  22. Just happen to SWING past your spot...

    ...I {heart} your blog. It is so refreshing :-)

  23. Everyone had a swing like that when I was young. Nice pic, and that poem just about covers life therewith. Good memories. Thanks.

  24. Hi
    I love your porch swing,awesome post .
    We have one on the back porch and I couldn't do without it.
    It is one of those places you go to when your happy,sad,lonely,have your arms full of little ones,etc....
    Thank you for this beautiful post today.
    Blessings of joy to you and yours !

  25. this is the first hose in my entire life that i've not had a porch swing. and i really do miss it! some of the best conversations i ever had with both of my kids took place on the front porch swing. and i'd have a hard time guessing how many books i've read while laying in a swing. such wonderful memories.

    the poem in this post is delightful!

  26. This Thursday's theme is making me way too nostalgic. I enjoyed the poem, and I want a porch swing.

  27. Lovely poem! And just have to lounge round on a porch swing( Mom's fave ). Alas, we no longer have one. Thanks for the memory jog, Betsy!

  28. oh what a really nice spot Betsy...nothing like a great porch swing!

  29. Hi! Betsy,
    This is my first time visiting your
    blog and I'am so glad that I did stop by... because it's like being welcomed into your home. Thanks for sharing memories of a porch "swing." I'am also glad to
    meet the 5 men in your life.
    DeeDee ;-D
    By the way,I like nugget too!...


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