Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Shopping With Spencer

It was Spencer's turn to go shopping with me today!
We went to Sams Club with a quick stop into
Walmart and then filled up at the gas station.
Spencer did great steering the cart and getting items
off of the shelves. He picked 3 DVD's to buy.
I had to laugh...he was getting an armful as if
he was at the library and it wouldn't cost a thing!
The most amazing part was that when we came
out of Walmart, Spencer's door to the van
was still open! When we had arrived a few
minutes earlier, traffic was heavy in the
parking lot, and he bounded out of his seat
so quickly that I hurried to make sure
he didn't step in front of a car. I completely
forgot to look back and see if he shut his door.
Thankfully, nobody bothered our $250
worth of groceries, 3 DVDs or my camera~
which were there for easy grabbing with the
van door wide open!
I snapped this picture on our way home.
Spencer was fascinated with sitting up front
where he could watch the road behind us
in the outside mirror. Fun times ~ Alex will be next!


  1. Oh, I LOVE that photo... it's perfectly composed and you captured the motion of the car. Nice.

    I'm happy that you had a fun outing with Spencer!

    $250 worth of groceries! Yikes, is that for one week? Oh boy, I've got a lot to look forward to!

  2. Ha. Love the story. Boundings lads and open doors. We wait in thrill and wonder for next week. :)

  3. I remember in October last year we were so busy trying to get Ian not to just dart out of the car in a busy parking lot that Jim actually left the van running....for 2 hours!!!!!!! Luckily it was in a church parking lot and it was either too quiet for anyone to notice (since we didn't even notice) or they were all really good hearted people not to take off with it.

    Glad you had a good outing!

  4. that photo is wonderful ! i love it.

  5. $250 for groceries? Is that for one week? Didn't you just do a post on grocery shopping! Do you use coupons? Check out my Stressed by Mess posts to see how I save money on everything.

    Glad to hear no one took all your stuff. I am not able to focus on anything but my children when I am out with them. It makes it hard to keep track of what you are doing!

  6. So glad all your stuff was safe when you got back and that Spencer was safe when he got out. I know sometimes with my kids we have to make sure they close the sliding door, but usually it's been in our driveway or something. We actually went out once or twice in Virginia and it was open the whole night, but we never kept anything in it. All the ball gear was always in the other vehicle! Sometimes the guy we shared the driveway with would shut it for us (we found out later).

    Glad he didn't run into anyone with the cart and it was a pleasant trip. No tylenol?

    Great pic too!

  7. you tell a great tale of shopping ...I will think of you as i travel the isles today...without kids...wink

  8. I like the gathering of the DVD's like visiting the library...I would guess they had some really good ones that the library DOES NOT have!!!

    What did Spencer pick for a food treat? I know Harry went for the chips! Does Spencer still love a good Lollipop?

  9. Queenb ~ yes, that's a $250 per week. A majority of that is fresh fruit and veggies. I do think Sam's is the cheapest place to buy fruit. For example, my 10 pounds of strawberries were only 1.94 per pound. I do shop Walmart and Kroger for their sale items and use coupons there. But remember, I have a family of 6, with 4 teenage boys...three of them with their own special diets. I'd love for someone to come in and show me where to save, but it usually comes down to our special circumstances. it's a lot of money, I know!

  10. Kayren ~ No tylenol! :) I did have to help steer and say "Excuse us!" to several people! LOL

  11. Jill ~ we were out of all of Spencer's foods, so he was excited to get his cheese, peanutbutter, turkey, grapes...and of course chips! But he picked Lays instead of Harry's Mikesells. :) We haven't run out of the lollys yet to buy more....next trip!

    But most of all, he was so excited to run into Walmart and pick up scotch tape, printer paper and a new ink cartridge! ha-ha!

  12. Hi! I found your blog from someone else's....can't remember who....

    BUT I love it! I have Men in my house too, and loved reading your stories of life. Recipes, birds, flowers - all those are part of my life, too. I'll be checking back in!


  13. My admiration for you keeps growing by leaps and bounds .........

  14. Sounds like a fun outing! So glad the open-door part didn't end badly:)

  15. Oh, I am so glad that no one bother the van. God was watching out for you both that day. And just the right people were also there shopping with you both.

    I too like to be a passenger and watch the traffic in the side mirror, I am not sure why. It is just kinda fun and then I also can keep track of what the other cars are doing.

    Great picture.

    God bless.

  16. Hey, Betsy! Glad nobody took anything, that would have really ruined your day, huh? I'm glad you got the chance to enjoy your boy one on one. What's up with the train pages?

  17. Rosezilla ~ Spencer prints pictures of trains from the internet and tapes them all together in a long row. Then he folds them up accordian style and has several huge stacks that he has with him at all times...even to sleep. :)

  18. As hobbies (obsessions?) go, that's not such a bad one. Except when he puts them on your kitchen space! Do you think he would enjoy an actual train ride?

  19. Rosezilla ~ oh yes, we've taken several trains rides and he loves them...along with his brothers. We haven't done that in quite a while though, as I was just telling the Mister we need to do that again soon!

  20. Glad no one was hurt and nothing was stolen!

  21. Ahhhhhh! Don't you just love the feeling of a full fridge! Spencer looks so content!


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