Thursday, May 22, 2008

Decorating with Sea Shells

I have mentioned before that I've collected sea shells
since I was young. I remember the start of my collection
being a souvenir post card with a little cellophane
bag stapled to it that was full of tiny, pretty shells.
About 10 years ago I was flipping through one of those
home-decor mail order catalogues. I came across
a huge beautiful wall mirror that was framed in hundreds
of sea shells. It cost $350.00!
As I sat there drooling over it,
the thought occurred to me that I had an old mirror,
hundreds of shells....and a glue gun!
So I got my beautiful shell mirror with what I
already had here in my home!
I also have a large display bowl here on my coffee table
that holds some of my collection. It looks quite summery
but I enjoy it here all year long.
Since they are most beautiful when they are wet,
I put some of them in our aquarium.
That gives us the chance to enjoy them at their best. When I clean the aquarium, I change the shells. It gives the fish and us a fresh pretty thing to admire. :)


  1. Cedarville is somewhere close but I always get it mixed up with Centerville. LOL

    Thanks for the visit and comment on my blue jay.

    One of my girls goes all the way south of Fort Meyers or Myers, Florida to gather sea shells and sharks teeth. Your shells are nice and you did a good job taking their photo.

  2. Betsy, your mirror is a work of art. Truly. A marvellous pattern and design. Wonderful use of your shells.

    Having shells displayed around the house as you do is also an excellent idea. I do the same, although I don't have near as many shells as you do. They tend to gravitate to window sills, and glass bowls here and there.

    And you are quite right; when they are wet they look their best.

  3. love the huge bowl! As I recall, you had some shells in glass containers in a bathroom...or was that all those cool soaps from B&BW? You are so good at displaying the things you collect!

  4. Abe ~ I'll have to remember Myers, FL as being a good shell place! You mentioning sharks teeth reminded me that I do have a few of those tucked away somewhere. When I was young I was fascinated with them. Thanks for the reminded...I'll have to go searching for them. I remember they are small, but sharp!

  5. Jen ~ the cool BBW soaps actually got used back a year or so ago when I decided to use the beautiful things and not let them sit and grow old with a layer of dust on them. They were meant to be used and enjoyed! As for the shells, yes they are still in the bathroom, in fact earlier this week I was thinking it was time to give them all a good rinse and wash the container. What a good memory you have! :)

  6. Gorgeous mirror! How cool that you made it yourself. Your bowl of shells in so beautiful, too.

  7. Your mirror is fabulous. You did a great job. Have you seen the furniture that is covered with shells. I have seen fireplaces (in magazines) done this way too. This style is really in right now. I saw lots of shell decor at Home Goods the other day.

    I am going to Florida this summer and I am planning to search the shops for a nautilus. I really want a big one.

  8. Lora ~ thanks! But it really is quite easy with a glue gun! ;)

  9. Steviewren ~ No, I haven't seen the furniture or fireplaces covered with shells! Interesting! I'm going to look on the internet and see if I can find any pictures. As for Homegoods, I love that store! We don't have one locally so I don't get to go in one too often. What a great idea to look for a nautilus! I don't have one either. There are quite a few kinds...all beautiful. I'll have to post them and their names some time before you go!

  10. Now that took some skill! All those different shells - and some so little - and so perfectly laid out. My grandma's spare bedroom always had those little shell ladies, do you know the ones I mean? A small painted shell for the face, and all of her made of shells including layers of scalloped ones for a full Victorian skirt. As a little girl they were so fascinating and beautiful to me and I guess they still are.

  11. BPG ~ I've never heard of the shell ladies! Now you have me curious! Maybe I can find them on the internet......

  12. She sells sea shells by the sea, sure!!

  13. Betsy,
    What a gorgeous idea! Its beautiful! I like your posts on faith.... often, I tend to get wrapped up in the activities of the day, week, month and forget to thank Him for His steadfast love and faithfulness.
    The Bach

  14. David ~ Can you say that 10 times fast??? :D

  15. Bach ~ Hey, I think a shell mirror would look great in your nautical room!

  16. These are so beautiful!
    Greetings from Marrakech

  17. Elizabeth ~ thanks so much and thank you for visiting! I'll have to come over and visit you and your Marrakech blog! :)

  18. Betsy, your mirror turned out so lovely! This is a great idea. Victoria magazine had some beautiful shell mirrors and picture frames in one of the past issues and I remember thinking that it would be a neat project. I saw a shell and grapevine wreath this weekend at a home decor shop and studied that for a while with some ideas about making one for our bathroom... I want a nautical theme for that room...Hum..I'll have to load up on extra shells at the beach next week...

  19. Rebecca ~ I love a nautical theme for a bathroom! Wonderful idea. Hope you find a lot of shells next week on your trip to the beach! I'd love to see a wreath done that way....be sure to blog about it if you make one!

  20. so cute. i just did one myself. check it out: http://lifeinprogress-jesslope.blogspot.com/2011/06/decorating-with-shells.html


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