Saturday, March 19, 2016

Random Thoughts

  1. Well, we've had a little early taste of spring, but it is only March here in Ohio...and the snow showers and colder temps are on their way back!  The daffodils are up but just like usual, they will die early due to frost.  Makes you wonder why they don't just stay in the ground another month! haha.
  2. As crazy as the 2016 Presidential election is turning out to be, the part that bothers me the most is the posts on Facebook from people that are not US citizens.  What on earth?  I would never in my wildest dreams weigh in on my international friends' elections (or anything else about their government), much less degrade, insult and re-post negative things about their candidates.
  3. The squirrel is still looking at me through the window, still eating the bird seed, and still taunting the cats.  He's a cute little guy, though, isn't he?
  4. Our Whiskers has had two seizures this month. :(  I've been doing a lot of reading online about them.  I hope they stay few and far apart and it doesn't become a real problem.  They are just awful and I don't know who is more upset about them...her or me.  I'd hate to loose her over this...she's so healthy otherwise, full of personality, and gaga over The Mister.
  5. And speaking of the 2016 election, how are you doing with the Daylight Savings Time?  I heard someone on television this week say we should forget about all the campaign issues and just elect a president that will stand for abolishing the law of time change. haha. We're all having a struggle with it here in our house.  The light in the evening is great!  But we aren't hungry at dinner time, not ready to get up in the morning and sleepy during the evening. By the time we adjust, we'll be turning the clocks back!  Maybe if we go to a contested convention in July, we could choose someone that promises to stop the crazy DST!
  6. Happy weekend, friends.  Do you have plans?  My plan is to flop on the couch with my feet up....part of my New Year's Resolutions that I'm keeping so far to take care of myself and manage my stress!


  1. Was happy to see that you took yourself shopping today - good for you!
    In my own opinion, and I know it's shared by many others, the U.S. elections, no matter the year, ultimately affect the entire world so people have a vested interest in what happens.
    I agree that people should not be insulting and degrade the candidates but there are some very hateful things said and actions taken by certain candidates that have caused great concern. Hence people are taking to social media.
    I hope Whiskers doesn't have any more episodes. Very scary.
    I am having brunch tomorrow at a French bistro with a very dear friend. You would love this place. I will try and take photos. Have a good flop on the couch!

    1. Yep..shopping today and had a very nice day out!
      I'd say pick a candidate and positively promote them instead of going negative. :)
      Enjoy brunch...would love to see pics...put them on Instagram!

    2. I know - I must get something up on Instagram! I will see how the ones turn out today. I keep thinking they have to be oh so professionnal, but I see all kinds of photos there so I should just go for it! Coraggio!

    3. Oh, I've seen all kinds of photos....and there is editing right there before you publish! Very easy and cool to use. Just jump right in!

  2. Can't do anything outside tomorrow...it's going to rain. I have more veggies to plant, but it will have to wait until Monday. I know you're happy about getting more snow. That's a cute shot of your squirrel. I don't mind the time change. I like for it to be daylight later. But what I do mind is just what you're talking about with the election. I have a FB friend that lives in Paris, but is an American. She has been making fun of it for months, right along with her French friends. It makes my blood boil. I received my package this week. Love them both. I am on the hunt for the perfect plants for them. Happy weekend!

    1. I don't think our snow will stick...it's going to be slushy rain. And I have to admit, the warm days have given even me a bit of spring fever! haha. I'm ready to open the windows and deal with the allergies. lol.... And yes, I do agree about promoting the hate....throw fuel on the fire and then make fun. I think the media is putting a terrible slant on it all, too. Hey, so glad you got your package safe and sound! Thanks again for those purchases...so fun when friends go shopping in my shop! You and I would have fun thrifting together, wouldn't we? Wish you lived close...I'd drag you to auctions with me. haha.

    2. I would love to go to auctions with you. Yes, we would have a ball! We would probably end up laughing more than shopping. I tend to have a good time! HaHa!

    3. Yep...that would be so much fun!

  3. The squirrels have been busy here - suddenly I see them running all over the yard!
    I agree with getting rid of the time change. It always messes me up. :)
    I'm working this weekend...

    1. You wouldn't think one hour would even be noticeable! Goodness! haha.

  4. I agree with everything...hope your kitty is OK. please rest this weekend. An hour is a big deal. You are covered in prayer

    1. We keep saying that it's only an hour but sure feels like more! haha. We're getting the same amount of sleep, so what's the problem? hahaha....I do love the evening light, though. When we go back to being dark before dinner it's even worse than this part!

  5. I hate DST! You said so well that before you completely adjust it is going back to the winter time. And I am ready to move to a country and vote for a person who will finally say STOP to this stupidity. You know that even the animals like cows and pigs are confused about this?!
    So sorry to hear about Whiskers! :-( I hope that it will stay under control!! Here I am getting used to terrorists running on the roofs and loose ... so I am busy rather than looking at the US election to figure out which of our candidates have enough brains to stop the refuge madness here ... they catch one terrorist and they let hundreds others to enter ... go figure. Anyways. We are going for Easter holidays to my little country and we are all looking forward to it, me hoping for some extra needed rest, mostly mentally I think :-) I will be back in 2-3 weeks and I am already looking forward catching up on your lovely posts. Have a lovely Easter Betsy!!

    1. I thought of you yesterday, Jitka, as the reports came in that there was one less terrorist on the loose in Europe...and Brussels more specifically. Very scary to be so close to all of that. Getting away for Easter will be wonderful! Hope you have a very nice break!

  6. Nice shot. That's odd, it's March over here too...I'd never thought that about daffodils before (and flowers in general) - good point; why don't they stay snug and warm until it's time to get up? (There's a kids' story in there somewhere, all about the sleepy daffodil/tulip). Elections - well, I guess you could be flattered that foreigners are taking an interest. More seriously, I think most people, wherever they are, take an interest in all elections in leading nations around the world. It's not as if the USA is a remote little republic. Whoever you chose as POTUS will make a difference all over the world so, like it or not, people have a view. I do agree that comments should be measured. There is a danger that the views of people who are not entitled to vote make a difference, I suppose - perhaps hardening resolve, one way or another. Over here, the press has focused on some pretty extreme views being expressed over there - I guess that's journalism. Your current president, who is I think generally admired over here as a person, is also making his views known on our forthcoming EU referendum - as are many other people outside the UK, as you can imagine. I don't think I have a problem with that - but many people do. Interesting, historic times. You have a lovely weekend.

    1. I guess it's not the voicing of an opinion that I care about...it's the viciousness of the comments ..and the large amount of them that bothers me. Like I said before...why not pick one to promote and turn it into a positive.

      I need to look up that book about the sleepy daffodil...sounds really cute.

  7. Hi Betsy - Daylight Saving .. I relish the change - it changes life up ... yes it takes time to adjust - but it's always something I look forward to - this time of year is better! Longer evenings ...

    Elections - I wouldn't comment publicly on another country's elections ... or our own for that matter. I did join a current affairs group .. but found it all too 'contrary' and 'dictatorial' in thought ... no thought as to the other side of people's ideas - diplomacy is something we all need to learn more of, and appreciation to be able to listen and learn.

    Enjoy your rest up ... sounds like a lovely weekend ... and one I'll be doing some of - forgetting the crazy world around me ... I hope Whiskers will be all right ... with thoughts in her direction and you all - cheers Hilary

    1. Well, you know the old saying about what not to talk about in public...religion or politics. Seems that has gone by the wayside and there aren't even good manners being practiced anymore!

      Hope your weekend is wonderful....closing out the crazy world for a day or so is good for the soul!

  8. A good plan to have indeed
    There at your feed
    Poking fun at Trump is too easy not too
    But getting down right mean has no need to come into view
    Hopefully they stay few and far between
    And Whiskers is alright at your scene
    As for stupid daylight savings time
    Always said, they should stick it 30 mins ahead/behind on the next one up to split the difference and then never again do the crime

    1. I love your 30 minute idea there!
      Come fun for president at our lair! lol.
      Worried about Whiskers, it is true
      as it's horrible to watch and then comfort her, too.

    2. lol fun you say
      Wouldn't it be run at your bay?

    3. yes, sorry...had Star in my lap
      making me go for the typo attack!

  9. That cheeky squirrel's back again,
    To try his best some food to gain.
    He loves as well to tease the cats
    Who think tails now grow from rats.
    The daffodils are fooled so well.
    They pop up their heads, then run like hell
    The weather from warm to cold changes
    And catches them out as frost engages.
    Yes I agree all non US citizens
    Should not comment on your politicians
    Who are fighting coming US elections
    Be they a 'chump' or have our affections . . . . lol
    So sorry about whiskers and the scare
    Let's hope the occurrence is very are.
    The advantages of time shift are fairly equal
    To explain in detail I must write a sequel
    But I love light evenings very much
    But hate dark mornings, they are too much!
    Much better to somehow extend the day
    But that is hard and there is no way.
    I guess that is why I like summer better
    We have more day, less night and no sweater.
    So it remains for your pal form UK . . . . . me
    To wish you a great weekend and may it be happy.
    So on the couch my gal you flop
    And may the stress and 'aggro' stop.
    Your New Year's Resolution is very sensible.
    You are a blog buddy and indispensable.

    Have a lovely weekend . . :)

    1. Well now! lol... :)
      I can see why you couldn't write that last evening!
      You had a good nights sleep, some coffee and here you go!
      haha....very nicely done. I do agree with the evening light..
      that is my favorite part.

  10. I've had the hardest year ever with DST. Just when you get adjusted to "falling" back, you have to "spring" forward. It's unbearable at times which makes me like Pat's idea ALOT! I wish it could be implemented!!

    The daffodils are up here at my house, too, and I'm wondering just how long they'll be around given the fluctuation of our Midwest weather.

    I haven't watched much of the elections this year, but I wholeheartedly agree with you about things that are being said. I never would've imagined reading some of the comments I've come across.

    As for Whiskers - I've been told many times what I did when having seizures, and I can't even begin to imagine seeing it in a pet. I hope things turn out well for her. Hang in there, my friend!

    I've been celebrating my birthday all weekend and am looking forward to another night out for dinner with friends. Enjoy flopping on the couch!


    1. Well, Happiest of birthdays to you, Marla! How fun to be celebrating over several days...I hope you enjoy your night out! Thanks for the good wishes for Whiskers, too!

  11. Love your squirrel buddy.. fine photo. I do hope your kitty will have many more seizure-free year ahead. That must be so distressing.

    1. Thanks, Hilary! I'm not ready to loose another pet! :(


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