Thursday, June 11, 2009

Harry and Me Part Two

Earlier this week, Harry went shopping with me to Sam's Club!
He hadn't gone to the store with me since last summer!
It's just easier during the school year to go alone,
but during the summer I try to rotate the boys
so they get to run errands with me. I was expecting
Harry to do his loud, anxious humming that he always does.
And sure enough, he started into it as soon as we left home.
But as soon as we got to Sam's, he stopped!
Here we are in the pet food isle.
We picked up a huge box of bird seed for the outside feeders.
Notice how he is holding onto the side of the cart?
We started out both holding the handle and pushing.
(the carts there are so wide that two people
can stand side-by-side like that) But for some reason
he was walking as if he was anticipating his feet bumping
into the cart! It was really quite comical and we weren't
get anywhere so I had him walk beside and hold on this way.
He seemed to enjoy himself and
was very obedient and listened well.
After we got everything we needed, we went down the movie isle.
I told him he could choose a DVD but he just smiled
and shook his head "No". I think it was
because he had already put two huge bags of
potato chips in the cart and he was excited
to pay for them and take them home.
He also chose a huge watermelon.
As you can see, he dove right in before we left the parking lot. We usually get those reduced fat Pringles,
so the real Mikesells chips tasted extra good!
I began the summer with Harry because he is the easiest
of the three guys. Alex can tantrum if he really gets
frustrated. And Spencer just wants to be the boss,
even pushing the cart super fast and not slowing
down around corners. I have to really be
on my toes to make sure he doesn't run over anyone.
So, next trip I may just take a Tylenol
before leaving the house! Thanks Harry for a fun trip!


  1. GOOD trip huh? Good for Harry...ya know I would like to have a big bag of MikeSells to myself too! LOVE THEM!

  2. Awww..glad it turned out alright! When you take the others--if one should act up--remember your reward in heaven..and building, aside from all the heart down here from your own fam.

    hm...Pringles low fat chips--those are some of my faves. Guilty indulgences that somehow don't then see sooo guilty now, do they?! :)

  3. Harry looks so happy munching on the chips. I know one thing...they always make me feel happy. I love it when you show us your adventures with the boys.

  4. I gotta love a man who loves chips as much as I do! The salt is no good for me, but every now and then I have to indulge myself...and drink extra water the next day!

    Thanks Harry for taking us with you while you shopped.

  5. I simply love the way you are able to share so much of your boys with us .... it's quite inspiring. And I thank you.......

  6. What a wonderful, full of life story. You are a fabulous mother. I hope you know this. (since we're aging backwards simultaneously, I have a feeling you do - in a good way :)

  7. I would love to dig into a bag of potato chips like that. Yummy. But I cannot because I have to lose weight and keep my blood pressure down.

    So nice that you had a nice shopping trip. Taking my grandkids or my husband with me to Costco always makes it a more expensive trip. But I love them, so what can you do, except enjoy them.

    God bless.

  8. Tell Harry that I like Mikesells, too. Something I miss from my Ohio days.

    Way to go, Betsy. I don't blame you for easing your way into sharing summertime errands, it's hard doing it with kids in tow!

  9. I've never even heard of Mikesells chips but they sure look good.

    I'm putting the binding on a kingsize quilt for my DD this morning and I told myself I was not going to do anything else until it was finished but I went to get more thread and thought I might as well check my email and am I happy I did. Your stories about your boys are just so sweet and make me smile.

    hope you all have a wonderful summer - it won't be boring, will it?

  10. Awww. I am just wild about Harry! And you, Bets!

    Reading the 2 parts to this outing really made me smile...and having the pictures to go along were the icing on the cake!

    Thank you for sharing with us.


  11. What a fun adventure! I feel as though I was at Sam's shopping with you! See you tonight...

  12. This looks like a grand day out. I'm with Harry (I love that name - it was my dad's nickname growing up in Ireland) get the chips and get out...no dilly-dallying. Ha ha.

    Thanks for sharing such fun photos.


  13. You are an amazing lady! Thank you for the encouragement! Yvonne

  14. sounds like a success~i always start eating before I get home as well...usually bridge mix!

  15. Looks like you had a good trip...hopefully next one will be too. I'm trying to skip the chips and cheese nips for awhile, I was eating way too many/ha

  16. Hi there! I've been reading your recent posts today and catching up with you and I LURVE the pictures of you and Harry! I REALLY DO! Your captions are spot on too so that makes it even cuter. ha ha ha

    Those chips look mighty good right now too and I don't usually go for a salty snack, I'm more of a SWEET tooth (a whole set of teeth actually) kind of girl. Will Harry share his chips or are they HIS chips? lol

    The kids were so excited today when I showed at up at the school to pick them up! Surprise! I'm always working but worked a half day instead to spend time with them and we had a great lunch together. As soon as we got home though they each went to the TV and have been chilling... ha ha Hmm, I think I'll add that to my post today so i don't forget. ha ha Have a great weekend Betsy!

  17. FUN!!! Matty digs the chips too. Just too tempting to wait :)

    Thank you for sharing Harry with us.

  18. This brought back memories. I have 3 boys and used to divvy them up to take shopping. They loved to begin eating chips in the car as well. And in some ways they got harder to take as they got older - pranks and things, you know.

  19. I love Sam's club ! We don't have one here (australia) so I love visiting one whenever we are home visiting my family (in colorado).

    Sounds like your shopping trips with the boys can be quite the adventure !

  20. Aww. You can tell he is really enjoying those chips. It's making me hungry for some myself. Right now.

  21. I'm with Harry on the Mikesells!! I miss those here in the South:)

  22. Oh, bless you!

    I've never heard of Mikesells. And we love the reduced fat Pringles. The others seem too salty now (Pringles, that is). I'll admit I do love a good Lay's though.

    I didn't realize Harry used the noise reduction headset. I thought only Alex did. You would have confused me for sure if I didn't know who it was.

  23. Kayren ~ me, too! I'm so used to the reduced fat that I thought the 'real' chips were too salty and greasy. Harry would only share one any way! :)

    He occasionally wears the headset when we are out. Never at home, like Alex.

  24. He reminds me of my son with the headphones on. We bring them with us but he hasn't wanted to wear them in stores for a while now. But still likes them when he rides the bus.

    My son also likes to hang onto the cart. I think it helps him feel stable. This is the same kid that took off on us all the time when we went shopping.

    Glad to hear the trip was a success!

  25. Terrific! I have a similar strategy for shopping with Samuel: FIRST Mom's shopping and THEN a trip to the DVD/game section of the store. I have a story to share about a recent trip to WalMart but I haven't shared it yet.


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