Wednesday, May 21, 2008

And Speaking of Faith...

I don't have too many things that belonged to my
grandmother, but the few things I do have I really love.
This plaque hangs in my dining area that once hung
in her kitchen. It is the perfect poem for the current
subject of trust and faith for our future.


  1. Lovely words on a most charming plaque - and what sentimental value. :)

  2. BPG ~ I completely agree! I love the poem and remembering how it looked hanging in her kitchen makes it all the more special! :)

  3. How profound, I often ask myself as I am scampering about, running to and fro, worrying, and spending time on needless tasks,
    " in 25,50,100 years, is what I am doing right now really going to matter, how will my children remember me" "? It helps eliminate alot of unnecessary work and worry.

  4. Kim ~ those are really good thoughts. Worry never added a minute to someones life...but probably took a minute away! :)
    I always say, "Nobody will die if that doesn't get done!" :) Thanks for sharing!

  5. It is important that you saved this and use it as a daily inspiration.

  6. We need that constant reminder, don't we, as we rush about to and fro? Laughing out loud....

    A very nice memento of your grandmother.


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