Thursday, April 30, 2009

When it Rains It Pours...

...especially when I'm out running errands!
This is what I looked like today after it
poured for hours as I went Kroger, Walmart,
Sams, the gas station, bank and stopped to
visit a girlfriend. The rain was falling so
fast and hard that my van and other cars
around me were having a hard time avoiding
that dreaded hydroplane swaying in
our lanes! And to add insult to injury,
I get out to gas up the van and
wouldn't you know, the pump I choose has a
note on it that the credit card scanner is
broken and I'll have to pay inside! Ugh.
Even with an umbrella, I was soaked.
Cold, wet and windy!
Tomorrow, when I stay home all day,
it will probably be warm and sunny!


  1. I despise running errands in the rain. I can't stand to be wet, and to be cold and wet is much worse. You're right, it probably will be nice and sunny when you're home tomorrow. Maybe you can open up the windows and enjoy a pot of coffee. :)

  2. Kayren ~ yes, I'll have to sit in the sun and let it soak down to my bones...if it's warm enough! It was quite cold here today..that yucky damp cold. Brrrr!

  3. Kayren ~ except...you with that gorgeous curly hair...would look even curlier in the rain. My hair on the other hand, just sticks to my head. :)

  4. I remember how it used to pour down in NC, it was amazig how much water could come down in so little time. Here in Denmark it rains, but never so heavily, more just extensively. Sorry you got soaked.
    Thank you for bringing back the memory of Kroeger, I used to shop there when I lived in the States, it feels like ages ago.;)

  5. At the end of the day I'm quite certain that you didn't smell like a wet dog!

  6. SO good to see you!

    Ummmm, as of right now...it is looking like another rainy day...put on another pot of coffee and watch from the DRY indoors!! I am off to run errands now...I have my rain jacket AND umbrella handy!

  7. We had the flood yesterday also. I would like to know how many inches we have gotten this week. I know one day they said it was 5". I think the grass has grown that many inches too.....wow it's gonna be a job when it clears up.

  8. We're experiencing the same rain. We haven't seen the sun in a few days so it was nice to the sun in your picture.

  9. Oh I wish I could have been there to hug you and Jill together in "real" life!

    Happy Friday! I'm hoping it's a sunny one for you!


  10. It DID pour literally all day yesterday! You poor little drowned thing. I'm doing my out and about stuff today, luckily!

  11. no...no sun today either...supposed to rain again...and even some this weekend. Someone will have to design a lawnmower that works on wet rain-soaked grass!

  12. Melinda ~ that is for sure! Our grass is very long...but wet and heavy!

  13. that sounds miserable! i hope you had a nice cup of hot tea to warm up when you got home.

  14. Why is it that so often happens? I've been there myself with the exact same dilemma of no working pump and in the pouring rain but to top it all off it was so windy that the car door swung open and smashed the concrete post next to it, seriously denting my new car. Ugh. Then, of course, as you suggest, the next day it was glorious but I was inside the whole day. Hee.

  15. love your humor ...then you had to put it all away!


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