Monday, June 22, 2009


Thomas Edison's light bulbs.
Have you any idea how many children it takes
to turn off one light in the kitchen?
It takes one to say, "What light?"
and two more to say, "I didn't turn it on."
-- Erma Bombeck
I just had to laugh when I saw this quote! We have a real
problem turning lights and other electronics off in our house!
Well, I'm just being polite when I say 'we'. I feel like I'm
the only one that notices and walks around turning things
off! A few months ago I had to leave the house before
anyone else on a school day. The Mister got everyone
out the door for me. Later in the day, when I came home
to an empty house, there were 15 lights on, 2 computers
and 2 TV's! On the other hand, only half the men
remember to flush the toilet. Hmmm...saving water?
Maybe we are even-ing out our carbon footprint.
Good grief!


  1. That's great! My hubby is our light police. I'm the one that tends to turn them all on and leave them on. However, HE is the one that pretty much always forgets to turn out the lone garage light. I keep my mouth shut. :)

  2. Oh, that's funny with the bathroom comment. Seems like I have to go through and either turn out lights in some of the bedrooms before we leave the house or else I call for the kids to do it if we have long enough. I feel like it will help them remember if they have to walk up the stairs enough to do it themselves.

    I have to say I'm thankful that I don't have the flushing problem, carbon footprint or not.

  3. I live alone and sometimes I have all three TVs going at the same time.....I know...shame on me!

  4. My son just starting turning lights on and off when he enters/leaves a room and usually shuts down his computer when he is done. It seems to be a compulsive thing. Like shutting drawers, closing my oven after I'm done baking and letting the heat out, etc.

    I wish I could say the same for the rest of the family! I still run around shutting things off and unplugging things.

  5. Emma is our "green" person here at The Glen and she constantly reminds us of all the things we do that is wasteful! I am grateful...MOST of the time.

    We have TWO non-flushers here...how do we re-train that one??

  6. good luck getting them to turn things off. Our son Jimmy is staying here for the summer, he is 27 and in law school, and I can't get him to unplug/turn off either!

    love your picture of James Garner - did you know he is from Oklahoma?
    and his relatives are my brothers neighbor and landlord.

  7. Oh Stevie ~ I'm guilty, too. If I'm alone, I'll turn on two tv's so I can hear while I'm puttering through the house cleaning. It's in stereo, I guess! :) And when you are home alone, you can do anything you want, right? LOL

  8. Jill ~ I don't know! My non-flushers are NOT who you would guess they would be. good grief!

  9. Betsy, they are trying to be green. They just prefer to be green with water conservation, that's all. hee hee

  10. I love Erma Bombeck! She was so dead on!
    We make every effort to turn off lights, but inevitably we'll come home to this: "Did you leave the kitchen/bathroom/basement light on?"


    (I see chocolate cake!!!)

  11. Rhonda ~ I'd say you're practically related to Mr. Garner! :)

  12. Last night on The History Dectectives they were trying to prove that Edison invented this weird contraption called the PsychoPhone to contact the other world. The detectives proved he didn't. Heh-heh.

  13. LOL! My husband "gets" me for touching the a/c thermostat everytime I walk by it! Well, I can't help it, it either needs to be one degreee lower or one higher!!! He says I am not efficient/ha

  14. I am forever hearing the cd player in Boo's room playing music... when no one is in there. Sigh.

  15. Heehee. I totally know what you are taling about here. I, on the other hand, rarely leae a light on in a room I am not in . I t was so drilled into us a skids not to do so as Mama couldn't afford the bills so we rarely even used water for baths, etc. :} But, i'm happy to tel lyou I awlays flush the loo!

  16. It's the opposite in our house:) It's me who is always leaving lights on and Francois who clicks them off after me. I also have the bad habit of leaving the milk out on the counter for some reason. Francois is always putting it away for me. I have to work on that:) Maybe I'll get the hang of it when I'm 80!


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