Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Just Plain Fun To Read

A special thanks to Willow of Life at Willow Manor
for giving me this award today!
Willow has probably the classiest, most interesting
blog that I have ever seen. Her knowledge of the
arts, film, books and the finer things in life is vast.
And, of course, she is my big sis whom I have
always looked up to! Thanks, Willow! xoxo
And also, thanks to Daryl of Out & About New York
City who designed the award herself and started this
fun little exercise! Her blog is a very interesting
look at the ins and outs of the Big Apple.
I would in turn, like to give this award to
three bloggies that I check out daily...
1. Marie Reed of Vintage Postcards.
Marie is one of my newer blog friends. Her love
of anything vintage, French, and of course...
postcards makes for a great blog. She not only
gives beautiful pics but a dose of history, too.
She also has a shop, Cpaphil, which has over
100,000 vintage postcards for sale!
2. Modgirl of Modobject at Home.
Modgirl has a beautiful blog where her
love of classic modern architecture,
art and furniture are regularly featured.
Her gorgeous photography and mini
historical facts complete the entries.
She has a wonderful balance of life,
a cute little family, and strives to
find beauty in the ordinary.
3. Casey of Vissertjes.
Casey is an ace photographer.
She loves vintage, gorgeous things and
has an eye for beauty. Speaking of
beauty, she has a sweet little 7 month
old girl who is a regular feature. :)
I found Casey searching for people who
had similar items on their profile...
like seashells, handmade jewelry
and cupcakes!
I hope all three of you will accept this
award and post the little button picture
on your sidebar...because you deserve it!
Make sure you check out all 5 of these great
bloggers! And congratulations to the 3
here that I have awarded! You make
my morning coffee all the more pleasurable!


  1. wow Betsy, I'm so very flattered! thank you for your sweet words about my blog, photography, and family. while I may not comment regularly, just know that I read yours just as often and appreciate your words too!


  2. Casey, you are very welcome! I'm glad I found your blog. I meant every word...

  3. Oh, Betsy... thank you! You have made me smile tonight with your kind, kind words about my photography and weird, random factoids! Having always had a serious personality, what a compliment to be recognized as fun!

  4. You are entirely welcome, Little Sis! :) This award is well deserved...and will look cute on your sidebar, too!

  5. Modgirl ~ I'm glad I made you smile. I thoroughly enjoy your blog...and I usually check it more than once a day! :)

  6. Willow ~ it does look cute on my sidebar! :)

  7. Okay, Betsy, now I have to study your picture and Willow's to see if you really are sisters. I love both of your blogs. I will check out the ones you gave awards to. If you enjoy them I probably will to. I appreciate all your kind words at my blog and I look forward to checking you out daily.
    Trish :0)

  8. I am going to go and check them out. The blog translator is awesome. I get so many visitors from other countries. I might try that out.

  9. Betsy...I am up very late this evening...watching Glenn Beck...he has a young woman about your age on talking about Autism...she is telling him all about new videos that are helping children with autism...watchmelearn.com I thought you might be interested and maybe just take a look...Best wishes...Dee Dee

  10. Holy Moly! This is just wonderful! The little girl is Madeleine adorable too:) I'm so glad to have met you Betsy. You are such a gem!

  11. Miss Nelson ~ yes, that translator is great! Just click on mine and "steal" it if you want! :)

  12. Marie ~ display the awared proudly...your website is great!

  13. Deedee ~ Oh, this is great! I've not heard of this and my boys are addicted to videos! Thanks for thinking of us...


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