Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Flower Boxes

This is what I would like my flower box
to look like! I have a beautiful old
distressed picket fence style box
on a window that I can see while sitting
at my computer. I haven't had much luck
in getting the flowers to really thrive like
in this picture. It's in a good location
for plenty of sunshine but not scorching sun
all day long. I water it daily. Good drainage.
But it doesn't really take off. Any gardening
hints and tidbits would be much appreciated!
~~google images


  1. Bee-u-tiful. Makes me want to put window boxes outside those second floor dormers on the manor house! Maybe a new project for old WT?

  2. Window boxes would be gorgeous on the manor! Oh my....I would be so jealous! I love them! Just want to make the one I have look really nice.

  3. Window boxes have a charm all their own. I think perhaps some species of flowers do better than others in such shallow soil. You may want to ask at the gardening store, which plants thrive best in window boxes. Good luck and thanks for posting this photo, it has a European look to it.

  4. Betsy...I love window boxes...my daughter has them as well..If they are getting hot sun...Periwinkle thrive in the sun...very little to do for them..come in various pinks and white...they look like Impatiens but they are hardier....Good growing :) Dee Dee

  5. Beautiful.

    My thumb is NOT green, unfortunately. My cousin told me once that some plants need to have their roots constricted (as in a flower box) to flower... that's my only possible hint of a tip. That, and fertilizer.

    Bless you!

  6. It's been a few years since I had window boxes--although I'm going to try one with herbs outside my kitchen window this year. But in the past I had great success with sweet potato vine, vincas, geraniums--those all do great in full sun. Can't wait to see some pics of yours, I'm sure they'll be gorgeous!

  7. Thanks, ladies! I need to look up vincas and periwinkle since I've never planted those types before....or sweet potato vine!

  8. I love the untamedness of it... Lovely picture Betsy!

  9. Dear Betsy,

    I’m tagging you for a Six Word Memoir! Hope you play!

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  10. Blog Princess! Ugh! OK...but...note to self...get BP back someday! :)


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