Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Mom's Day Out

I know several of you will be very jealous when I
tell you that I got to go to Willow Manor today!
Yes, I spent the whole day with Willow ~~ fun,
fun! We did a little shopping, went out to lunch,
and sat and visited in the manor until it
was time for me to go. Very lovely day!
I picked up this pretty little cup for my tea
and coffee at Anthropologie. I nice remembrance
of the day. Thanks to my oldest, Taylor, for
getting his brothers off the bus, feeding them
dinner and watching them until I got home.
And thank you, Willow, for a wonderful day!
Love you, sis!


  1. Hi Betsy...I didn't realize Willow Manor was your sister...How very sweet your day together...shopping and tea...Love your cup as well :)
    Dee Dee

  2. Delightful! I'm happy you had a wonderful day off.

  3. Your day at Willow Manor sounds enchanting. You two sound like you had the best time. Your cup is so charming; what a beautiful keepsake of this special day. So nice to have a mom's day out!

  4. I am agog at the loveliness of that cup! It's so unusual and absolutely gorgeous. I know you said it contains coffee, but it looks to my addled mind like hot Mayan chocolate. lol... what a lovely day for two lovely ladies. I did suspect you were sisters.

  5. Thanks, ladies! It was a fun day and a much needed break from the routine around here.

    BP~ how I wish it was some of that
    wonderful looking Mayan! You know, we spoke of you and that mayan at lunch today, saying how decadent it looked! :)

    I had to show the inside of the cup before I poured the coffee just so you could see the pretty inside, too! :)

  6. I just found your blog. I also read your post about World Autism Day and then I realized that you are a mother of children with Autism.

    I am an educator and I work with children with Autism daily.

    Do not lose hope or become discouraged!

  7. Thanks, Rachel ~ and I'll be over to check out your site, too!

  8. betsy--i'm so glad you had a day off! and i love anthropologie--I need that teacup!

  9. So glad that you had a great mom's day out! We all need one of those every so often, right?
    And what a gorgeous teacup--filled with very rich-looking coffee. Yum!

  10. "I know several of you will be very jealous...."

    You're right. I'm jealous. Very.

    But very happy for you too. ;0)


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