Friday, July 11, 2008

Sharing the Love Award

I was really surprised to get this award
today! What a nice way to start the day.
One of my newest blog buddies has given
this to me. Trish from Nana's Living the Dream
is such a sweetie. I can't even remember how
we stumbled upon each other. I think she
introduced herself on my blog and I popped
over to "meet" her...you know how it goes.
We hit it off immediately.
So, thanks so much, Trish!
In return, I want to pass this award on to of my
dearest bloggy friends, Granola Chic from
So What Can He Eat? We share the challenges
of having sons on the autism spectrum.
She is a true self-confessed hippy (I say that with
the upmost respect!) Loving all things natural,
green, healthy, etc. She loves being free from
social norms. Her blog is a must-read
for any mom trying to help her child
heal from the affects of immunization
poisoning, chemicals in foods, food
intolerances, etc. She's a sweet
sister in Christ and I'm so glad
we have become friends.
So, Granola ~ come take your
award home to your blog!
You deserve it!


  1. Congratulations Betsy :)

    I have questions about baby shots...you mentioned 6 were out there with mercury...Do you know which ones? We have new grandbabies (2) they are getting shots and parents are worried...We just learned that our new granddaughter had a hepititus shot moments after she was born...and this week..she is 3 mos old...had a shot for 5 or 6 different diseases...very concerned here...

  2. Congratulations Betsy! You deserve the award; you make everyone feel loved with your kind and friendly comments!

    Can't wait to check out Granola Chic, as I am in the process of transitioning our family to a diet more rich in whole and organic foods! Wonderful to know that she is a believer, too!

  3. Deedee ~ Here's a link to some great information for your grandbabies. I would make sure your kids understand that they have to see the box/label themselves to see if there is thimerosol listed in the ingredients. I belong to a chatgroup of autism parents and one parent shared that the nurse and doctor assured her that there wasn't any mercury in shots any longer but she insisted on seeing the label to the shot about to be given. The doctor became irrate and rolled his eyes...went and got the box and then had to eat crow when the label said it contained thimerosol. You can't be whimpy, you have to stand firm and insist. But you have nothing to loose and quite possibily everything to gain.

    Here is a link from a good quality autism site that talks about vaccinations and I think it will help.


    This is also an interesting article on childhood asthma you may be interested in...


    Hope that helps Deedee ~ xxoo to those new grandbabies!

  4. Congrats!! These look like nice ladies...I'll have to pay them a visit.

  5. I am so glad you like your award. You are a wonderful person and I always enjoy your blog.I was wanting to hear more about your dinner out. Did the boys enjoy it? I hope you are having a great weekend.

  6. Betsy...thank you sooo much...we have very concerned new mother here and she is trying so hard to cover all the bases...I will pass on this informations....good blessings for you and your precious family...Dee Dee

  7. oh...thank you...i am honored...i must confess...i did cry a few thankful tears...

    it's a very timely award! and you are most deserving, too!! i may have to email you to figure out how to place it on my blog ;) as i am technically challenged...

    thank you again...you contine to be such a source of inspiration and encouragement!

  8. congratulations!!

    BTW, love your side bar pictures.


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