Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Around Here, Lately

  1. The Big Kids.  They can't take a bad photo, can they?  I stole this one from them from their vacation last month.  They have all the exciting news lately!  They both recently turned 25! And Taylor took a new job in Pennsylvania a couple of weeks ago! They are already there, staying with in-laws while Lauren finds a job and they get an apartment.  All huge changes and it feels like it all happened in the blink of an eye!  We'll miss seeing them every week but are happy for them!
  2. The boys.  They've been to the doctor for annual checkups and we survived getting poked, prodded and lots of blood work.  Then we decided to torture them further with trips to the dentist this morning. haha ... But everyone got great checkups and test results so we are super happy about that.
  3. I saw the first lightning bugs of the season over the weekend. Those magical things always amaze me.  Fun memories of childhood, too, running through the dark summer evenings trying to catch them!
  4. We usually do some kind of home improvement during the late spring/early summer.  This year it's the garage doors that need to be replaced.  I flipped through my trusty gardening/landscaping Pinterest board and showed The Mister some ideas I had tucked away.  Turns out he likes my ideas, including a wall pergola above the doors!  Well, now!  That excites me! haha.  The doors are ordered, so it won't happen for a week or two but I'll keep you posted.  I need to take a 'before' picture, too. They look sad. Very sad. haha.
  5. It was so cool and rainy here over the holiday weekend that I actually changed into jeans and a sweater to go shopping.  What on earth! haha.  Never has that happened in July!
  6. My blog doesn't seem to be updating on blogrolls.  Anyone else having that problem?
Well, I think that's all the news for now.
How's your summer going so far?
Is your garden growing?
Are you staying cool?  


  1. Love all the news, Betsy. What a beautiful couple Taylor and Lauren are. Sorry they won't be around the corner but exciting times for them.
    Can't wait to see your latest reno... garage doors don't sound very sexy... but you will make them so! :-)

    1. Aren't they? Stunning, really! I think I need to frame a copy of that photo, I love it so much!

      The doors ARE going to be sexy! haha. I mean, if you're going to go to the trouble to replace them,
      they gotta look great, right? :)

  2. Hope the young ones find just the right place for them in Pennsylvania. And doctor/dentist with spectrum guys, I feel your pain.:) Today Katy sent me a video of Baylor loving on his sister, Margaret. It made me so happy. Sometimes I wonder if he even registers his family and that hurts. He called Katy "Mommy" for the first time while we were on vacation. We were all crying. Small steps!!

    1. Oh, I know! I've become brave and can take them by myself but when they were younger it was nearly impossible. haha. Glad you had some good news and smiles regarding Baylor....every little happy thing is a great accomplishment!

  3. Taylor and Lauren are such a good looking pair! It's hard to see them move I know, but glad they are doing well.
    I'm excited to see your garage door project. It sounds like it'll be beautiful!
    It was cool here too, but is now getting hot and humid again.

    1. It's warm and sticky here, too....the windows are closed and the A/C on again! haha....although I'm almost happy about that...my allergies were awful sleeping with the windows open!

  4. Exciting new adventures for Taylor and Lauren, but I am sure you will miss seeing them often. I felt the same way when my youngest child left for college. I was so very happy for him because I knew he would enjoy every minute of every class he took (he was a music major and played everything from sax to tuba to clarinet to violin in six different ensembles), but it was tough not seeing him weekly. Can't wait to see your garage door project. As for my summer, no gardening for me here in central California. We are still in the middle of a drought and wildfires. We spent two lovely weeks camping on the central coast, with day-trips in our motorhome to Pismo Beach, Shell Beach, Port San Luis, Morro Bay, and Cambria. Lovely weather in the 70s and 80s, and then returned home to temperatures over 100 degrees for two weeks straight. This summer I am cleaning 22 years of accumulated junk out of drawers, cabinets, and closets. It feels like a major accomplishment.


    1. Your vacation sure sounded wonderful! And how amazing that you went back to temps 20-30 degrees hotter, even in the same state! Ugh! It's too bad we can't send rain to that poor drought ridden area!
      Have fun cleaning out all the nooks and crannies of your home. I love those kind of projects....makes you feel so good! I have a few of those projects on my To Do list for this year, too!

  5. Great news!!! Taylor and Lauren are so cute!
    As for me I'm looking forward August when my summer holidays will start; this year I'll walk the Camino de Santiado in Spain, do you know it?
    Up to that time I'll be in office, working .
    Happy summer

    1. Oh, how fun that will be! No, I'm not familiar with it but I've seen your photos
      of Spain on Instagram and it looks beautiful!

    2. The Walk to Santiago (El Camino de Santiago, in Spanish) it's a pilgimage started in the Middleage.
      El Camino is long 800Km (500 miles), starts on the Pyrenees and finishes in Santiago de Compostela. This (the most famous) is called the French Way, but there are many other ways; all ways arrive in Santiago starting from different places (such as Portugal) .
      Pilgrims decide to make the camino for different reasons; religious one is the most common but others such as spiritual reasons are frequent too.
      As for us (me and my OH), we'll walk just the last 100 Km (62miles) in five days not for religious reasons but trying to find some internal peace and mental relax
      The Camino is famous all around the world and during summer time you can find people coming from Australia and South Africa as well.
      We can't wait to start it at the beginning of August: us and our backpacks.
      I'll keep you updated.
      Love Manu

    3. That will be so much fun! Can't wait to hear all about it!

  6. Always good to get a job indeed
    Hopefully a good one at his feed
    Good all everything came back swell
    Hopefully no one hits the new garage doors where you dwell
    That was done before, was it not?
    There at your plot
    Wish it would get a bit cooler here
    Supposedly it is near
    Yeah, stupid blogroll doesn't show you
    And many others until later as well at my zoo

    1. The garage doors...yes, twice!
      Which was not nice.
      Once by the mister and once by me.
      Crashing them twice was not easy! haha.
      Glad to know my blog isn't the only one
      as blogroll walks and doesn't run.
      I miss chatting during the evening
      but nobody knows I'm here waiting! lol.

    2. haha I type in google here and there
      To see if a post you did share

    3. I wonder what the deal is.
      Yours updates like nobody's biz.

  7. Such a cute young couple...I thought your surprise was going to be something else! hint hint!!
    I know you will miss your Wednesday dinners with them...but when opportunity knocks, eh?
    Yes...your blog does not appear on my blog roll either....???
    We got a new garage door last Spring...BEAUTIFUL!!! Made such a difference to the curb appeal...did I ever show it??? It looks like wood, but is vinyl...with a row of windows at the top...
    Loving the summer so far...yes, my garden is growing...at the cottage more than here...oh well!!
    Have a great day Betsy...We are off to the lake after lunch...YAY!!!
    Linda :o)

    1. Haha...no...I would have liked that news better! lol.
      Your new garage door sound exactly like what we ordered! Beautiful!
      Found out this morning that they will be installed on Friday! Better take
      that 'before' picture today. haha.

  8. It's always a blessing when all the children, no matter how big they get, are healthy and happy. I wish the young couple a wonderful life.

    1. Thanks, Carol! That's very sweet! :)

  9. Glad things are going good for all your young men. Can't wait to see what you are going to do with the doors.

    1. Well, believe me, it will be a vast improvement! haha....a little overdue on this one!

  10. Hi Betsy! Finally I am finding the time to stop by and to comment ... we are on holidays but I have been busy sorting out things from boxes, cupboards etc. ... all the stuff I do not find the time to do during the school year ... So happy for Taylor and Laureen! Wishing them both to settle well in Pensylvania, such a nice place, I did love it there! I know you will miss them but hopefully they can come and visit often. And huray for all the dental check ups for the boys!!! Now you can relax :-) You must have gotten our rains and coldness ... We on the other hand are getting FINALLY sun blue sky and bit of warmness! it is well needed after the monsoons we have had!! Good luck with the garage door! and happy Wednesday!

    1. We are hot again! Hot and rain..lol...what a yucky combination. Although, it is nice not to have to water the garden! Glad it warmed up there and you're getting things done on your school break! And how nice the sun is shining! I bet Montik is happy!

  11. Lauren and Taylor are a beautiful couple, I wish them both much happiness and success with their new adventure.
    I think I mentioned several weeks ago that your blog was not showing up on Blogroll until hours later, it's been an ongoing problem with many blogs, including my own. We have tried to address it with Blogger's help forum, but so far no help forthcoming.

    1. I tried to find an answer with Blogger Help, too but didn't have much luck. It's hard to find a place to submit a question for personal help, isn't it? I've noticed if I update my post in the morning, it does finally show up. Strange!

  12. What a delightful couple ~ they do you proud . . . :)
    Shame they are moving away but hope you get to see them during their visits.
    So pleased the boys are ok and their visit to the meds/dentist have finished and they are A ok.
    Would be interested to see what garage door you get. Bet it is a grey one . . lol
    I could do with a new garage door too. . . . :)

    1. No, not gray! haha. Although we did consider it! The house is gray, though!
      We're doing a wood stain...very pretty. It matches the front door.
      With your wood working talent, I imagine you could make yourself a new door! :)

    2. No that's an idea . . . hmmm! . . . thinking . . lol

  13. I'm sure it's a little tough for you to have Taylor and Lauren move away... PA isn't so far away so hopefully there will be frequent visits.

    Glad that all went well with the boys' checkups!

  14. I can almost hear that sigh of relief as you finished up all those appts for the boys. I know what it's like with 1 but 3 that's tripled!!
    Aww those two are such a cute couple. I wish them well in their new home. I know you will shed a few tears:(
    Happy renos with the garage doors!

  15. Betsy:
    So nice of an update.
    Haven't been on google+ for a while and miss your posts.
    Congratulations to Taylor and Lauren! I'm sure you are going to miss them.
    You sound as busy as always.
    God Bless


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