Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Has it Really Been 17 Years?

This little baby was a whole week late.
If you've ever gone past your due date
you know how it goes. Nobody says anything
to you accept "You haven't had that baby yet?"
The night before he was born we took a walk and
ate Snickers Tornados at the local dairy bar.
When we got home, I felt great but still hungry,
of course, and ate a complete box of chocolates
I found in the freezer. Yes, I ate them frozen!
Hey, it was July... it was hot...I was 9 months
pregnant...and had only gained 29 pounds! LOL
My water broke as I was getting into bed that night.
Taylor was born the next morning after 8 hours of labor.
It was just about the perfect pregnancy!
(unlike the next one!)
7 pounds 15 ounces ~~ perfect and beautiful.
He's always been a wonderful boy and we
enjoy him so much!
Happy Birthday, Taylor!


  1. Happy Birthday Taylor! (And Betsy, is it safe to assume he loves chocolate...frozen or otherwise?).

    Did you ever think, Betsy, that exactly 17 years later he would land in the midst of beautiful Venice? Lucky boy.....and he has a really darling smile...

  2. Lavinia ~ that is so funny....he loves all the foods I craved while carrying him...Mexican, icecream, chocolate....

  3. Happy Birthday Taylor! :)

    I love that little boy pic of him. Sweet little mushroom haircut...reminds me of his cousin in that shot.

    Hope you all enjoy a fun birthday!

  4. Willow ~ yes, he does look like his cousin there! One of my favorite pics...he's up on a ladder in the cherry tree helping me pick!

  5. A precious baby and now a handsome young man....I am reminded of Forest Gump..."life is like a box of chocolates" in your case...life came... after a box of chocolates :)

  6. Deedee ~ oh cute...you are very witty today! :)

  7. Happy Birthday handsome Taylor!

    You made sure his debut into the world would be a sweet one, Betsy! :-)

  8. Happy Birthday to Taylor! It's such fun to look at pictures of them when they were babies compared to what they look like now and how they've changed as well as stayed the same...My oldest is 10 and I fear that 17 will be here before I know it...

  9. Rebecca ~ oh yes, the next seven years are full, exciting and really, really fast!

  10. Happy Birthday Taylor!

    Betsy, hide him from the girls for a few more years. He is so cute someone will steal him if you don't!

  11. Stevie ~ I'm afraid it's too late for that... the girls have always had a thing for him! :)

  12. That Taylor IS such a nice guy!! Handsome too...how strange to recall him as a little toddler playing with Nate and now...SO tall and just an all around great kid!
    Tell him that Mitchell enjoyed him as his counselor so very much!!!!


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