Friday, April 25, 2008

Autism and Vitamin B12

We've been dealing with autism in our
family for 10 years now. So many different
treatments have been introduced during that time!
We've tried most of them ~ desperate for that "cure"
that some families have experienced. Obviously,
we haven't hit on the total puzzle yet. But one treatment
that we have stuck with because of it's obvious help is
Methyl B12 injections. Extensive lab work revealed our
boys to be extremely low in B12 even though they took
oral supplements daily. Nutritional absorption can be low
in autistic children and B12 is especially known to be
difficult to absorb. B12 injections are specially made
by a compound pharmacist. We use a wonderful
pharmacy out of Birmingham, Alabama.
The Wellness Pharmacy has a complete Autism Care
Center with tons of products available and good
information. (They even have begun to offer separate
single-dose preservative-free vials of the MMR vaccine.)
As you can see, the needle is thin and tiny. It's nice
and convenient to be able to administer these at home.
The benefits can include having profound effects
on the central and peripheral nervous systems,
the cellular and humoral immune systems, on
sleep-wake cycles, and on detoxification biochemistry.
I won't get into all the technicalities here, but if
you are a parent and want more information,
check out Dr. Neubrander's website. Dr. Neubrander
is responsible for the discovery of the positive
effects of these injections on children with autism.
He is a praciticing DAN doctor in New Jersey.
It takes about three months of therapy before
the good effects start showing. When
we began this, we decided not to tell their
teachers or therapists that we were doing it
so they could be unbiased observers for us.
It was almost to the day, three months later, that
their teacher commented to me that she was
very pleased with their work at school. They
seemed to be understanding more of what was
presented to them and they seemed to be
more focused on their work! And since B12
aides in heavy metal detoxification, we
continue it for that benefit also.
Hope this info helps someone else
dealing with autism! I will continue
to post every so often some of the
best treatments we have found to be
helpful. If you have any to share, please
do! Each piece to the puzzle helps! :)


  1. Hi Betsy; I read your post all the way through today; and not sure what to comment; I felt I wanted to say something...but wasn't sure what....you are blessed to have four children, that must be so much work, and then to have to stay on top of medical advances, where do you find the time to do it all, I can only guess that your days are very full; but it must be satisfying that new advances are being made every year. I have my hands full with one child, I'm glad you have the strength and support to deal with all that you as a mother have on your plate every day. ((Hugs to you and your boys who are so fortunate to have such an intelligent, caring, and resourceful mom)).


  2. LL ~ Thanks so much! You are very sweet and encouraging to me!

  3. Ms Dragonfly! Thanks for visiting my blog and introducting yourself!
    Thanks, too, for the nice wishes. I'll be over to check out your blog, too!

  4. Ah Betsy...verses in Proverbs so descsriptive of you little mother...
    She sets about her work vigorously; her arms are strong for her tasks. Proverbs 31:17

    She is clothed with strength and dignity. Proverbs 31:25

    God bless...Dee Dee

  5. Deedee ~ thanks for those scriptures ~ and your encouragement! That means a lot to me!

  6. There is so much to learn about the biochemistry of the body. I was fascinated to read your post and to see the benefits of B12 in action. You are an inspiring woman to investigate the way you do and to the extent you do to find what's best for your boys.

    Hugs to you all.

  7. Thank you for sharing these insights.
    Another reminder of how to pray for you and to keep lifting you and the boys up to Him. love you.

  8. I don't know anyone with autism so I didn't find your post helpful as much as interesting. I love that all this research and is going on and all the things God allows people to discover. It's awesome. But even more than that I'm in awe of a mom like you whose hands are so full and who obviously loves her boys so much. God bless you Betsy and may you continue to find help in your journey.


  9. Thanks blog buddies for your very kind words. I like to post every so often about our lives and how they are effected by having three boys with autism. I hope to encourage other families in similar situations and learn something new from them, too!
    All of your encouragement is so sweet and so appreciated!

  10. Hi. I saw your post on "Mother of Shrek's" blog. I have been stressing so much about my sons ear plugging lately. He does it so hard that it looks painful. In fact, he mostly plugs one ear and then puts the other ear against his shoulder so he can have one hand free. How did you get your boys to try the earphones? Parker doesn't want anything but his fingers when he's upset? Any advice would be great.

  11. Hi Bobbi ~ my boys were used to earphones from a walkman or computer class at school, so getting used to having something like that on their head wasn't an issue. I got the sound ones at Lowes in the tool section for $12.00. So, if you get them to try, you aren't sinking a lot of money into it. I bet that your son will quickly figure out that it is just as good as plugging his ears with his fingers and then his hands are free. Good luck if you try it! I can totally relate to using a shoulder to cover an ear! Seen that at our house before! :)

  12. Thanks for the reply. Today was much better. He did cover his ears at the zoo when sheep started "baaaa-ing" but otherwise all was good. I am going to buy some earphones and try them. He has some from school, but they are for listening to tapes and they have a cord. He doesn't really want to wear them, but maybe he will wear some other ones with practice. Thanks again.

  13. Bobbi~ yes, these are nice because they don't have cords or anything. People always ask if they are listening to music. They are really to be used with power tools. I tried to go comment on your blog but see you don't have one. I hope you will come back and keep in touch often!

  14. Fascinating. I always appreciate your open and honest posts about autism -- I learn so much from them. You have such a graceful way of sharing your unique life circumstances, and such a clear acceptance of everything, even what is most difficult, coming from our God of purpose. You refresh me.

    P.S. I was born and raised in Birmingham.

  15. Betsy, this is so interesting about B12. I'll ask my sister if she's tried this with my nephew. This is so fascinating. I'm curious and please forgive me if you have already posted about this in you archives, but what is your take on vaccines and the past preservatives used that some believe may be a link to autism? If I'm not mistaken, the only vaccine now left with this preservative is the flu vaccine. At least that's what our Ped. told us when I asked about vaccines and safety from mercury..etc..I'm assuming B12 may reduce mercury?

  16. MG ~ Thanks you so much for your nice comment. How interesting that you grew up in Birmingham!
    I suppose you have one of those darling southern accents, too. :)

  17. I do think the thimerosal (mercury) in vaccines had something to do with my boys getting autism. It isn't something that can be proven, though. My triplets were perfectly normal little guys until after their 18 month vaccinations.
    And it seems rather strange that all three would suddenly take on autistic symptoms. We did have extensive lab work done on them and they did have very high levels of heavy metals, including mercury in their bodies. Vitamin B12 does help remove metals! Yes, flu shots still contain the mercury! Isn't that crazy? And they recommend young children get them annually. Thanks for the questions! I hope some of this information my help your nephew!


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