Monday, October 20, 2008

Happy Birthday to Willow!

~~ Willow and me~~
Big sisters are for watching over you.
Mine saved me from a playground bully once.
She taught me how to put on makeup and
curl my hair. We didn't share a room as
teenagers, but I had a bigger bed and we would have
sleepovers in my room. Being the oldest, she
got to do everything first and I have always
admired her! Sisters will tell you things that
nobody else will ever tell you.
They are simply the best!
Happy Birthday, Willow!
Love you lots!
***** “For there is no friend like a sister, in calm or stormy weather, to cheer one on the tedious way, to fetch one if one goes astray, to lift one if one totters down, to strengthen whilst one stands.” ~~Christina G. Rossetti **** Go tell Willow Happy Birthday!


  1. SISTERS! I always LONGED for one...and I am so VERY thankful and blessed to watch the beautiful (and sometimes rocky) relationship between my girls!!

    The photo of you and Willow is PRECIOUS! Will pop over to the manor to say Happy Birthday!

  2. Happy Birthday to Willow.

    I had one sister, she was four years younger than me, she died in May and would have turned 43 in Sept. That's been 25 years ago. I would catch myself going to the phone to call her to tell her something and then I would remember she was gone. It took me a long time to get over that.

  3. I have an older sister too so I know exactly what you are talking about. Well said. But we younger sisters *do* love to tease them about being the *older one*, especially as the years go by! tee hee....

  4. what a nice tribute to your sister! thanks for letting us in on this. i'm off to wish her happy, happy!

  5. heehee I like to tease my younger sister because her dark hair has turned 75% gray while my lighter hair doesn't show the grays as easily. (and I don't have THAT many yet) For years people have thought she was the older of the two of us.

    She saw me outside Target a while back on a extremely bright day and was DELIGHTED to see all my gray shining like a beacon in the sun. I'll give that one to her. I deserved it.

  6. Happy Birthday to Willow...I love sisters so much that I have two I consider sisters of another mother and father!

  7. I have an older sister too! :D

    I just popped over to Willow's blog to wish her a happy day ...and to wish her son a good recovery. Lousy timing for the poor guy to have to go through that now -- Willow will ahve to freeze a slice of cake for him for later.

  8. Sandi ~ one of my blog friends has a header that says "girlfriends are the sisters destiny forgot to give you". :)

  9. Stevie ~ Now see, that's just what I mean....nobody but your sis would point out your gray shining in the sun! tee-hee!

  10. What a cute picture! I stopped by Willow's earlier - her post said invitation for cake and I was all over that - and wished her a happy b'day earlier. Nice post for your "big sister".

    I have 2 younger sissies - love 'em both!

  11. Nice post to honor your "old" sister. :-)

  12. That is the sweetest picture of you and Willow! You are blessed to have a big sister! Both of you are such neat women and I am blessed to have you for blog friends. Keep us updated about your nephew. Don't you just love Mary Engelbreit? She's so clever and talented.

  13. Thank you for this beautiful post, Bet! I especially needed this today, of all days.

    Love you lots,

    Willow x

  14. What a wonderful picture of you two lovely sisters!

  15. Hello Betsy,
    So far I'm enjoying this new hobby...
    Lora and I enjoy keeping up with your blog, thank you for stopping by.

  16. I agree, no one know us as well as our sister, no one is closer to us.
    Happy birthday to Willow!

  17. Yeeeeeah! I wished her a happy bday on her blog. Such a sweet post:)

  18. Vince ~ hey, thanks for the visit! Good luck with your new blog! I enjoy your wife very much!

  19. Glennis ~ it is so true, isn't it? Thanks for the visit...I'm coming over to see your blog, too!

  20. Willow ~ doesn't the ME print look like it could be us? :)


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