Wednesday, May 13, 2009

You're Either Part of the Solution or Part of the Problem

I told you earlier this week about the boys removing all the slats
in the window blind when they couldn't raise and lower it
after the cord broke. That got me thinking about crazy things
all kids do as a solution to a problem.
One time, I was about 8 or 9 years old and I locked the keys
in our family car. Instead of just going inside and
telling someone, I stuck a stick in the key hole
to see if that would work. Of course
the stick broke off inside the lock! I also remember
trying to use the bathroom towel bar to do chin ups.
I was about 4 years old. The towel bar pulled clear
out of the wall...of course!
I don't remember having a solution to that one!
“The solution of every problem is another problem”
Johann Wolfgang von Goethe


  1. It is sooo funny what we do sometimes as kids...we just don't have the experience to know better. :-) Heck, I still do silly stuff...and at my age...there's no excuse now. :-)

  2. oh that's perfect!! mermaid tries to do chin ups on EVERYTHING!!!!

  3. Buddy tried to use his sisters' ceiling fan string to be Tarzan when he was about four or five. He realized it wouldn't work when it started pulling out of the fan/light fixture. The kids were terrified to tell me because they thought they were close to killing their dad since he had to use a screwdriver to push the cord back up in the fixture...they were worried he was about to electrocute himself and it would be all their fault. The girls felt just as guilty since they let him swing between their beds.

    I'm still cracking up about your window blinds. Funnier still is that they hid the slats like they knew they were doing something they shouldn't be, or were they just getting them out of the way? Maybe that was part of their solution.

  4. Ah yes, I have come up with a few solutions like that as well as a child, to my parents great joy.;)) The best one was to appear with the toilet brush when my mother was looking for the brush she used to do the dishes.;) My oh my.;))

  5. Kayren ~ I can relate to being scared to tell the parents. I remember agonizing about the keys and then the stick was worse. When they finally found out they simply produced the other set of keys! Now, why didn't I think of that? ha-ha!

    Swinging on the fan chain...now that is funn-y! I can see him doing that! :) What little boy doesn't want to be Tarzan?

  6. Zoe (my oldest) cut her hair down to the scalp right in front. When I asked her why she did it, she said it was because it was hanging in her face and was in the way while she colored!!! The thought of a hair clip apparently never crossed her mind ;)

  7. I think of stuff like that often when my kids do "weird" stuff...it is almost funny to see them scramble/panic to right the wrong which often is WORSE then the first thing! LIVE and LEARN!

  8. I guess we're not born with an inner sense of physics. From spending a lot of time over the years with a few scientists - it seems they are especially vulnerable to being part of problem before solution. ie - chemical engineers are always making things explode, electrical engineers are always rewiring things, sometimes with disastrous results - all of them are part pyro!

  9. Ive done the chin ups on the towel bar to!

  10. Happy belated Mothers Day Betsy! I'm catching up on your posts. I'm sorry I giggled when I read about the blinds though, couldnt' help it. tee hee Have a wonderful Saturday!

  11. Chin ups! Lol! That is a darling story!

  12. funny. I have similar stories about towel racks. gotta love it.

  13. Thanks for the reminder...kids do the strangest things, but they're doing their best, aren't they?

    And thanks for leaving a sweet comment at my place so I could find you! I'm really enjoying your blog!


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