Sunday, January 18, 2009

Metamorphasis Monday

My blog friend Susan, from
Metamorphasis Monday over at her blog.
Anybody that has a great before & after
renovation of something they did in their home can
join in. I added my kitchen pantry that I cleaned out
and posted a couple of weeks ago. It's great to look at
the others...some really inspiring renovations
going on in people's homes!
If you don't visit Susan's blog, go check it out!
She has a GORGEOUS home and you will enjoy
browsing through her house!


  1. Your pantry looks wonderful. I love the blue. I bet you love opening it just to look in.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog.


  2. Betsy, it's so nice to meet you. Thanks for swinging by and seeing my little assistant and his work. Your pantry looks wonderful. The blue is so fresh and bright. I hope to see you again soon. hugs

  3. Your pantry was a perfect addition to metamorphasis Monday. I have a few things that have morphed but not in the right direction.

  4. That is a very inspiring idea for a post. And I did like what happened to your kitchen pantry, I recall that post very well.;))

  5. Wow - she sure does have a lovely place. I do love your pantry overhaul ... I need to do that with mine. I hope just looking into your nice, neat pantry gives you a happy feeling all week!

  6. Interesting post. Nice pantry, by the way.

    I have two new blogs to show you:

    Dips Pen
    Abraham Lincoln's Blog

  7. Lovely, a great idea for a blog post. We renovated two rooms last year of which I blogged about and posted pictures as and when they were being renovated.

    CJ xx

  8. Well done can you come and do mine now?? (lol) Thanks for stopping in and your kind words;) French

  9. I hope all are enjoying the trains today! I am enjoying being home more then the kids after working all weekend.

  10. I checked out your pantry. It is amazing what we can do in just a few hours. I'm inspired by your project to tackle some of my hidden spots. Sally

  11. So nice to meet you, thanks for stopping by and seeing our kitchen renovation. I love what you did with your pantry, it's hard to believe that a little paint and alot of elbow grease can make such a difference. Kathy

  12. Your pantry looks great - paint and some elbow grease give amazing results!


  13. Mmm ~ oh, it isn't any kind of contest...just a fun way to share our projects and inspire each other.


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