Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Keep Calm and Carry On

I had to laugh yesterday as I was on my friend
Dee-Dee's blog and saw a beautiful piece of jewelry
on her sidebar with this saying on it. Great minds
must think alike, because I had just read about the
old British saying used on war posters during WWII
and thought that I would blog about it, or at least
post it on my sidebar as a good reminder to myself!
The Keep Calm and Carry On motivational poster was
produced in 1939 during the beginning
of World War II, and was a "last case scenario"
to be used only should the Nazis succeed in
invading Great Britain, in order to stiffen resolve.
Two-and-a-half million copies were printed, although
only a handful ever saw the light of day.
In 2000, a copy of the poster was rediscovered
in Barter Books, a second-hand bookshop in Alnwick,
Northumberland, and was reprinted.
The poster has appeared on the walls of places as diverse
as the prime minister's strategy unit at 10 Downing Street,
the Lord Chamberlain's office at Buckingham Palace
and the United States embassy in Belgium.
I think it's an inspirational slogan that will have a permanant
place on my sidebar!


  1. Nice to know a bit of background to this slogan. I will try and remember it as it rings so very true.

  2. I like it as well! One step at a time ... just keep walking ... keep swimming ... however you say it, it's helpful advice.

  3. I love this! I just might have to pop it in my pocket and take it back to WM.

  4. Betsy, my heart breaks with what you are Thinking. Unimaginable.
    This Mom (me) loves you girl! You are an inspiration to me and I am thankful for you, your 5 men and your blog.

  5. What you are thinking is so sad. I am so sorry that you are having to go through this right now. I do think it is possible for anyone to be a prodigal...parent or not. I know hearing those words is hard...I was disowned 8 years ago by my parents. It is a long story that I won't go into, but I will say that God can work miracles in any relationship. Although our relationship is not what it was when I was younger, it is getting better all the time.
    You are surrounded by those who love you, in "real" life and in blog world. Keep calm and carry on indeed. Sometimes that is all we can do. Well, that and lift our trouble up to God.

  6. Keep Calm and Carry On ... a great mantra for everyone.

    I glanced at your sidebar and read the words about your parents ... I had to read twice to fully absorb the magnitude of what you shared.

    You are supported, fully, by everyone you touch in blogland. Never forget that.

  7. I like the quote...very good. Just dropped by to say hello...I hope all is well with you and the family. Take care.

  8. Very inspirational indeed and I love the story behind it.
    Today I actually scrolled down the whole of your blog (why haven't I done this before, I wonder) and I love all the small pictures on the side bar; particularly the one of your favorite spot and the doorway entrance with the red flowers.
    Beautiful, as are you on your picture.;))

  9. That's a good slogan to remember. I don't know why relationships seem to get more difficult instead of easier as we get older. But family relationships ebb and flow, so don't lose hope. Just keep praying for them, and we'll keep praying for you.

  10. Good SOUND advise! I like it!

  11. I lurve the crown on the poster and your new picture! Beautiful! Have a great day!

  12. Bestsy, love this saying adn thank you for the lovely write up on it. how very intriguing.

    BTw, I love your sidebar. I try to read it often. Love the idea of a "simple pleasures" section. If you don;t mind, I might have to ad that to mine.

    now, I do read with heaviness your sidebar comments on your parents. I can only imagine what that is about as you are such a lovely person and an incredibly inspiring mother to your boys and those of us out there who stand in awe of such sweetness. Keep faith, look ahead, keep strong, and be encouraged. You are doing a great job as always.

  13. I love that I found your blog on the day you posted this! I have bags with this slogan - which I love as the mother of four boys myself - in my etsy shop.
    I won't compare myself to you as I guarantee you have had a busier time than I with your four boys, but I love that you too are an island of girl in a sea of boys~
    I look forward to reading older posts of yours,

  14. OH dear blog friends...thank you so very much for all of your encouraging comments here and also the slew of emails. Thanks for praying and showing me lots of love, too! :)

  15. I loved this slogan so much that I downloaded it and put it up in my office. I need the reminder. I will continue to pray for you. The Lord never leaves us or forsakes us.

  16. But I like to freak out so much! This NEEDS to be my mantra:)

  17. I'm so glad you posted Dee Dee's link! I've missed her!

    I like this motto -- it says it all and I often had to use thta attitude as a nurse when I had to deal with all kinds of things.


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