Tuesday, March 31, 2009

April is Autism Awareness Month!

Do you know a family affected by autism?
Make sure you take time to encourage them this
month! Say a prayer for them and for the
finding of a cure!
Some people don't like the puzzle piece symbol
being used to represent autism, but I personally think
it is perfect. I posted some of my feelings about a year
ago in a A Puzzle.
In that post, I said ........
"Whoever chose a puzzle piece to represent the disorder was exactly right. Finding a cure for your child is like a 10,000 piece puzzle all of the same color, with a few thousand fake pieces thrown in just for frustration. I'm overwhelmed when I think that each of my three boys has a different puzzle. And yet, how frustrating to them to be trapped in their world. So much potential that can't break through. The responsibility of finding treatments and help for them is enormous."
Thanks so much to my blog friends for
encouraging me! I've met lots of other
moms in the same situation and it's been
great to follow your life stories, too!
“You need to be aware
of what others are doing,
applaud their efforts,
acknowledge their successes,
and encourage them in their pursuits.
When we all help one another,
everybody wins.” ~~Jim Stovall


  1. Thank you for openly sharing with us... for giving us a glimpse of how your world is affected by autism.

    Autism is big and impersonal to me but to "watch" a few families who live with it, to see how they cope, how they live, how they rejoice despite circumstances is a privilege and a great gift.

    I'd say that you can sport the Autism Awareness Badge with honor, because you do promote an awareness through your honest, funny, and heartwrenching glimpses.

    May God continue to bless you, Betsy, and your three beautiful boys.

  2. I absolutely loved reading your "a Puzzle" post, Betsy. I look up to you and get comfort in knowing you have most likely gone through the trials I face, but amazingly enough you did it times three. You are a wonderful example of strength and love.
    Hooray for Autism Awareness month!

  3. Betsy, you are the strongest mother I know. You've faced overwhelming challenges with grace and Godliness. You are a blessing to your family and to many others through your faithful blogging. I feel privileged to be able to read about your life and the lives of your boys...your three with autism and Taylor without it.

    God bless you and all the other families who live with this puzzle daily.

  4. Hi Betsy,
    I know several families with Autistic children...so I truly appreciate your efforts to bring more awareness about this disease. Bless your three boys and Bless you for all you do! Susan

  5. I know that feeling like you're not alone is good and it helps to be encouraged. There are challenges for moms with just one child with autism. You're amazing for helping to love and raise three wonderful boys.

    I pray that God continues to encourage you and guide you.

  6. This was lovely, just like you are :) Dealing with a husband on the (admittedly high) spectrum, I just can't imagine having not one but three children with autism. I am in awe of you, and so glad that your boys have YOU as their mom. We women are a strong bunch, but not many could do what you're doing with the grace and strength you bring. Blessings to you and your family!

  7. I'm with steviewren, you are the strongest mother I know. I've known a few families with autistic children on different functioning levels, but to have triplets, you amaze me. I am touched by the stories you share about the boys. You are an amazing family, and God's love shines through you.

  8. I've read some about autism, but it's different seeing it lived out in a family. It is inspiring that your family is so loving, and laughing! I know you feel God's blessings even in your situation, and that is what is so inspiring. That you are grateful for what you have more than mourning what you don't. I believe you are right that we can all help each other, and you help others by your attitude.

  9. Hello there, it's a pleasure to meet you. (I have stumbled backward into your blog.) I have a 47 year old son born with special needs ... he has fallen in love (for the first time) with a very special woman (40 years old) who has Asperger's ... they are being married on October 10th. There is hope for each and every one of our special needs children. I'll be back to visit.

  10. I admire you so much Betsy. You have done a wonderful job with your boys. I love what you share with us!

  11. A beautiful post, Betsy!
    My family has been touched by autism through an adult nephew who is non verbal and severely affected, and whom we love very much.

    I do hope and pray that the cause and cure for autism can be found one day and that more strides can be made now to help families deal with the emotional, physical and financial effects of raising children with this disorder.

    You are doing such a wonderful service though your blog by allowing us all a glimpse into your life with your beautiful family. Your strength and grace are remarkable! God bless you all.

  12. Great Post...thanks for sharing...Pat H

  13. You and your guys are always in my thoughts and prayers, but this month I'll give you an EX-tra large helping. :^) x

  14. I heard on the radio that it was Autism Awareness month. You are a blessed woman and God certainly has a plan, purpose, and destiny for those boys of yours. Take care my friend. Strider

  15. Betsy, you are an inspiration and a warm loving person through your blog. Awareness is so important. I pray research will make great strides soon. You are a marvelous mother and your four boys are so blessed. I always appreciate your sweet comments on my blog.

  16. Thanks so much all ~ you've put a spring in my step today! :)

  17. Betsy there is nothing and no one stronger than a mother, you and I both know that. Your strength has been tested and you are victorious. I sometimes think of you when I have my hands full with just the one! It happened again last Sunday when six people sat down at table for dinner. It takes work to feed six hungry mouths and I thought of how you do it every single day in your house. I applaud you! I think that 'puzzle' is a good analogy for autism. Like you, I believe that all the potential is "locked" in there somehow and its a giant puzzle to figure out the lock mechanism and the key. At that time, the potential will be released. I do hope it happens in our lifetime, and I do hope that great strides are on the horizon. The brain is the biggest mystery and science has just scratched the surface. Thank you for making me more aware of autism. I also believe that vaccines have something to do with it.

  18. As I think I may have mentioned to you, I have worked with autistic children and I have a close friend whose child is on the spectrum.

    But you, dear Betsy, illuminate and educate me in a way that is quite extraordinary... because you do it through love, honesty and humour. I admire you and your Mister.

    I have written this for you:

    A unique light shines
    From the soul of this Mother.
    Daily twists and turns
    Change her direction, but not her spirit.
    Her heart envelops, enriches, enlightens.
    Sometimes she may hang by a thread…
    But that thread is woven of the strongest love
    That will always protect, always encourage, always endure.

    Bless you, Betsy.

  19. Beautiful poem, Suza!

    Betsy, what are IEP appointments? Just curious. I hope they went well.

  20. Suza ~ Well, that was just lovely! I must put that on my sidebar! :) Have I said "hanging by a thread" on my blog before? Because I use that to describe myself a lot. Either you read it here, or you read my mind! ha-ha!
    Thank you ever so much! xxoo

  21. MG ~ Well, IEP stands for Individualized Education Program. Any child in the school system who needs more than a tutor or extra assistance can have their education plan written specifically for them and their diagnosis. It can be for one subject, such as reading, or for their whole education, like my boys. When we meet, we have the teacher, special education coordinator, speech therapist, occupational therapist, physical therapist, adapted physical education teacher, principal and any 'regular' middle school teachers whose class the boys attend...plus me and The Mister. The first few years they were so intimidating, but have become more comfortable. I'm always thankful The Mister goes, too. :)

    Today's meetings went very well and the boys got lots of praise and everyone commented on what a great success this year was with lots of progress! Then we laid out next years goals. I'm so thankful! And their teacher, who was new this year, is coming back next year! Thanks a huge answer to prayer! :)

  22. No, I didn't read "hanging by a thread" on your blog so I guess I must have read your mind :-). I am honoured that you chose to put this on your sidebar, Betsy - thank you. And thank you, Mod Girl, for your lovely comment. Here's to the month of April!

  23. Saying a prayer for you guys today...and reminding you what an awesome job you are doing. You are one of my heroes.

  24. Grace and Strength, Humor and Humility, Honesty and Empathy...wrapped in a Beautiful Human package. That is you.

    I admire you so, Betsy. You are an inspiration to all of us Mothers. May God continue to Bless and Reward you and your Mister and all four of your precious boys as you fit together the puzzle pieces.

    Love you,

  25. Thanks for the explanation... makes total sense. I'm thrilled to know that you guys received positive feedback on this year. What a blessing to have a "team" assembled in one room to lay out a plan.


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