Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Random Thoughts

A few days ago I told you about Mr Wren
coming and building a nest under a
Christmas tree. Well, Mrs Wren came
and they both poked around the nest for
a while. I saw them later digging around in
the corners of our back porch, probably
searching for spiders and bugs.
And then they were gone!
She must have picked another special
nest he made. So my search for the best
flowers for my window box started up again
and I found several recommendations for
"million bells" . They are hardy, do well
in boxes and bloom from spring until frost.
And would you believe that my son brought home
a class fundraiser and they were selling hanging baskets
of million bells? Wow. That sure was easy! They
will be delivered in a week.
While shopping yesterday I got myself a
new bag of coffee beans. Hazelnut this time ~
that's my simple pleasure for this morning. :)
And last week when I blogged about my
grilled flank steak and got a couple of
recommendations to try flat iron steaks.
Well, here they are ~ so tender, tasty
and inexpensive! I did what Willow
said to try ~ kosher salt, pepper and
chili powder just before grilling.
Wonderful. These are my random
thoughts for the day! Off to lunch with
a friend. Chipotle and TJ Maxx.
After a little laundry and vacuuming,
of course! :)


  1. Have fun lunching about! Hey, only 19 days! I'm about to grocery shop and I need some dinner inspiration so flank steak it will be...

    So sorry to hear that the wren family chose different real estate; at least you can enjoy blooms, right?!

  2. What a sweet little visit I had here this morning...Sorry about the wrens...but I love the million bells...The steak looks yummy...the coffee is one of my favorites and shopping sounds like a fun thing to do...I think you have the right combination for a beautiful day :) Dee Dee

  3. Hazelnut coffee is one of my favorites, too. I'm having mine with that flavor of creamer this morning:)
    I'm looking forward to seeing your window box soon.
    I've got to try that steak, too. We've grilled the past two nights and that sounds like just the thing to try!
    Have a wonderful day--TJ Maxx is one of my favorite stores!

  4. What great pictues! Those steaks look amazing and my inner carnivore is drooling. :)

  5. I looked for flank steak on the weekend but couldn't find any at the supermarket (...big disappointed sigh...)

    I'll try another supermarket today; I really want to try it. I have never heard of flat iron steak; I doubt very much they sell it up here.

    Hazelnut coffee smells great...

  6. Ack! I just saw your forget-me-nots... my favourite flowers ever. Well those and white fresias. Oh, and sweet peas.

    Sigh... Hee hee.

  7. MG ~ thanks, yes I had fun lunching about! Found some shoes I needed for the cruise, too, so that was fun! Hope your flank steaks are yummy!

    BPG ~ yes, aren't forget-me-nots sweet? I love the color and their miniature size.

    LL ~ I hope you find these two steaks to try. I wonder if the butcher at the grocery could help you. I'm sure it's simply the way they cut it and maybe he would be willing to do it for you. Or maybe it's called something different up there?

  8. I normally get all my meat at the supermarket...although there is a butcher shop in my area....I've never been inside, but I ought to go in...its quite old fashioned with the sawdust on the floor...

  9. Yes, LL ~ go in and check out the old fashioned butcher shop! You will have to blog about it, too!

  10. I'm going to try and following your example of getting out and finding some flowers for my kitchen window outdoor shelves. Your choice of flowers is an eye catcher. Hope your friend and you had a fun lunch!

  11. do you think I could keep million bells alive? I've killed a cactus before. um. yeah.
    But I'm hoping that I'll have more success with plants of the outdoor variety.


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