Monday, April 7, 2008

Clip, Clip!

I gave haircuts this weekend.
One by one, men emerged from what previously
looked like sheepdogs!
Now all five men look neat and clean!
If I were to give any young mom one piece of
advise, it would be to learn to cut hair!
When we were first married I watched my husband
get his hair cut and decided I would give it a try
the next time. It was a cost and
convenience thing at the time....and still is!
I used to do it all by comb and scissors
but have since moved on to the razor with clips.
It's so easy ~ anyone can do it....and saves
so much money! And with our situation
with the triplets, it saves on anxiety!
And it saves enough money that I can go
out and have mine done professionally.
Although I've been known to do a few
snips on my head now and then ~ especially
trimming my bangs. This part I'm
not recommending! :)


  1. I've just started cutting my little boys' hair with clippers, but my 4 year-old hates the noise and freaks out! My husband is in the military and it would save us a TON of money every year if I could figure out how to make it a little shorter on the sides and back without a noticeable line. He always comes home from the barber with a perfectly graduated short-to-longer cut! I plan to practice on my 2 year-old till I get it right. I may have to hang out around the barber shop for a day or two.

    Happy Monday!


  2. You are such a talented woman! I hope they tip well. ;)

  3. Hi Betsy: When I was a kid, my dad didn't make alot of money at his job. So he cut our hair (my two brothers and I) in the cellar every 3 to 4 weeks. He got compliments from his family, but no referrals. LOL.

    He decided that he was so good at it that he gave me a home permanent (I was seven) - soooo curly! I had naturally curly hair until I was four, then it went straight and he cut it into a pixie till I was ten.

    When I was ten, my dad left us. I had a natural talent for cutting, washing and setting women's hair as alot of young girls did back in the 1950's and 1960's. I started cutting hair, perming, dying, wash/set, etc. for most family members and some neighbors. We lived in an area where the beauty parlor was once a month trip for most residents because it was pricey.

    It was a natural transition for me to carry it over to my married life -foster children, husband, and finally my own children when they came along.

    In my young years, I liked to do it, but at the time it was a necessity because it was a luxury expense.

    Now that my MS is so far along, I haven't cut my young men's hair in about five years. Hubby and J have their own jobs (money), so they go out to get their hair cut.

    My youngest son (age 24) bought himself a barber kit when he was 18 and gave himself a buzz cut. He hasn't been to a barber since. He now cuts his friends' hair (but only if they want a buzz cut!)

    I can tell you, it is a good talent to have and has saved us mega bucks these last 30 years.

    Every mom should have this skill.

  4. My mom used to cut our hair when we were young. I had the telltale "mom cut my bangs" look, you know, the bangs were higher on one side than the other!

    I think its very convenient for any mother to cut her kids' hair, as you say it saves time and money and the stress of taking the kids to the salon.

    Once I became a teen, though, I wouldn't let my mother near my hair, and every woman needs a professional hairdresser she relies on to keep her hair looking fabbo. There just comes a time in every girl's life when mom has to put the scissors away. It's part of the transition to womanhood, I supppose. That time came a couple of years ago when my daughter no longer allowed me to cut her hair. She had always had long, one-length style, but since then has come to prefer layers.

  5. Hi Reese! Yes, I'm sure you could do it...just use the clips in graduated lengths and you'll get that look. I think watching someone do it first helps a lot, too. My guys will tolerate a hair cut with the bribe of watching a dvd and a sucker when I'm done.

  6. Anne ~ I have 2 sisters and we all did the cuts and perms, etc, too. Some very funny stories, actually...and hair disasters!
    Sounds you were quite a talent back in your day doing family and neighbors!

  7. Lavinia ~ We have many family pictures with the slanted bangs on all of us girls! I think every family has a few of those! :)

  8. I can just see your five boys all lined up...You know...your making beautiful memories of their childhood...very sweet...Dee Dee

  9. I need a hair cutting lesson. I did Boo's myself for about a year. But, last May a mistake occurred that was so grave we had to buzz off all of his hair for the summer. My confidence is shaken now and I haven't picked up the clippers since!

  10. Modgirl ~ Oh dear! But at least hair grows! I think little boys are easy...at least you can buzz it off if something wrong happens. I seem to cut my boys hair shorter and shorter these days. My oldest likes how easy it is in the mornings. :)
    If it helps, this is what I do...use clips 6, 7, and 8. "6" for around the ears and neck, 7 for the middle and 8 for the top of his head. I do the trimming around the ears and neck after clip 6, before they get too itchy. and then move to clip 7 and 8.
    I think using the clips makes it just about fool proof. I also use my free hand to keep their head steady as I do the ear trimming..and do it in front of a favorite dvd with an old sheet under all of us. Good luck if you try again....at least summer is almost here and you can buzz it again if necessary. :)

  11. This is an idea I've been toying with for a while--I think a simple haircut is absolutely outrageous in price! For some reason, I find it easier to trim my daughter's hair--boy cuts intimidate me! But I'm thinking of starting to practice on my son, then maybe some day my hubby will let me touch his. lol!

  12. I have cut my husband's hair and youngest son's hair for years. Saved so much money!! Not a good day for the #24 yesterday :-( Thought the #88 would have a chance to win. He's been so close!!


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